Taskmaster’s Motley Crew: A Rundown of the Hilarious Contestants


Taskmaster, the hilarious British comedy show where celebrities compete in increasingly bizarre and outlandish challenges, has captivated audiences for over a decade.  

A core part of the show’s charm lies in its ever-changing cast of contestants, each bringing their unique brand of humor and competitive spirit to the table. 

This article delves into the hilarious world of Taskmaster, exploring the comedians who have graced the show and the roles they play.

Greg Davies: The Taskmaster Himself

Towering over the contestants with his booming voice and withering sarcasm is Greg Davies, the tyrannical mastermind behind the tasks.  

As the Taskmaster, he sets the challenges, judges the attempts, and mercilessly awards points (or withholds them) based on his own often-unpredictable criteria.  Davies’ dry wit and playful sadism are a key ingredient in the show’s comedic formula.

Alex Horne: The Loyal (ish) Assistant

Greg Davies’ foil is Alex Horne, the show’s co-creator and the ever-optimistic (though slightly exasperated) assistant Taskmaster.  

Horne meticulously crafts the tasks, explains the (sometimes nonsensical) rules, and occasionally throws in a playful jab at Davies’ expense.  

Despite his apparent subservience, Horne often emerges victorious in the “little Alex Horne” tasks, adding another layer of humor to the competition.

Comedians in Competition: A Who’s Who of Taskmaster Contestants

The heart of Taskmaster lies in its rotating cast of comedians.  Each season features five contestants who bring their comedic sensibilities and competitive spirit to the table. Here’s a glimpse into some of the show’s most memorable contestants.

The Strategists:  

Some contestants approach Taskmaster with a tactical mindset, meticulously planning their approaches and exploiting loopholes in the challenges.  Comedians like Nish Kumar (Series 5) and Josh Widdicombe (Series 7) exemplify this strategic approach, often employing logic and overthinking to (sometimes hilarious) results.

The Rule Breakers:  

Then there are those who choose to embrace chaos.  Contestants like Romesh Ranganathan (Series 9) and Liza Tarbuck (Series 11) revel in misinterpreting instructions and taking unorthodox approaches to the tasks, often leading to disastrous but side-splittingly funny outcomes.

The Creative Thinkers:  

Some contestants excel at approaching the challenges from a completely unexpected angle.  Comedians like Katherine Ryan (Series 7) and Bill Bailey (Series 4) showcase their lateral thinking skills, delivering outlandish yet surprisingly effective solutions that leave both Greg Davies and viewers in stitches.

The Showmen (and Showwomen):  

For some comedians, Taskmaster is a platform to unleash their comedic brilliance.  Frank Skinner (Series 2) and Sarah Millican (Series 10) exemplify this approach, turning even the most mundane tasks into hilarious spectacles through their witty commentary and over-the-top personalities.

It’s important to note that this is just a small sampling of the hilarious contestants who have graced the Taskmaster stage.  Each season brings a fresh batch of comedians, ensuring that the show remains endlessly entertaining and unpredictable.

Beyond the Competition: The Taskmaster Family

The cast of Taskmaster extends beyond the contestants and showrunners.  There’s also:

The Audience:  

The show features a live audience who witness the hilarious (and often messy) attempts at the tasks firsthand.  Their laughter and gasps become part of the comedic tapestry of the show.

The Experts:  

For some challenges, the Taskmaster calls upon specialists, or “experts,” to judge the results.  From bakers to taxidermists, these experts add another layer of absurdity to the already outlandish scenarios.

The Online Community:  

Taskmaster has spawned a dedicated online fanbase who dissect the challenges, debate the fairness of Greg Davies’ rulings, and create hilarious memes about their favorite contestants.  This online community adds to the show’s interactive nature and longevity.

Taskmaster’s Enduring Appeal: A Recipe for Laughter

Taskmaster’s success lies in its unique blend of elements.  The show’s strength lies in:

The Absurdity of the Tasks:  

The very essence of Taskmaster hinges on the ridiculousness of the challenges.  From attempting to write the shortest ever novel to making the most convincing egg disguise, the tasks push the boundaries of creativity and absurdity, guaranteeing side-splitting laughter.

The Comedic Chemistry:  

The interplay between Greg Davies, Alex Horne, and the contestants is a cornerstone of the show’s humor.  Davies’ deadpan delivery and Horne’s dry wit perfectly complement the contrasting comedic styles of the contestants.


Q:  Who is Greg Davies, the Taskmaster?

A: Greg Davies is a British comedian, actor, and presenter known for his deadpan humor and booming voice.

Q:  What is Greg Davies’ net worth?

A: While his exact net worth remains undisclosed, his successful career suggests he’s financially comfortable.

Q:  Does Greg Davies participate in the tasks himself?

A: No, Greg Davies observes and judges the contestants, offering witty commentary throughout.

Q:  How many contestants are there on each season of Taskmaster?

A: Typically, five comedians compete in each season.

Q:  How are the contestants chosen for Taskmaster?

A: Alex Horne, the show’s co-creator, selects contestants based on their comedic talent and potential for completing outlandish tasks.

Q:  Do the contestants get paid to be on Taskmaster?

A: Yes, contestants likely receive a fee for participating in the show.

Q:  Who has won the most series of Taskmaster?

A: As of May 2024, no contestant has won multiple series outright (though some have come close!)

Q:  Can I see a list of all the Taskmaster winners?

A: Absolutely! A quick web search for “Taskmaster winners” will reveal all the champions so far.

Q:  When and where did Taskmaster first air?

A: The show debuted in the UK in 2015 on Channel 4.

Q:  Is there an international version of Taskmaster?

A: Yes, several countries have produced their own versions of the show, each with its own unique flair.

Q:  Who is Alex Horne, the show’s other creator?

A: Alex Horne is a British comedian, writer, and musician who co-created Taskmaster with Greg Davies.

Q:  Does Alex Horne participate in the tasks?

A: No, Alex Horne primarily observes and assists Greg Davies behind the scenes, though he occasionally makes surprise appearances.

Q:  Where can I find compilations of funny Taskmaster moments?

A: YouTube is a treasure trove of Taskmaster clips. Fan-made compilations and official channel content offer a taste of the show’s humor.

Q:  How can I learn more about the comedians who appear on Taskmaster?

A: Most contestants have their own websites or social media profiles where you can explore their comedy careers.

Q:  Are there any Taskmaster podcasts or live shows?

A: A quick web search might reveal Taskmaster podcasts or live shows hosted by former contestants, offering additional comedic insights.

Q:  What makes Taskmaster so popular?

A: The show’s blend of celebrity awkwardness, absurd challenges, and Greg Davies’ hilarious commentary has struck a chord with viewers worldwide.

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