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The Addams Family, with their morbid fascination with the macabre and penchant for the peculiar, have captivated audiences for generations. Charles Addams’ original cartoons introduced this delightfully unsettling family, and their transition to the big screen in 1991’s The Addams Family was a critical and commercial success. The sequel, Addams Family Values (1993), brought back the kooky clan for another round of darkly comedic chaos. But who brought these beloved characters to life? Let’s delve into the cast of Addams Family Values and explore the actors who embodied the unique spirit of this eccentric family.

The Addams Family Core: Returning Cast Members

  • Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams: The epitome of gothic elegance, Morticia is the sardonic yet devoted matriarch of the Addams family. Anjelica Huston perfectly captures Morticia’s dry wit and unwavering love for her husband Gomez. Reprising her role from the first film, Huston brings a captivating calmness to the character, even amidst the family’s outlandish situations.
  • Raul Julia as Gomez Addams: The enthusiastic and passionate Gomez is the heart of the Addams family. Raul Julia’s charismatic performance brings Gomez’s zest for life and love for Morticia to the forefront. Sadly, Addams Family Values marked Julia’s final film role before his passing in 1994. His portrayal remains a cherished performance, forever linked to the iconic character.
  • Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester: The childlike and endearing Uncle Fester is a fan favorite. Christopher Lloyd inhabits the role with an infectious enthusiasm, perfectly capturing Fester’s innocence and knack for getting into trouble. Lloyd’s comedic timing shines throughout the film, making Fester a scene-stealer.
  • Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams: The morbid and intelligent Wednesday Addams is a breakout role for Christina Ricci. At a young age, Ricci portrays Wednesday’s sardonic wit and dark sense of humor with remarkable maturity. Her deadpan delivery of lines and signature Wednesday Addams stare have become pop culture staples.
  • Jimmy Workman as Pugsley Addams: Wednesday’s younger brother, Pugsley, is a follower with a fascination with all things gruesome. Jimmy Workman brings a youthful charm to the role, showcasing Pugsley’s eagerness to please his parents and his morbid curiosity that perfectly complements Wednesday’s personality.
  • Carel Struycken as Lurch: The tall and silent butler, Lurch, is a constant presence in the Addams household. Carel Struycken’s imposing stature and deep, guttural voice create an unforgettable portrayal. Lurch’s deadpan expressions and loyalty to the family add a touch of the bizarre to the Addams’ dynamic.
  • Christopher Hart as Thing: The disembodied hand, Thing, is a loyal companion to Gomez. Christopher Hart breathes life into Thing through his puppeteering skills and expressive movements. Thing’s silent presence and mischievous antics provide moments of humor throughout the film.

New Additions to the Addams Family: Fresh Faces and Familiar Names

  • Joan Cusack as Debbie Jellinsky: A gold-digging serial killer with her sights set on Uncle Fester, Debbie Jellinsky is played by the ever-talented Joan Cusack. Cusack brings a delightful blend of sweetness and sinister intentions to the character, making Debbie a formidable foe for the Addams family.
  • Dana Ivey as Margaret Addams: Fester’s uptight and judgmental wife, Margaret Addams, is a stark contrast to the rest of the family. Dana Ivey portrays Margaret with a comedic flair, highlighting the clash of personalities between her and the Addams clan.
  • David Krumholtz as Joel Glicker: Wednesday’s summer camp crush, Joel Glicker, is a sweet and innocent boy from a “normal” family. David Krumholtz brings a youthful charm to the role, showcasing Joel’s awkwardness and gradual acceptance of Wednesday’s unique personality.

Beyond the Family: Supporting Characters

The Addams Family wouldn’t be complete without the eccentric characters that surround them. Addams Family Values features a memorable cast of supporting actors, including:

  • Peter MacNicol as Gary Granger: Debbie Jellinsky’s hapless boyfriend, played by Peter MacNicol, provides some of the film’s slapstick humor.
  • Christine Baranski as Becky Martin-Granger: Debbie’s uptight sister, played by Christine Baranski, adds another layer of comedic tension to the film.


