Saints Row 2: Unleashing Mayhem with Cheats


Cheats On Saints Row 2, Throws you into the chaotic world of Stilwater, a city ripe for gangland dominance. But what if you want to crank the chaos up a notch? Enter the world of cheats, a treasure trove of options to turn yourself into an unstoppable force or just have some wacky fun. This guide will delve into all the juicy details about Saints Row 2 cheats, from acquiring unlimited ammo to shrinking pedestrians for your amusement.

Important Note: Using cheats can disable achievements on some platforms. Use them responsibly and at your own risk!

Cheats On Saints Row 2

Accessing the Cheat Menu: Dialing in for Mayhem

The beauty of Saints Row 2 cheats lies in their accessibility. They’re not hidden away in complex menus; you simply use your in-game phone! Here’s how to access the cheat menu:

Open your phone by pressing the designated button (default: Up D-pad on consoles).

Navigate to the contacts section.

Instead of dialing a friend, enter the cheat code using the phone keypad.

Confirm the code, and voila! The cheat activates.

Remember: These codes are case-sensitive.

Cheat Codes for the Ruthless Saint: Invincibility and Arsenal Mastery

Health and Stamina

Full Health (1): Patch yourself up instantly with this cheat.

Never Die (36): Become an unstoppable force. You’ll regenerate health after taking damage, making you nigh invincible.


Add Gang Notoriety (35): Increase your gang’s reputation for some street cred.

Add Police Notoriety (4): Enrage the law with this code. Be prepared for some serious heat!

Weapons and Ammo

Weapon Codes (# followed by weapon code): These codes grant you specific weapons. Here are some examples:

#920 – 12 Gauge Shotgun

#922 – AR-200 Assault Rifle

#939 – Minigun (for some serious firepower)

[See full weapon list online for more codes](IGN: Saints Row 2 Cheats)

Infinite Ammo (11): Never run out of bullets with this cheat. Mow down enemies with reckless abandon!

Unlimited Clip (9): No need to reload. Fire away with your favorite weapon without interruption.


Repair Vehicle (1056): Patch up your ride after a rough encounter with the police or rival gangs.

Cheats for the Wacky Saint: Laughter and Ludicrousness Await

Player Effects

Milk Bones (3): Because why not turn your character into a dog? This code grants temporary invincibility and lets you attack enemies with a ferocious bite.

Itty Bitty (201): Shrink yourself down to a miniature size for a hilariously distorted perspective.

Player Pratfalls (5): Make your character a walking (or rather, falling) comedy routine with this code that triggers frequent pratfalls.

Drunk Pedestrians (15): Turn Stilwater’s streets into a chaotic mess with this code that makes all pedestrians stumble around in a drunken stupor.

World Effects

Super Explosions (7): Because bigger explosions are always better, right? This code makes all explosions significantly more powerful.

Low Gravity (18): Defy physics and experience the world in slow motion with this code that reduces gravity. Prepare for some hilarious (and potentially deadly) jumps.

Pedestrian War (20): Witness the ultimate street brawl! This code pits pedestrians against each other, turning Stilwater into a warzone.

Wrath of God (666): Summon a biblical downpour of lightning strikes with this aptly named code. Just be careful not to get caught in the storm yourself!


Time Set Noon (1200): Change the time of day to noon for some bright and sunny mayhem.

Time Set Midnight (2400): Cloak the city in darkness with this code that sets the time to midnight.

Overcast (78665): Change the weather to a gloomy overcast.

Heavy Rain (78666): Unleash a downpour with this code.

[See full weather code list online for more options] (GamesRadar: Saints Row 2 cheats with all of the cell phone cheat codes)


What are cheats in Saints Row 2? Cheats in Saints Row 2 are special codes that players can input to unlock various advantages, such as weapons, vehicles, and abilities. These cheats can enhance gameplay and provide a different experience for players who want to explore the game beyond its normal boundaries.

How do I activate cheats in Saints Row 2? To activate cheats in Saints Row 2, pause the game, go to the “Extras” menu, and then select “Cheats.” From there, you can enter specific cheat codes using the controller or keyboard. Once entered correctly, the cheat will be activated, and you can enjoy its effects in-game.

Are there different types of cheats available? Yes, there are several types of cheats available in Saints Row 2. These include cheats for weapons, vehicles, health, money, and other special abilities. Each cheat code serves a different purpose and can be used strategically depending on your gameplay style.

Where can I find cheat codes for Saints Row 2? Cheat codes for Saints Row 2 can be found on various gaming websites, forums, and official game guides. Players often share cheat codes on platforms like Reddit and YouTube as well. It’s important to ensure you’re using codes from reputable sources to avoid any issues with your game.

Do cheats affect achievements or game progress? Using cheats in Saints Row 2 typically disables the ability to earn achievements or trophies during that play session. Additionally, cheats may alter your game progress, especially if you use codes that affect mission outcomes or unlock unavailable content.

Can cheats be used in multiplayer mode? Cheats are generally disabled in multiplayer modes to maintain fair gameplay among all participants. The game developers often restrict cheats in multiplayer to prevent unfair advantages and maintain the integrity of online competitions.

What are some popular cheats in Saints Row 2? Popular cheats in Saints Row 2 include unlocking all weapons, spawning vehicles, increasing player health and armor, and gaining infinite ammunition. These cheats are frequently used by players to experiment with different gameplay scenarios or to overcome difficult challenges in the game.

Are cheats reversible in Saints Row 2? Once activated, cheats in Saints Row 2 cannot be reversed or turned off unless you restart the game without saving or load a previous save file from before using the cheats. It’s important to consider the consequences of using cheats on your overall game experience.

Can using cheats cause glitches or problems in the game? While cheats are designed to enhance gameplay, they can sometimes cause glitches or unexpected behavior in the game. This can range from minor graphical issues to more significant gameplay disruptions. It’s advisable to use cheats cautiously and ensure your game is updated to minimize potential problems.

Are there any ethical considerations when using cheats? Using cheats is a personal choice, but it’s important to consider how they may impact your enjoyment of the game and the experiences of other players, especially in multiplayer settings. Some players prefer to complete games without cheats to fully experience the intended challenges and achievements.

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