Mastering the Mix: A Guide to Bravely Default 2’s Jobs


Bravely Default 2 throws you into a fantastical world brimming with tactical turn-based combat. But unlike other RPGs, you won’t be locked into predefined character classes. Instead, Bravely Default 2 offers a vast and versatile job system, allowing you to customize your party to fit any encounter. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about Bravely Default 2’s jobs, from the basic starter classes to the coveted endgame specialties.

Bravely Default 2

The Core Classes: Building Your Foundation

The game introduces you to a set of fundamental jobs that provide a solid base for your party’s development. These jobs offer a good mix of offense, defense, and support, making them perfect for early to mid-game exploration.

Freelancer: The jack-of-all-trades, the Freelancer boasts well-rounded stats and access to a limited pool of abilities from other jobs. This flexibility makes them ideal for experimenting and filling in gaps in your party composition.

White Mage: The quintessential healer, the White Mage provides essential HP restoration and status ailment cures. Their spells keep your party fighting fit, especially against enemies with heavy-hitting attacks or status effects.

Black Mage: Unleashing devastating elemental attacks, the Black Mage specializes in dealing high magical damage. However, their fragility necessitates proper positioning and support from other party members.

Vanguard: The sturdy frontline fighter, the Vanguard absorbs heavy blows with high defense and boasts a variety of defensive and offensive skills. They can even draw enemy attacks, protecting your more vulnerable party members.

Monk: Masters of martial arts, Monks dish out incredible physical damage with their bare fists. Their “Bare-Knuckle Brawler” passive significantly boosts their attack when unarmed, making them a powerhouse in the right hands.

Expanding Your Horizons: Advanced Jobs

As you progress through the story and complete specific side quests, you’ll unlock a plethora of advanced jobs, each with unique strengths and specializations. These jobs offer exciting strategic possibilities and allow you to tailor your party for specific challenges.

Bard: These charismatic performers inspire allies and hinder enemies with their musical talents. They can buff your party’s attack, defense, and agility while inflicting status ailments on foes.

Beastmaster: Tame the wild with the Beastmaster! This job allows you to capture and control monsters, adding them to your party as temporary companions. Each beast offers unique skills and attack types, adding a layer of strategy to combat.

Thief: Masters of stealth and pilfering, Thieves excel at stealing items from enemies and inflicting status ailments that hinder their defenses. Their high agility also makes them elusive on the battlefield.

Beyond these, there are numerous other advanced jobs to discover, each catering to different playstyles. From the Gambler’s high-risk, high-reward tactics to the Shieldmaster’s unwavering defense, the possibilities are vast.

Finding the Right Mix: Tips for Building Your Party

With so many jobs available, it can be overwhelming to decide on your party composition. Here are some tips to help you build a well-balanced team:

Consider Synergy: Look for jobs that complement each other. For example, a White Mage paired with a Bard can provide excellent healing and party buffs, while a Vanguard and Monk combo offers a strong frontline defense and offensive punch.

Specialize or Diversify: Decide on your party’s overall strategy. Do you want a dedicated healer and tank, or do you prefer a more flexible group with characters who can fill multiple roles?

Don’t Neglect Support: While strong offense is important, don’t forget about support roles. Jobs like Bards and White Mages can turn the tide of battle with their buffs and healing abilities.

Experiment and Adapt: The beauty of Bravely Default 2’s job system lies in its flexibility. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations and adjust your party based on the challenges you face.

Mastering the Art of “Brave” and “Default”

Bravely Default 2’s combat system revolves around the unique “Brave” and “Default” commands. “Brave” allows you to queue multiple actions for a single turn, potentially unleashing a devastating offensive onslaught. Conversely, “Default” lets you build points to use more actions later or bolster your defenses.

Here’s how your job selection can influence your use of “Brave” and “Default”:

Offensive Powerhouses: Jobs like Monks, Black Mages, and Berserkers benefit greatly from “Brave” points, allowing them to unleash a flurry of attacks and maximize their damage output.


How Many Classes Are There in Bravely Default 2?

There are a whopping 24 jobs in Bravely Default 2! These range from classic warriors like Vanguards to magical specialists like Black Mages, and even niche options like Gamblers.

What are the Starting Classes?

At the beginning of your journey, you’ll have access to three basic classes: Freelancer (jack-of-all-trades), White Mage (healer), and Black Mage (damage dealer).

How Do I Unlock More Classes?

Throughout the game, you’ll unlock new classes by defeating bosses, completing quests, and reaching certain points in the story. Stay tuned for these exciting moments!

What are Some Powerful Classes for Beginners?

Vanguards are excellent tanks, soaking up damage while dishing it out. White Mages keep your party healthy, and Monks excel at physical attacks. These are all solid choices for early battles.

Are There Any Secret Classes?

Yes! There’s a special hidden class waiting to be discovered by the most dedicated explorers. Keep your eyes peeled for clues and explore every corner!

Can I Change Classes in Bravely Default 2?

Absolutely! The beauty of Bravely Default 2 lies in its flexible job system. You can freely switch between unlocked classes for each character, allowing you to customize your party for any situation.

What’s the Best Class in the Game?

There’s no single “best” class. It depends on your playstyle and the enemies you face. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you!

Should I Focus on Leveling Up One Class or Spread the EXP?

While mastering a single class can be beneficial initially, spreading the EXP across multiple characters unlocks valuable skills from each job. This versatility proves useful in the long run.

Are There Any Classes Good for Stealing Items?

For all your treasure-hunting needs, the Thief class is your best bet. They have high agility and abilities to steal items from enemies, making them a valuable asset for gathering rare loot.

Where Can I Find More Information on Specific Classes?

Many online resources offer detailed guides on each class in Bravely Default 2. These guides provide in-depth information on abilities, stats, and how to use each class effectively. Search for “[Bravely Default 2 Class Guide]” to find them!

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