Chris Evert’s Journey Through Love: A Look at Her Spouses


Chris Evert Spouse, a legend in the world of tennis, has not only dominated the court with her powerful backhand and unwavering focus, but her personal life has also garnered significant interest.  Throughout the years, fans have been curious about her romantic journey, particularly her spouses. This article delves into Chris Evert’s marriages, exploring the stories behind each union and their eventual dissolutions.

Chris Evert Spouse

Early Marriage and a Brief Spark: John Lloyd (1979-1987)

In 1979, at the peak of her tennis career, Chris Evert tied the knot with British tennis player John Lloyd. The union seemed like a perfect match, uniting two formidable talents of the sport. Evert even adopted the hyphenated name “Chris Evert Lloyd” during this period. However, cracks began to appear soon after. Rumors of an extramarital affair with British singer Adam Faith swirled around Evert, ultimately leading to a separation in 1984.

Despite the controversy, the couple attempted reconciliation. They even co-authored a biography titled “Lloyd on Lloyd” with Carol Thatcher, but the attempt to revive the marriage proved unsuccessful.  In 1987, Evert and Lloyd officially divorced, marking the end of their eight-year partnership.

Finding Family: Andy Mill (1988-2006)

Following her divorce from Lloyd, Evert found love again with Andy Mill, a former American downhill skier. Introduced by tennis great Martina Navratilova, Evert and Mill married in 1988. This union proved to be more long-lasting and fruitful than her previous one. The couple welcomed three sons together: Alexander, Nicholas, and Colton. Evert seemed to have found a sense of stability and family life with Mill.

However, after nearly two decades of marriage, their relationship eventually faced challenges.  In 2006, Evert filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.  While the specific reasons for the split remained private, some reports suggested that the couple had grown apart over the years.  Despite the divorce, Evert and Mill have maintained an amicable relationship, with Every even acknowledging Mill’s support during her cancer treatment in 2022.

A Short-Lived Romance: Greg Norman (2008-2009)

The year 2006 saw a significant shift in Evert’s personal life not just once, but twice.  Following her divorce from Mill, Evert became romantically involved with Australian golfer Greg Norman.  Their relationship was met with media scrutiny,  as both Evert and Norman had left their respective spouses shortly before their union.

Despite the controversy, Evert and Norman married in the Bahamas in 2008.  However, their happiness was short-lived.  Just fifteen months later, in 2009, the couple announced their separation, and their divorce was finalized by the end of the year. The reasons behind their swift separation remain undisclosed.

Life After Marriage: Focus on Family and Advocacy

Since her last divorce, Chris Evert has remained unmarried.  She has dedicated herself to her family, raising her three sons and maintaining a close relationship with her ex-husband, Andy Mill.  Evert has also become a vocal advocate for cancer awareness after her own diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2022.  She has used her platform to raise funds for research and inspire others battling the disease.

Beyond the Headlines: A Look at the Human Side

Chris Evert’s journey through love is a complex one, marked by both happiness and heartbreak.  While the media often focuses on the sensational aspects of her marriages and divorces, it’s important to remember the human element.  Evert, like many others, has sought love, companionship, and a fulfilling family life.  Her experiences offer a relatable glimpse into the challenges and complexities of navigating relationships in the public eye.

Beyond Spouses: Chris Evert’s Enduring Legacy

While Chris Evert’s personal life has sparked public interest, it is her remarkable achievements on the court that truly define her legacy. As a tennis icon, she boasts an impressive record, including 18 Grand Slam singles titles and a reign as the world No. 1 player for a staggering 268 weeks.  Her dedication to the sport and her inspiring playing style have cemented her place in tennis history.

Chris Evert’s story is one of resilience, dedication, and a continuous search for personal fulfillment.  Her journey through love, while complex, offers a relatable window into the human experience.  However, it is her unwavering passion for tennis and her unwavering spirit that truly define her as a legend.


How many times has Chris Evert been married?

Chris Evert has been married three times.

Who was Chris Evert’s first husband?

Her first husband was British tennis player John Lloyd. They tied the knot in 1979, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1987.

Who is Chris Evert’s most famous ex-husband?

Chris Evert’s second husband, Andy Mill, a former alpine ski racer, might be recognizable to some. They were married for nearly two decades (1988-2006) and have three sons together.

Did Chris Evert and Andy Mill stay friends after their divorce?

Interestingly, Chris Evert and Andy Mill appear to have maintained a friendly relationship despite their divorce. In fact, Andy supported her during her cancer treatment in 2022.

Who was Chris Evert’s last husband?

Her last husband was Australian golfer Greg Norman. Their short-lived marriage lasted from 2008 to 2009.

Why was Chris Evert’s marriage to Greg Norman controversial?

Their relationship sparked controversy because both left their respective spouses to be together in 2006.

Is Chris Evert currently married?

No, Chris Evert is not currently married. After her divorce from Greg Norman in 2009, there haven’t been any reports of her remarrying.

Where can I find pictures of Chris Evert with her ex-husbands?

A simple web search can yield images of Chris Evert with her former spouses during their time together.

What are some of Chris Evert’s biggest achievements outside of tennis?

Beyond her tennis prowess, Chris Evert is a cancer survivor and a vocal advocate for cancer awareness.

Where can I learn more about Chris Evert’s life story?

You can find numerous biographies and articles online about Chris Evert’s life and career, including her marriages. Her autobiography, “Chris Evert: My Story,” offers a personal perspective on her life journey.

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