Q: The Usual Suspects: Who Returned from the Original Film?

  • Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams: The elegant and morbid matriarch of the Addams family continues to dominate the household with her deadpan humor and unwavering devotion to Gomez.
  • Raul Julia (RIP) as Gomez Addams: The passionate and eccentric Gomez Addams retains his love for everything dark and delightful. Sadly, Raul Julia passed away shortly after the film’s release.
  • Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester: The childlike and lovable Uncle Fester, with his signature lightbulb protruding from his head, remains a source of amusement and chaos.
  • Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams: The sardonic and intelligent Wednesday Addams is now a teenager, navigating the trials of adolescence with her usual deadpan wit.
  • Jimmy Workman as Pugsley Addams: The chubby and mischievous Pugsley Addams returns, ever eager to join in on his family’s macabre antics.
  • Carel Struycken as Lurch: The towering and stoic Lurch continues to serve the Addams family with his signature monotone voice and lumbering gait.
  • Carol Kane as Grandmama Addams: Replacing Judith Malina, Carol Kane takes on the role of the even more eccentric and volatile Grandmama Addams.

Q: Newcomers to the Family Crypt: Who Joined the Cast?

  • Joan Cusack as Debbie Jellinsky: The bubbly and seemingly sweet Debbie entrances Gomez with her sunshine disposition, much to Morticia’s chagrin. However, Debbie’s true colors soon emerge, revealing a sinister gold-digger.
  • David Krumholtz as Joel Glicker: Wednesday’s awkward and shy summer camp crush. Joel struggles to fit in with the Addams family but finds an unlikely connection with Wednesday.
  • Dana Ivey as Margaret Addams (née Alford): Cousin Itt’s eccentric and shrill wife, constantly bickering with her hairy husband.
  • Peter MacNicol as Gary Granger: A stuffy and uptight businessman, the object of Debbie’s gold-digging affections.
  • Christine Baranski as Becky Martin-Granger: Gary Granger’s uptight and ambitious wife, constantly suspicious of Debbie’s intentions.

Q: YouTube Comment Conundrum: Who Played Pubert Addams as a Baby?

The adorable and utterly bald Pubert Addams, an unexpected addition to the family, is portrayed by twins Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper.

Q: Behind the Scenes on YouTube: Any Interesting Cast Facts?

  • A Touch of Reality: Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia were actually married in real life, adding authenticity to their on-screen chemistry.
  • Transformation Time: Applying Christopher Lloyd’s Uncle Fester makeup took a staggering four hours each day!
  • A Spooky Set: The Addams Family mansion was actually a soundstage transformed by production designer Richard MacDonald to create the film’s unique atmosphere.
  • A Legacy Lost: Raul Julia’s passing shortly after the film’s release was a tragic loss for Hollywood. This was his final film role.
  • Casting Connections: Joan Cusack and David Krumholtz would later reunite in the 2004 film “Raising Helen.”

Q: Beyond the Film: Where Can I Find Out More About the Cast?

  • IMDb: The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) provides cast filmographies, biographies, and trivia.
  • Social Media: Some cast members might have active social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram) offering glimpses into their lives and current projects.
  • News Articles: Search online for recent news articles or interviews featuring the cast.

Q: YouTube Fan Theories: Was There Any Casting Controversy?

While there’s no documented major controversy, some fans might have expressed initial apprehension about the recasting of Grandmama Addams. However, Carol Kane’s portrayal generally received positive reviews, proving to be a worthy successor to Judith Malina.

Q: Deep Dive on YouTube: Exploring Character Arcs

Many YouTube channels offer in-depth analyses of the characters and their arcs in the film. Here are some interesting points to consider:

  • Morticia vs. Debbie: This clash explores themes of genuine love versus manipulation.
  • Wednesday’s Growth: We see Wednesday navigate adolescence and her first crush, showcasing a vulnerability beneath her dark exterior.

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