Black Clover Anime: Will Asta Return and When?


Black Clover Anime Returning, the anime that captured hearts with its underdog protagonist Asta and his unwavering determination to become the Wizard King, concluded its fourth season in March 2021. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a potential return. While there’s no official confirmation yet, rumors and speculation run rampant, leaving viewers wondering – will Black Clover return for another season, and if so, when?

Black Clover Anime Returning

The Story So Far: A Cliffhanger Ending and a Thriving Manga

Black Clover’s anime adaptation stopped short of the manga’s final arc. Season 4 ended with a significant cliffhanger, leaving Asta’s journey far from complete. This decision was likely made to avoid the anime catching up to the manga, a common challenge faced by many adaptations.

However, the Black Clover manga has continued to flourish. Yuki Tabata’s creation has entered its final arc, keeping fans engrossed with Asta’s growth and the challenges he faces alongside his fellow Black Bulls squad members. The success of the manga has only intensified the desire for an anime continuation.

Rumors and Leaks: A Glimmer of Hope for Season 5

The lack of an official announcement hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning. Leaks suggest that a new season, possibly titled Black Clover Season 5, has been greenlit. These leaks point towards a 2024 release window, though it’s important to remember that this information hasn’t been confirmed by the animation studio Pierrot or any official source.

Further fueling speculation was the release of the Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie in March 2023. While the movie offered a new, self-contained story, it didn’t bridge the gap between the anime’s ending and the manga’s ongoing arc. This has led some fans to believe that a full-fledged season is still in the works.

Reasons for Optimism: The Black Clover Movie’s Success and Studio Pierrot’s Track Record

The Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie serves as a beacon of hope for the anime’s return. Its success demonstrates the series’ continued popularity and potential. Additionally, Studio Pierrot, the animation house behind Black Clover, has a history of reviving dormant franchises. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, for instance, marks the return of another popular shonen series after a long hiatus. This track record suggests that Black Clover could follow a similar path.

Potential Release Window: When Can We Expect Season 5?

While rumors suggest a 2024 release, it’s crucial to manage expectations. Animation production is a meticulous process, and even if a new season is greenlit, it might take time to develop. Here are some factors that could influence the release window:

Studio Pierrot’s Schedule: Pierrot is currently working on other projects, including Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. Black Clover might have to wait its turn in the production queue.

Content for Adaptation: The anime ideally needs enough manga material to sustain a full season. The ongoing manga arc might need more chapters before production on a new season can begin in earnest.

Official Announcement: Ultimately, the most reliable source of information regarding a new season will be an official announcement from Pierrot or the Black Clover production team.

What Could Season 5 Cover? (Spoiler Alert!)

It’s important to note that the following section contains spoilers for the Black Clover manga.

If Black Clover does return for a new season, it’s likely to delve into the manga’s final arc. This arc features:

Asta’s Continued Development: Asta will further hone his anti-magic abilities and unlock new powers as he strives to become the Wizard King.

The Spade Kingdom Saga: The Black Bulls will face a new threat from the Spade Kingdom, encountering powerful new enemies and forging unlikely alliances.

The Unveiling of Mysteries: Long-held secrets about Asta’s past, the nature of his anti-magic, and the magic world’s history will be revealed.

Season 5 would undoubtedly be action-packed, filled with intense battles, character growth, and emotional moments.

Black Clover’s Legacy: A Series That Continues to Inspire

Black Clover resonated with viewers due to its themes of perseverance, defying limitations, and the power of friendship. Asta’s journey from a magic-less boy to a respected mage serves as a powerful inspiration, particularly for those who identify with overcoming adversity.

While the wait for a new season continues, the Black Clover community remains vibrant. Fans continue to discuss the manga’s ongoing arc, create fan art and cosplay, and keep the spirit of the series alive.


Is Black Clover getting a Season 5?

There’s no official confirmation from Studio Pierrot, the animation house behind Black Clover. However, rumors and leaks suggest a new season is in the works, possibly arriving in 2024.

Why did the Black Clover anime stop?

The anime concluded after Season 4 in March 2021. The primary reason is that it caught up with the source material, the Black Clover manga by Yuki Tabata. Studios typically prefer a buffer of manga chapters to ensure a smooth adaptation process.

When will Black Clover Season 5 come out?

As mentioned before, there’s no official release date. Leaks suggest a 2024 release window, but it’s best to take such information with a grain of salt. The wait might depend on Studio Pierrot’s current projects and their plans for adapting the remaining manga content.

What will Black Clover Season 5 be about (spoilers light)?

If the anime follows the manga, Season 5 will delve into the Spade Kingdom Arc, an epic saga packed with intense battles, character development, and the revelation of powerful new magic.

Is there a movie to hold me over?

Black Clover did get a movie titled “Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King” in March 2020. It features an original story separate from the manga, so it won’t spoil any future anime content.

Will Black Clover be a seasonal anime when it returns?

This is another unconfirmed detail. Black Clover originally aired as a long-running series. However, with the anime industry shifting towards seasonal releases, a shorter, more focused format is a possibility.

Should I read the Black Clover manga in the meantime?

Absolutely! The manga is the source material and continues past the events of the anime. It’s a fantastic way to experience the rest of Asta’s journey and witness the Spade Kingdom Arc unfold.

Where can I read the Black Clover manga?

Several online platforms like Viz Media’s Shonen Jump offer official access to Black Clover chapters, some for free and others requiring a subscription.

What are some signs that Black Clover will return?

Keep an eye out for official announcements from Studio Pierrot or Black Clover’s social media channels. Increased online discussions and news articles about a potential Season 5 can also be indicators.

What can I do to show my support for a Black Clover return?

Engaging with the Black Clover community on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit is a great way to show your love for the series. You can also express your enthusiasm by watching the existing anime and movie, purchasing official merchandise, and simply discussing the series with fellow fans.

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