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Climbing gear botw, The vast and beautiful world of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild beckons explorers to ascend its many peaks, hidden shrines, and Korok seed-filled plateaus. But without the proper gear, these climbs can quickly drain your stamina and leave you frustrated. Enter the Climbing Gear, a vital equipment set that grants Link superhuman scaling abilities. This guide delves into everything you need to know about this essential armor, from its location and benefits to upgrades and strategies for maximizing its use.

Climbing gear botw

Why You Need the Climbing Gear

While Link can climb most surfaces in Breath of the Wild, his natural climbing speed is slow and consumes stamina rapidly. This becomes a major hurdle when tackling sheer cliffs, rain-slicked surfaces, or icy mountains. The Climbing Gear solves this problem by significantly increasing your climbing speed and reducing stamina consumption. With it equipped, you’ll be scaling walls like a nimble spider, reaching new heights and hidden areas with ease.

Here’s a breakdown of the Climbing Gear’s benefits:

Increased Climbing Speed: You’ll ascend surfaces much faster, making climbs less time-consuming and allowing you to react quicker to dangers like falling rocks or enemy archers.

Reduced Stamina Drain: Climbing with the Climbing Gear uses less stamina, letting you climb for longer distances and tackle more challenging climbs without constantly needing to refuel.

Improved Rain and Ice Climbing: The Climbing Gear provides better grip in wet and icy conditions, preventing frustrating slipping and allowing you to navigate treacherous surfaces with confidence.

Where to Find the Climbing Gear

The Climbing Gear is a three-piece set consisting of the Climber’s Bandana (headgear), Climbing Gear (body armor), and Climbing Boots (legwear). Each piece is located in a separate shrine scattered across Hyrule:

Climber’s Bandana: Found in the Ree Dahee Shrine, located near the Dueling Peaks Stable. Solve the puzzles within the shrine to reach a treasure chest containing the bandana.

Climbing Gear: Located inside the Chaas Qeta Shrine, situated northwest of Central Hyrule. The shrine itself is straightforward; simply complete the moving platform challenge to claim the Climbing Gear from a chest.

Climbing Boots: Awarded upon completing the Tahno O’ah Shrine, found east of Kakariko Village. This shrine requires using bombs to navigate, so stock up before entering.

Tip: While exploring these shrines, keep an eye out for additional chests containing valuable items and rupees.

Upgrading the Climbing Gear

Once you’ve acquired the entire Climbing Gear set, you can further enhance its performance by visiting the Great Fairy Fountains scattered throughout Hyrule. Upgrading requires specific monster parts and rupees. Here’s a breakdown of the upgrade costs:

First Upgrade: 3 Keese Wings + 3 Rushrooms + 100 Rupees

Second Upgrade: 5 Electric Keese Wings + 5 Hightail Lizards + 500 Rupees

Third Upgrade: 5 Ice Keese Wings + 10 Hot-Footed Frogs + 1,000 Rupees

Fourth Upgrade: 5 Fire Keese Wings + 15 Swift Violets + 2,000 Rupees

Each upgrade increases the Climbing Gear’s base defense, making Link slightly more resilient in combat. However, the primary benefit remains the improved climbing efficiency.

Tip: Farms for monster parts can be found online, allowing you to target specific enemies to gather upgrade materials quickly.

Advanced Climbing Techniques with the Climbing Gear

With the Climbing Gear equipped, you’ll unlock new climbing possibilities in Breath of the Wild. Here are some advanced techniques to master:

Jump Cancelling: While climbing, press the jump button just before reaching the ledge to gain a slight boost upwards. This allows you to climb seemingly insurmountable heights by chaining jump cancels together.

Recovering from Stamina Depletion: If you run out of stamina while climbing, you won’t fall immediately. Instead, Link will slowly slide down the wall. Quickly consume stamina-replenishing food (like cooked Bokoblin meat) to regain your grip and continue climbing.

Rain Climbing: While rain makes climbing treacherous without the Climbing Gear, with it equipped, you can climb most surfaces even during downpours. However, be cautious of strong winds that can knock you off balance.

Ice Climbing: The Climbing Gear provides excellent grip on icy surfaces. You can even use jump cancels to ascend sheer ice walls, opening access to hidden areas and Korok seeds.


What is the Climbing Gear and what does it do?

The Climbing Gear is a three-piece armor set (Climber’s Bandana, Climbing Gear, Climbing Boots) that grants you superior climbing abilities. It reduces stamina consumption while climbing, letting you ascend for longer durations without getting tired.

How do I get the Climbing Gear?

Each piece is found in a separate shrine:

Climber’s Bandana: Ree Dahee Shrine (Dueling Peaks region)

Climbing Gear: Chaas Qeta Shrine (Central Hyrule)

Climbing Boots: Tahno O’ah Shrine (Eldin Canyon)

Are there any benefits to wearing the full set?

Absolutely! Equipping all three pieces grants the maximum climbing stamina bonus. This lets you tackle even the most daunting climbs with ease.

Can I upgrade the Climbing Gear?

Yes! You can enhance the Climbing Gear at Great Fairy Fountains scattered across Hyrule. Upgrading increases its defense but doesn’t affect the climbing bonus.

What materials are needed to upgrade the Climbing Gear?

Each upgrade requires Keese Wings (obtained from Keese enemies) and various other materials like Rushrooms, Hightail Lizards, Hot-Footed Frogs, and Swift Violets.

Is the Climbing Gear worth getting?

Definitely! Breath of the Wild encourages exploration, and the Climbing Gear opens up a whole new level of freedom by making climbing less restrictive.

Are there any alternatives to the Climbing Gear?

While not as effective, certain foods can temporarily boost your climbing stamina. Look for recipes that include ingredients like Radishes, Fortified Pumpkins, or Fleet-Lotus Seeds.

Can I climb rain or snow-covered surfaces with the Climbing Gear?

Unfortunately, no. Rain and snow make climbing slippery, and even with the Climbing Gear, you’ll still slip and slide. Be mindful of the weather when planning your climbs.

Once I have the Climbing Gear, can I climb anything?

Almost! The Climbing Gear improves your climbing efficiency, but some surfaces are still unscalable, like very worn or crumbling rocks.

Are there any tricks for climbing effectively with the Climbing Gear?

Hug the wall: Stay as close to the surface as possible to climb faster and use less stamina.

Manage your stamina: Don’t climb until you’re depleted. Keep an eye on your stamina gauge and rest when needed.

Use updrafts: If available, use updrafts created by wind or hot air to gain altitude without expending stamina.

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