Finding the Fortnite Chalice: A Guide to Aura’s Map Quest


Chalice using auras map, Calling all treasure hunters! In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, one of Aura’s Snapshot Quests tasks you with locating a mysterious Chalice. But fear not, for this guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to decipher Aura’s map and claim your prize.

Unearthing the Quest: Where to Find Aura’s Map

The first step in your chalice-hunting adventure is finding Aura herself. Head over to the gas station located slightly southwest of Greasy Grove. You’ll find Aura standing outside, ready to offer you a quest (and perhaps some sassy remarks).

Interact with Aura, and she’ll present you with the challenge: “Locate the Chalice using the map placed next to me.” This cryptic clue might leave you scratching your head, but fret no more!

Deciphering the Map: Where Anvil Square Once Stood

Directly next to Aura, you’ll find a map propped against a makeshift stand. Interact with this map to reveal a faded image and a single sentence: “The Chalice appears to be found where Anvil Square once stood.”

Ah, a historical reference! But what does it mean? Here’s where your Fortnite knowledge comes in handy. Anvil Square was a named location in Chapter 3 Season 2, boasting a towering central anvil and surrounding buildings. However, with the ever-changing Fortnite map, Anvil Square was unfortunately “destroyed” during the transition to Chapter 4.

But don’t worry, the destruction wasn’t complete! The remains of Anvil Square still hold the key to finding the Chalice.

Following the Trail: The Ruined Temple

Open your main Fortnite map and look for a magnifying glass icon. This marks the location where you’ll find the remnants of Anvil Square. It’s now a ruined temple, a testament to the island’s ever-evolving landscape.

Land near the temple and approach the imposing structure. You’ll notice a grand staircase leading up to the temple’s entrance. However, the Chalice isn’t hiding in plain sight. The true treasure lies within a hidden chamber.

The Secret Passage: Unveiling the Chalice’s Location

As you stand facing the temple entrance, look to your left side. You’ll see a section of the temple wall that appears slightly different. It might be a bit cracked or discolored. This, my friend, is the secret passage!

Here’s the exciting part: You’ll need to break this wall to access the hidden chamber. Thankfully, all you need is your trusty pickaxe to smash through the weak section. Once you’ve cleared the path, step through the newly created opening.

Inside the hidden chamber, you’ll find the Chalice resting on a pedestal. But before you get too excited, there’s one final hurdle to overcome.

The Price of the Chalice: Making an Offering

Interact with the Chalice, and you’ll be prompted to make an offering of 100 Gold Bars. This might seem like a hefty price tag, but remember, a true adventurer always comes prepared!

If you haven’t been diligently collecting Gold Bars throughout the match, don’t worry. Here are some quick tips to gather enough before time runs out:

Eliminate opponents: Every player you eliminate drops a small amount of Gold Bars.

Open Chests and Cash Registers: These can contain Gold Bars, especially higher rarity chests.

Complete Daily Quests: Some daily quests reward Gold Bars upon completion.

Once you’ve gathered the required amount, interact with the Chalice again and offer your 100 Gold Bars. The chest containing the Chalice will unlock, allowing you to claim your prize and complete Aura’s quest.

Beyond the Chalice: Rewards and Additional Tips

Congratulations, adventurer! You’ve successfully located the Chalice using Aura’s map. Completing this quest grants you a decent chunk of experience points, helping you level up your Battle Pass and unlock new rewards.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind while tackling this quest:

Be aware of your surroundings: The ruined temple is a popular landing spot, especially during the early stages of the match. Expect some competition as you hunt for the Chalice.

Prioritize gathering Gold Bars: As mentioned earlier, make sure you have enough Gold Bars before venturing into the hidden chamber. The last thing you want is to find the Chalice without the means to claim it.

Utilize the map: Keep an eye on the location of the magnifying glass icon throughout the match. This will help you plan your landing strategy and navigate towards the Chalice efficiently.

Chalice using auras map


Q. What is the “Locate the Chalice Using Aura’s Map” quest?

A. This quest is part of Aura’s Snapshot Quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. Completing it grants you valuable XP and progresses you through the questline.

Q. How do I start the quest?

A. Find Aura near the gas station on the Fortnite map. Interact with her, and she’ll give you the quest to locate the Chalice using a special map.

Q. Where do I find the map to locate the Chalice?

A. You don’t need to search far! The map you need is right next to Aura, where you first interacted with her.

Q. What does the map tell me about the Chalice’s location?

A. Examining the map closely will reveal a cryptic clue: “The Chalice appears to be found where Anvil Square once stood.”

Q. Where was Anvil Square, and how do I find it now?

A. Anvil Square was a named location in previous Fortnite seasons. While it’s no longer a major landmark, the area it occupied is still recognizable. Look for the magnifying glass icon on your Fortnite map – that marks the spot where you’ll find the Chalice.

Q. What will I find at the marked location?

A. You’ll encounter a ruined temple with stairs leading up. The Chalice isn’t right out in the open, though. There’s a secret passage involved!

Q. How do I find the secret passage?

A. Once you’re inside the ruined temple, head to the room next to the stairs. Look for a breakable wall on the left side. Break through it to reveal the hidden passage.

Q. What do I do once I’m in the secret passage?

A. Follow the path through the passage. You’ll eventually reach a chamber where the Chalice awaits.

Q. Is there anything else I need to do to claim the Chalice?

A. Yes! You’ll need to offer 100 Gold Bars to the pedestal near the Chalice. Once you pay the fee, a chest will appear, allowing you to collect the Chalice and complete the quest.

Q. Are there any video guides available to help me find the Chalice?

A. If you prefer a visual walkthrough, searching online for “Locate the Chalice Using Aura’s Map Fortnite” will bring up several helpful video guides [YouTube].

Q. This sounds complicated. Is there anything I can do to make it easier?

A. Absolutely! Here are some tips:

Land directly at the marked location on the map to save time.

Stock up on some weapons before heading in, as you might encounter other players.

Make sure you have 100 Gold Bars before reaching the chamber to avoid an unexpected roadblock.

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