Captain Price’s Revenge: Fact or Fiction?


Captain Price, the iconic SAS leader from the Call of Duty franchise, is a legend known for his unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of justice. So, when whispers of “Captain Price’s Revenge” began circulating the Call of Duty community, particularly in relation to Warzone 2, excitement reached a fever pitch. But is this a concrete upcoming event, a clever marketing ploy, or something else entirely? Let’s delve into the available information and separate fact from fiction.

Captain Price

What Sparked the Rumors?

The origin of the “Captain Price’s Revenge” buzz can be traced back to YouTube content creators. Speculation around a potential limited-time event with this title gained traction, with some channels even offering detailed breakdowns of expected content and challenges. However, it’s crucial to note that no official announcement from Activision or the developers regarding such an event exists.

The timing of these rumors coincided with the tail-end of the “The Haunting” event in Warzone 2 (expected date: October 31, 2023). This past event featured spooky aesthetics and thematic challenges, leading some to believe “Captain Price’s Revenge” might follow a similar structure.

Here’s a breakdown of what players were speculating about:

Event Duration: Videos suggested the event would run for a limited time, possibly a week, following the conclusion of “The Haunting.”

Content and Challenges: Theories included unique challenges with Captain Price-themed rewards like skins and operator cosmetics.

Gameplay Twists: Some speculated about potential changes to the Warzone 2 experience, like increased enemy AI difficulty or a specific objective related to Captain Price’s lore.

Based on the current information available:

No Confirmed Event: There’s no official confirmation from Activision or the developers about “Captain Price’s Revenge.”

Community Speculation: The hype appears to be primarily driven by content creators and community speculation, fueled by the timing and thematic possibilities.

Limited Information: Details about challenges, rewards, and gameplay modifications are purely theoretical.

While there’s no guarantee of a “Captain Price’s Revenge” event, it doesn’t necessarily mean the possibility is entirely out of the question. Here’s why:

Past Events: Warzone has seen successful limited-time events in the past, like “Shadow Siege” which drastically altered the map and gameplay.

Marketing Potential: An event featuring a beloved character like Captain Price could be a fantastic way to boost player engagement and generate buzz.

Community Interest: The sheer volume of online discussions highlights the potential excitement surrounding such an event.

What to Expect Moving Forward

There are two main possibilities:

Official Announcement: Activision or the developers might officially reveal “Captain Price’s Revenge” as a future event, providing concrete details on its content and timeframe.

Community Fizzles Out: If no official announcement comes, the community-driven hype might gradually fade away.

Here’s what you can do to stay updated:

Follow Official Channels: Keep an eye on official Call of Duty channels like their website, social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram), and developer blogs for any announcements.

Community Discussions: Engage in discussions on gaming forums and relevant subreddits to see if any new information emerges.

Be Cautious of Unverified Sources: Don’t rely solely on unofficial videos or articles, as they might be based on speculation rather than concrete facts.

Beyond the Hype: Exploring Captain Price’s Legacy

Whether “Captain Price’s Revenge” materializes as an event or not, the character’s legacy within the Call of Duty universe remains undeniable. From his early appearances in the Modern Warfare series to his pivotal role in recent titles, Captain Price embodies unwavering leadership, tactical brilliance, and an unwavering commitment to fighting for what’s right.

Here are some reasons why Captain Price is such an iconic figure:

Badass Personality: His gruff demeanor, stoic determination, and iconic quotes like “Remember – No Russian” have cemented him as a fan favorite.

Strategic Prowess: He’s a master tactician, always two steps ahead of the enemy, leading his team through impossible situations.

Symbol of Resilience: Despite facing immense losses, Captain Price never gives up, constantly pushing forward in the fight against global threats.

Whether through a potential in-game event or simply through his enduring presence in the Call of Duty narrative, Captain Price’s legend continues to inspire gamers worldwide.


What is Captain Price’s Revenge?

Captain Price’s Revenge is a limited-time event speculated to be coming to Warzone 2. While there’s no official confirmation from Activision, leaks and community discussions suggest it might be a special in-game happening similar to the past Shadow Siege event.

When is Captain Price’s Revenge happening?

There’s no confirmed date yet. Based on speculations, it might occur around Halloween 2024, coinciding with the potential “The Haunting” event period in Warzone 2.

What kind of event is Captain Price’s Revenge?

Details are scarce, but it’s likely to be a community-wide event with unique challenges and rewards. These challenges could involve specific tasks within the Warzone 2 experience, potentially themed around Captain Price or a specific storyline. Completing these challenges might unlock exclusive operator skins, weapon camos, calling cards, or other cosmetic items for players.

Is Captain Price’s Revenge a new game mode?

There’s no guarantee. It could be a set of challenges integrated into the existing Warzone 2 experience, or it might introduce a limited-time mode with special rules or objectives.

What can we expect during Captain Price’s Revenge?

Here are some possibilities based on past events and community discussions:

Themed challenges: Expect tasks related to Captain Price or the potential storyline behind the event. These might involve specific kills, objective completions, or strategic actions within Warzone 2.

Unique rewards: Completing challenges could unlock exclusive cosmetic items like Captain Price-themed operator skins, weapon camos, emblems, or calling cards.

Potential map changes: Similar to the Shadow Siege event, some areas of the Warzone 2 map might be altered to reflect the theme of Captain Price’s Revenge.

Is there anything confirmed about Captain Price’s Revenge?

Unfortunately, no. All information available currently is based on leaks, rumors, and past event structures. We’ll need to wait for an official announcement from Activision to know for sure.

Where can I find the latest updates on Captain Price’s Revenge?

Keep an eye on the official Call of Duty blog and social media channels (Twitter, Instagram) for any announcements. Additionally, reputable gaming news websites and content creators often share updates and insights based on leaks and datamines.

What are some community theories about Captain Price’s Revenge?

Some theories suggest the event might tie into a larger narrative for the Call of Duty universe, potentially bridging the gap between Modern Warfare titles. Others speculate it might involve a unique boss fight against a villain or a specific enemy type. Remember, these are just theories, and the actual event might differ entirely.

Should I get ready for Captain Price’s Revenge?

If you’re a fan of Warzone 2 and enjoy completing challenges for unique rewards, then definitely keep an eye out for the event. It’s a great opportunity to earn exclusive cosmetic items and potentially experience a new twist on the core Warzone 2 gameplay.

What are some tips for preparing for Captain Price’s Revenge (if it happens)?

Brush up on your Warzone 2 skills: The challenges might involve specific gameplay mechanics, so ensure you’re comfortable with different weapons, movement techniques, and strategies.

Stay updated on the latest news: Follow official Call of Duty channels and reputable gaming news sources to get the latest information about the event’s details and challenges.

Team up with friends: Working with a coordinated team can significantly increase your chances of completing challenges and emerging victorious in Warzone 2.

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