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Cache in the Castle – Hogwarts Legacy, the immersive open-world RPG set within the magical world of Harry Potter, offers players a chance to explore the iconic castle like never before. Among the many side quests that add depth and intrigue to the gameplay, “Cache in the Castle” stands out as a delightful treasure hunt that tests your observation skills and knowledge of Hogwarts’ hidden corners.

This article delves into the details of the Cache in the Castle side quest, providing a comprehensive guide and exploring its significance within the larger narrative of Hogwarts Legacy.

Initiating the Hunt: Arthur Plummly’s Treasure Map

The quest begins by encountering Arthur Plummly, a student lingering outside the Charms Classroom in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. He excitedly presents you with a hand-drawn treasure map, claiming it leads to a hidden cache within the castle walls. 

Eager for adventure and the potential rewards, you accept the map and embark on a journey of discovery.

Following the Clues: A Journey Through Hogwarts’ Landmarks

The map, adorned with cryptic symbols and landmarks, serves as your guide. The first clue points towards a “mighty beast from a distant land,” leading you to the imposing skeleton of a rhinoceros on the first floor of the castle. From there, the path takes you to the Transfiguration Courtyard, where the second landmark, a majestic fountain, awaits.

The final clue is the most enigmatic. It depicts a painting with a glowing symbol at the top. This cryptic hint leads you to a specific painting within the castle, accessible only through the magic of the Accio spell.

Unlocking the Secret: The Hidden Chest and its Rewards

Successfully casting Accio on the glowing symbol above the painting reveals a hidden passage behind it. Inside, a chest containing the “Authentic Historian’s Robe” awaits your claim. 

This unique piece of clothing not only adds a touch of historical flair to your character’s attire but also offers minor gameplay benefits.

Significance of the Cache in the Castle:

While the Cache in the Castle might not hold the key to unlocking some grand secret within Hogwarts, its significance lies in several aspects:

World-Building: It encourages exploration of the vast castle, revealing hidden corners and adding depth to the overall experience.

Treasure Hunting: The quest taps into the inherent thrill of treasure hunts, providing a sense of accomplishment and reward upon successful completion.

Lore Integration: The landmarks mentioned in the map, such as the rhinoceros skeleton and the Transfiguration Courtyard, subtly reinforce the established lore of Hogwarts.

Character Development: By completing the quest, you contribute to your character’s growth, showcasing their resourcefulness and ability to navigate the intricacies of the castle.

Beyond the Treasure: A Glimpse into Hogwarts’ History

The Cache in the Castle quest goes beyond simply acquiring a new robe. It offers a glimpse into the rich history of Hogwarts, hinting at the countless secrets and hidden treasures that lie within its walls. 

It serves as a reminder that the castle itself is a living, breathing entity, filled with stories waiting to be discovered by those curious enough to seek them out.


The “Cache in the Castle” quest begins where?

You can initiate the quest by talking to Arthur Plummly, a student lingering outside the Charms Classroom in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. He will present you with a hand-drawn treasure map, kicking off the adventure.

What are the landmarks on the treasure map?

The map depicts four landmarks:

Mighty beast from a distant land: This refers to the imposing rhinoceros skeleton on the first floor of the castle.

Fountain of magical beasts: This points towards the majestic fountain in the Transfiguration Courtyard.

Painting with a glowing symbol: This cryptic clue requires you to find a specific painting within the castle that can be revealed using the Accio spell.

How do I find the hidden passage?

Once you locate the painting with the glowing symbol, cast Accio on it. This will reveal a hidden passage behind the painting, leading you to the treasure chest.

What is the reward for completing the quest?

Completing the “Cache in the Castle” quest grants you the “Authentic Historian’s Robe,” a unique piece of clothing that offers minor gameplay benefits and adds a touch of historical flair to your character.

Do I need any specific spells to complete the quest?

Yes, you’ll need the Accio spell to reveal the hidden passage behind the painting. This spell is learned during the main storyline, so you’ll likely have it by the time you encounter this quest.

Is the “Cache in the Castle” quest missable?

No, the quest is not missable. You can complete it at any point in the game, as long as you have access to the required areas and spells.

How long does it take to complete the “Cache in the Castle” quest?

The quest can be completed relatively quickly, taking around 10-15 minutes depending on your familiarity with Hogwarts and your exploration speed.

Is there anything else I should know about the quest?

While the quest itself might seem simple, it offers a glimpse into the rich history of Hogwarts, hinting at the many secrets the castle holds. It also encourages exploration and reinforces your understanding of the castle’s layout.

Is the “Cache in the Castle” quest worth completing?

While the reward might not be game-changing, completing the quest adds to the overall experience and provides a sense of accomplishment. It also offers a fun and engaging diversion from the main storyline.

Are there any other similar quests in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy features several other treasure hunt-style side quests scattered throughout the castle and surrounding areas. These quests offer similar rewards and exploration opportunities, further enriching your gameplay experience.

The Cache in the Castle side quest, with its simple premise and engaging gameplay, stands as a testament to the meticulous world-building present in Hogwarts Legacy. It provides a delightful diversion from the main storyline, encouraging players to delve deeper into the magical world of Hogwarts and uncover its hidden wonders. 

So, the next time you find yourself wandering the castle halls, remember to keep an eye out for cryptic clues and hidden passages. You never know what treasures might await you on your own magical adventure through Hogwarts.

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