Surviving the Black Iron Prison: A Callisto Protocol Walkthrough


Carving its path into the survival horror genre, The Callisto Protocol throws you into the nightmarish Black Iron Prison on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. As Jacob Lee, a cargo ship pilot unwillingly entangled in the moon’s horrors, you’ll face grotesque mutated creatures, navigate treacherous environments, and uncover the dark secrets of the prison. This walkthrough will equip you with the knowledge to survive Callisto’s horrors and see Jacob through to the end.

A Walk Through Black Iron: Chapter by Chapter

The Callisto Protocol is a linear story-driven experience, with chapters serving as progression markers. Here’s a breakdown of each chapter with key points and challenges:

  • Chapter 1: Cargo & Chapter 2: Outbreak:

The game opens with Jacob and his partner, Max, on a routine delivery to Black Iron. A distress call throws them off course, and things quickly go south. After a crash landing, you witness the prison’s inmates transforming into monstrous Biophages. These introductory chapters focus on establishing the narrative, teaching basic controls, and introducing combat mechanics. Focus on learning to dodge and counter enemy attacks effectively. You’ll also pick up your first weapon, the stun baton. Explore thoroughly to find resources and weapon upgrades.

  • Chapter 3: Aftermath & Chapter 4: Habitat:

Having escaped the initial chaos, Jacob encounters Dr. Dani Summers, a seemingly friendly scientist. You navigate the aftermath of the outbreak, witnessing the brutal effects of the Biophage transformation. Chapter 4 takes you through the crew quarters, where you’ll encounter more agile and aggressive enemies. Here, you’ll gain access to the GRIP weapon, which allows you to grab and throw enemies or environmental objects. Resource management becomes crucial in these chapters, so prioritize crafting health items and firearm ammo.

  • Chapter 5: Lost:

Separated from Dani, Jacob finds himself lost in the maintenance tunnels beneath Black Iron. This chapter is heavy on atmosphere and exploration, with environmental puzzles to solve. Be cautious, as these tunnels are teeming with enemies and scarce resources. You’ll also face your first mini-boss, a hulking Biophage called a “Ripper.” Utilize the GRIP weapon to your advantage and focus on creating space to heal during the fight.

  • Chapter 6: Below:

Deeper underground, Jacob uncovers the source of the outbreak – a strange alien artefact. This section introduces The Sprawl, a network of organic tunnels crawling with grotesquely mutated creatures. It’s a gauntlet of close-quarter combat, so mastering dodging and melee combos is vital. You’ll also find the powerful shotgun here, offering much-needed firepower against tougher enemies.

  • Chapter 7: Colony:

Reaching a seemingly utopian underground community, Jacob discovers a sinister secret. The inhabitants here worship the artefact, willingly transforming. This chapter features a mix of exploration, stealth, and combat. You’ll encounter new enemy types, including ranged attackers and heavily armoured Biophages.

  • Chapter 8: Tower:

The final chapter takes Jacob to the top of Black Iron Prison to confront the true mastermind behind the outbreak. Prepare for intense combat sequences with relentless enemies and challenging boss fights. This is where all your combat skills will be tested. Utilize the full arsenal of weapons you’ve acquired throughout the game, and don’t forget to dodge and counter enemy attacks effectively.

Beyond the Walkthrough: Tips and Tricks for Survival

  • Master the Melee System: The Callisto Protocol emphasizes brutal melee combat. Learn to dodge enemy attacks and unleash counter-attacks for maximum efficiency. Dodging at the last moment triggers a slow-motion window for a powerful counterblow.
  • Grip and Throw: The GRIP weapon is incredibly versatile. Use it to grab and throw enemies, trigger environmental hazards, or pull yourself towards objects. This strategic use of the environment can turn the tide of battle.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Keep your weapons upgraded throughout the game. Look for weapon lockers containing upgrade cores, which enhance damage, ammo capacity, and firing rate.
  • Resource Management: The Black Iron Prison is a harsh environment. Ammo and crafting materials are scarce, so prioritize crafting health items and use ammo efficiently. Explode environmental hazards to damage groups of enemies and conserve ammo.
  • Data Bios and Collectibles: Scattered throughout the game are Data Bios containing lore entries and audio logs. Collecting them adds context to the story and provides a deeper understanding of the events on Callisto.


Q: Is there a Chapter Select in The Callisto Protocol?

  • A: No, The Callisto Protocol is a linear experience. You cannot replay individual chapters after completing them.

Q: How long is The Callisto Protocol?

  • A: A playthrough on normal difficulty can take around 10-12 hours. Aim for 7-10 hours on subsequent playthroughs or if you know where to go. For a 100% completion with all collectables and trophies, expect 12-15 hours.

Q: What difficulty should I choose?

  • A: The difficulty you choose depends on your experience with horror games. “Maximum Security” is the hardest difficulty and offers a trophy/achievement for completion. You can always adjust the difficulty mid-game if needed.

Q: Where can I find a complete walkthrough of The Callisto Protocol?

  • A: Several resources offer detailed walkthroughs. You can find them on websites like IGN ( or PowerPyx ( For a video walkthrough, consider YouTube channels like MKIceAndFire (

Q: Are there any missable collectibles in The Callisto Protocol?

  • A: Yes, some collectables are missable as you progress through the story. A complete walkthrough guide will mention these and their locations.

Q: What kind of collectables are there in The Callisto Protocol?

  • A: The main collectibles are Data Bios which offer lore entries about the game’s world and characters.

Q: What are some good combat tips for The Callis to Protocol?

  • A: * Focus on dodging and parrying enemy attacks to create openings. * Utilize the environment for takedowns and throws. * Manage your ammo wisely as resources can be scarce. * Experiment with different weapon combinations for various enemy types.

Q: How do I beat Boss X? (Replace X with the specific boss name)

  • A: Most walkthrough guides will have detailed strategies for defeating each boss, including their weak points and attack patterns.

Q: What are the different enemy types in The Callisto Protocol?

A: The game throws various mutated creatures your way. Early enemies are slow and predictable, while later ones require more strategic dodging and attacks. Be prepared to adapt your tactics!

Q: Are there any alternate endings in The Callisto Protocol?

  • A: Information about alternate endings is spoiler territory. Consult a walkthrough guide if you want to know more without spoiling the story.

Q: Is there a New Game Plus in The Callisto Protocol?

  • A: No, The Callisto Protocol does not currently have a New Game Plus mode.

Hopefully, these FAQs help you navigate your journey through the chilling world of The Callisto Protocol! Remember, if you get stuck or want to find specific collectables, a comprehensive walkthrough guide is your best friend.

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