The Art of the Hunt: A Guide to Bloodborne’s Devastating Weapons


Bloodborne, the gothic masterpiece from FromSoftware, throws you headfirst into a world teeming with horrifying beasts. To survive this nightmare, you’ll need an arsenal of unique and brutal weapons. But Bloodborne’s weapons are more than just tools of destruction; they are an extension of your combat style, each with its strengths, weaknesses, and transformations that define the way you hunt. This guide delves into the depths of Bloodborne’s weaponry, answering the burning questions hunters have been asking on the web.

Bloodborne Trick Weapons: The Heart of the Hunt

The signature feature of Bloodborne combat is the trick weapon. These ingenious implements transform mid-battle, offering a surprising amount of versatility in a single package. Whether you prefer swift strikes or bone-crushing blows, there’s a trick weapon waiting to unleash its fury. Here’s a breakdown of what makes these weapons so special:

  • Transformation is Key: The core mechanic of trick weapons lies in their ability to shift between two forms. One form might be a nimble short sword, while the transformed version extends into a brutal scythe. This allows you to adapt your attacks to the situation, switching between fast crowd control and devastating single-target damage.
  • ** Mastering the Moveset:** Each weapon has a unique moveset in both its base and transformed state. Learning these combos and practising them is essential to mastering your chosen weapon. Many weapons offer hidden gems within their moveset, such as the Saw Cleaver’s brutal charged R2 attack.
  • Unleashing the Visceral Attack: A critical mechanic in Bloodborne’s combat is the visceral attack. By parrying an enemy at the precise moment they attempt a strong attack, you open them up for a devastating close-range strike. Different weapons have unique visceral attack animations, adding another layer of flair to combat.

Weapon Selection: Finding Your Hunting Style

With a diverse selection of trick weapons at your disposal, choosing the right one can be daunting. Here’s a look at some of the most popular weapons and their specialities, helping you find the one that suits your hunting style:

  • The Starting Trio: Saw Cleaver, Hunter Axe, Threaded Cane: These are the weapons you can choose from at the beginning of your journey. The Saw Cleaver is a balanced all-rounder, perfect for beginners. The Hunter Axe offers powerful swings and crowd control, while the Threaded Cane has a longer reach and transforms into a whip for crowd control, but requires more finesse to master.
  • Elegant and Deadly: Blades of Mercy, Rakuyo: These twin blades offer lightning-fast attacks and devastating combos in their transformed state. However, they have a short reach and require constant aggression to be effective. The Rakuyo, obtained in the DLC, adds a ranged attack to the mix, making it a more versatile choice.
  • Heavy Hitters: Ludwig’s Holy Blade, Kirkhammer: If you prefer raw power over speed, these weapons are for you. Ludwig’s Holy Blade, considered one of the best weapons in the game, transforms into a colossal greatsword, capable of monstrous damage. The Kirkhammer packs a similar punch, transforming into a massive hammer perfect for staggering and breaking enemy defences.
  • Fire and Fury: Flamesprayer, Tonitrus: These trick weapons deviate from the standard melee format, offering elemental ranged attacks alongside close-quarters combat. The Flamesprayer unleashes a torrent of fire, while the Tonitrus deals electric damage. These weapons are particularly effective against enemies weak to their respective elements.
  • Unique Delights: Burial Blade, Chikage: These weapons offer niche playstyles for experienced hunters. The Burial Blade transforms into a massive scythe with a surprising amount of range, perfect for crowd control. The Chikage, a katana-like weapon, deals massive damage in its transformed state but drains your health with each hit. For those seeking a risk-reward playstyle, the Chikage offers a thrilling challenge.

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