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Bukayo Saka has emerged as one of the most exciting young talents in world football. His dazzling footwork, blistering pace, and knack for creating chances have made him a vital cog in both Arsenal’s and England’s attacking machinery. But what exactly do the numbers say about Saka’s prowess on the pitch? Let’s delve into his stats across various competitions to understand the full picture of his impact.

Bukayo Saka

Premier League Prowess: Goals, Assists, and More

Saka’s primary stomping ground is the Premier League, where he has established himself as a true difference-maker for Arsenal. Here’s a breakdown of his key stats in the competition:

Appearances: A staggering 170 appearances for Arsenal at the young age of 22 showcase Saka’s consistency and manager’s trust.

Goals: With 47 goals, Saka boasts a respectable goalscoring record, averaging 0.28 goals per game. While not a pure striker, his ability to find the net consistently adds another dimension to his skillset.

Efficiency: Saka is a clinical finisher with 34% shooting accuracy. He has a knack for finding the target with his left foot, contributing 35 goals with his dominant foot compared to just 10 with his right. Interestingly, 10 of his goals have come from penalties, demonstrating his composure from the spot.

Chance Creation: Saka is not just a scorer; he’s a creator extraordinaire. He has a whopping 35 assists to his name, highlighting his vision and ability to unlock defenses. Additionally, his 42 big chances created further solidify his role as a key provider for his teammates.

Passing and Crossing: Saka not only creates chances but also dictates the flow of the game with his passing. He averages 30.94 passes per match, showcasing his involvement in building attacks. His 678 crosses highlight his effectiveness in delivering the ball into dangerous areas for his attacking colleagues.

Discipline and Defensive Contribution: Despite being an attacking player, Saka maintains discipline with only 23 yellow cards throughout his Premier League career. He also contributes defensively with 230 tackles, 139 blocked shots, and 88 interceptions, showcasing his well-rounded skillset.

Bukayo Saka on the International Stage: Replicating Club Form for England

Saka has seamlessly transitioned his club form to the international stage, becoming a crucial player for the England national team. Here’s a glimpse into his international stats:

There are not readily available comprehensive statistics for Saka’s international career. However, we can look at his performance in recent major tournaments:

Euro 2020: Saka played a vital role in England’s run to the final, starting all but one game and showcasing his maturity on the biggest stage.

While detailed stats are unavailable, reports suggest Saka displayed his usual attacking intent and creativity throughout the tournament.

Beyond the Numbers: Analyzing Saka’s Playing Style

The stats paint a clear picture of Saka’s strengths – a versatile attacker who can score, create, and contribute defensively. But to fully understand his impact, we need to delve deeper into his playing style:

Dribbling Prowess: Saka is a nightmare for defenders with his exceptional dribbling ability. His pace and agility allow him to weave past challenges and create space for himself and his teammates.

Two-Footed Threat: Unlike many wingers who heavily favor one foot, Saka is comfortable using both. This unpredictability makes him a constant threat, as defenders can’t anticipate his next move.

Intelligent Movement: Saka’s off-the-ball movement is another key aspect of his game. He makes intelligent runs to exploit gaps in the defense, creating scoring opportunities for himself or his teammates.

Adaptability: Saka is a manager’s dream, comfortable playing across various positions in the attacking third. He can be deployed as a traditional winger, an attacking midfielder, or even a second striker, showcasing his tactical flexibility.

The Future is Bright: What to Expect from Saka

At just 22 years old, Saka’s potential seems limitless. With his talent, work ethic, and ever-growing experience, here’s what we can expect from him in the future:

Continued Improvement: Saka is already a world-class player, but there’s always room for improvement. As he matures and gains more experience, he can refine his finishing, decision-making in the final third, and leadership qualities.


How many goals does Saka have for Arsenal?

As of July 10th, 2024, Bukayo Saka has netted an impressive 47 goals across all competitions for Arsenal [Premier League]. This translates to a commendable average of 0.28 goals per match, showcasing his consistent goal-scoring threat.

Is Saka a good dribbler?

Saka’s dribbling skills are a major part of his game. He’s known for his agility, close control, and ability to weave past defenders. While specific dribble success rate statistics aren’t always readily available, his highlight reels and the way he creates scoring chances are a testament to his dribbling prowess.

How many assists does Saka have?

Saka isn’t just a goal scorer; he’s also a fantastic playmaker. He has racked up 35 assists in all competitions for Arsenal [Premier League]. This highlights his vision and ability to pick out teammates in dangerous positions.

What are Saka’s passing stats?

Saka’s passing is another key aspect of his game. In the Premier League alone, he boasts an average of 30.94 passes per match [Premier League]. This showcases his involvement in building up attacks and keeping the ball moving for Arsenal.

What’s Saka’s shooting accuracy like?

Saka has a decent shooting accuracy of around 34% in the Premier League [Premier League]. While this might seem a bit low, it’s important to consider that wingers often take on high-risk shots from difficult angles. Additionally, his 124 shots on target speak volumes about the number of chances he creates for himself.

How many appearances does Saka have for Arsenal?

Saka is a regular starter for Arsenal, having clocked a total of 170 appearances in all competitions [Premier League]. This consistency is a major factor in his impressive stats and overall contribution to the team.

How has Saka performed internationally?

Saka has also made his mark on the international stage with the England national team. While stats for specific international matches might be harder to find readily, his performances at major tournaments like the Euros showcase his talent and growing experience.

What are some of Saka’s biggest achievements?

At such a young age, Saka has already achieved a lot. Here are some highlights:

Establishing himself as a key player for Arsenal, a top Premier League club.

Earning a place on the England national team.

Being recognized as one of the best young talents in world football.

Where can I find more information on Saka’s stats?

Several websites provide detailed statistics on footballers, including Saka. Here are a few credible sources:

Premier League official website [Premier League]

FBref []

WhoScored []

What’s next for Saka?

With his talent, dedication, and young age, Saka has the potential to become a true footballing great. Fans eagerly await to see him continue to develop his skills, win trophies with Arsenal and England, and potentially break even more records in the future.

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