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Call of duty bo2 zombies maps, It introduced a compelling narrative alongside a diverse set of maps, each offering unique challenges and gameplay mechanics. Whether you’re a seasoned zombie slayer or a newcomer braving the apocalypse, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to survive the undead hordes in Black Ops 2.

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TranZit: A Sprawling, Interconnected World (with a Few Catches)

TranZit isn’t your typical Zombies map. It’s a sprawling interconnected world consisting of three smaller sections: Bus Depot, Town, and Farm. Players spawn at the Bus Depot, a desolate area with a broken-down bus as their temporary safe haven. Scattered around are Pack-a-Punch machines (to upgrade weapons) and perks like Juggernog (increases health) and Speed Cola (faster reloading). However, TranZit’s most unique feature is the rickety, fire-spewing bus that transports players between the three sections.

While TranZit offers a vast explorable area and a different experience compared to traditional maps, it comes with drawbacks. The bus ride can be a perilous journey, forcing players to fend off zombies while dodging flaming debris. Additionally, navigating the separate sections can be confusing at first, and the power system is more complex than other maps.

Here are some key things to remember on TranZit:

Focus on upgrading the bus. Parts scattered around the map can be used to repair and upgrade the bus, granting access to new areas and perks.

Utilize the Wunderwaffe DG-2. This wonder weapon, acquired through specific steps, can decimate zombies and is crucial for high rounds.

Prioritize the Power Switch in Town. Powering Town unlocks Pack-a-Punch and the powerful upgraded versions of the MP5 and Galil.

What People Want to Know About TranZit:

Is TranZit the hardest map? While challenging, TranZit’s difficulty depends on your playstyle. It can be frustrating solo but becomes more manageable in a team.

How to Pack-a-Punch in TranZit? Upgrading weapons requires powering Town and finding the Pack-a-Punch machine located in the Diner.

Die Rise: Vertical Combat and Sliquifying the Undead

Die Rise takes players to a precarious situation – a skyscraper under construction crawling with zombies. The map features multiple vertical sections connected by elevators and jump pads, offering a unique sense of verticality in combat. Navigating Die Rise requires mastering these movement options while staying vigilant against the undead.

Die Rise introduces a new enemy type – the suicidal Denizens. These kamikaze-style zombies explode upon death, requiring careful crowd control and strategic use of explosives. Additionally, the map boasts the Sliquifier, a buildable wonder weapon that coats zombies in a slippery goo, making them easier to eliminate.

Here’s how to conquer the heights of Die Rise:

Learn the elevator system. Mastering the elevators is crucial for efficient movement and accessing different areas of the map.

Build the Sliquifier early. This wonder weapon is incredibly effective at slowing down large hordes and makes high rounds more manageable.

Utilize the trample steamer. Another buildable item, the trample steamer lays down a fiery path that eliminates zombies instantly.

What People Want to Know About Die Rise:

Are the Denizens the hardest enemy? While frustrating, Denizens can be countered with proper crowd control and explosives. They pose a bigger threat in tight spaces.

How to build the Sliquifier? Parts for the Sliquifier are scattered around the map. Guides can be found online to help you locate them efficiently.

Mob of the Dead: A Star-Studded Cast on Alcatraz Island

Mob of the Dead throws players onto a fictionalized Alcatraz Island overrun by the undead. This map features a unique celebrity cast, with voices like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Trejo, and Michael Madsen lending their talents to the experience. Mob of the Dead offers a classic feel with tight corridors and strategic chokepoints for fending off zombies.

The map boasts several unique features, including the afterlife mechanic. When downed, players enter an “afterlife” dimension where they can collect souls to revive themselves or teammates. Additionally, the map features the powerful Acid Gat, a wonder weapon that melts through zombie hordes.

Here’s how to survive the celebrity treatment on Mob of the Dead:

Master the afterlife mechanic. Collecting souls in the afterlife is crucial for reviving yourself and teammates, extending your survival time.


How many maps are there in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

There are four core maps included in the base game, all set in the fictional location of Green Run:

Green Run – Bus Depot: This map serves as a central hub, connecting players to the other three areas – Town, Farm, and (through a fog-filled tunnel) Die Rise (DLC).

Green Run – Town: A classic, close-quarters experience with a boarded-up diner and a pack-a-punch machine.

Green Run – Farm: An open space with a farmhouse, a barn, and opportunities to build farm equipment to aid survival.

Nuketown Zombies (pre-order bonus or Season Pass): A remake of the popular multiplayer map, condensed for a tight and intense zombie fight.

Are there any DLC maps?

Absolutely! Black Ops 2 features four exciting DLC map packs, each with its own unique map:

Mob of the Dead (DLC 1): Fight the undead on Alcatraz Island with celebrity voice actors including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Trejo, and Michael Madsen.

Die Rise (DLC 2): Ascend a towering skyscraper in Shanghai, fending off zombies with vertical movement mechanics and ziplines.

TranZit (DLC 3): Travel a sprawling, post-apocalyptic landscape on a rickety bus, encountering new challenges and dangers along the way.

Buried (DLC 4): Explore a vast underground network of tunnels and caverns, filled with traps, secrets, and a giant spider boss.

What’s the best map for beginners?

Town is a great starting point. It’s compact and offers a clear layout for learning the basics of barricading, training zombies, and utilizing the pack-a-punch machine to upgrade your weapons.

What map offers the biggest challenge?

Die Rise introduces verticality and challenges with its skyscraper setting. TranZit’s sprawling open areas and reliance on the unpredictable bus system can also be quite difficult.

Are there any Easter Egg quests in these maps?

A big yes! Each Black Ops 2 Zombies map features a hidden Easter Egg questline that can unlock powerful weapons, perks, and story details. Exploring these intricate quests adds another layer of depth and replayability to the mode.

Where can I find guides and strategies for these maps?

The Call of Duty community is vast and helpful! There are numerous resources online, including wikis, forums like, and YouTube channels dedicated to Black Ops 2 Zombies. These resources offer detailed map guides, strategy breakdowns, and even tutorials for completing the Easter Eggs.

Is Black Ops 2 Zombies still playable online?

Yes! Black Ops 2, though released in 2012, still boasts a dedicated online community on most platforms. You can team up with friends or find other players online to tackle the zombie hordes together.

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