A Guide to “Clues to the Sky” in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


The latest entry in the beloved Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom, throws players into a Hyrule fragmented by sky islands. One of the early quests you’ll encounter, “Clues to the Sky,” serves as a gateway to exploring these celestial swathes of land and unveils a hidden connection between the Zora and a mysterious sky people.

This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to conquer “Clues to the Sky,” answer burning questions from internet searches, and propel your adventure forward.

Initiating the Quest: Whispers from the Zora Throne Room

Your journey begins in the familiar Zora’s Domain. Ascend the steps to the throne room, but be prepared for a playful obstacle. Three Zora children – Tumbo, Keye, and Laruta – are engrossed in a game, pretending to be King Dorephan. Approaching them head-on will result in a playful shooing away. Don’t fret! Employ a bit of stealth:

  • Circle around the throne room and climb the structure behind the children.
  • Approach them from behind and activate the “Listen” prompt.

You’ll eavesdrop on their conversation, revealing a cryptic clue: “Stand upon the land of the sky fish, and behold its lofty view. Among the floating rocks you see, a droplet waits for you.” This enigmatic message sets the stage for your skyfaring quest.

Finding King Dorephan: The Pristine Sanctum’s Secret

The children’s clue mentions King Dorephan. However, he’s absent from the throne room. Here’s where some observant exploration comes in handy:

  • Talk to the Zora guard stationed near the throne room. He might offer a subtle hint about the king’s whereabouts.
  • Look for clues in the environment. The children mentioned the king being in a place with a “clean waterfall.”

Head northwest of Mipha Court, following the path that leads towards a cascading waterfall. Glide down the waterfall to discover the entrance to the Pristine Sanctum, a hidden grotto. Inside, you’ll find King Dorephan.

The King’s Edict: The Mark of the King and the Sky Fish

King Dorephan is in a contemplative mood. He’ll bestow upon you the Mark of the King, a crucial item for this quest. He also reveals another cryptic message:

  • “Seek the land of the Sky Fish. It soars through the heavens, a majestic sight to behold.”
  • “With the Mark upon your arrow, pierce a droplet suspended amidst the floating rocks. A wondrous revelation awaits.”

Now equipped with the Mark and a renewed sense of purpose, it’s time to embark on your skyfaring adventure.

Conquering the Skies: Locating the Sky Fish and the Droplet

  • The Sky Fish’s Luminous Beacon: Ascend to the highest point in Zora’s Domain, preferably atop the throne room. Equip your Sheikah Slate and activate Sheikah Sensor. Look for a luminous blue fish icon pulsating in the distance. This marks the location of the Sky Fish.
  • Reaching the Sky Fish: Prepare for a thrilling paragliding experience. Jump from the high point and utilize updrafts to propel yourself towards the blue fish icon. You might encounter enemies along the way, so be ready to dodge or eliminate them.
  • Atop the Sky Fish: Once you land on the Sky Fish, a majestic, whale-like creature, you’ll find yourself amidst a breathtaking vista of floating islands. Take a moment to appreciate the awe-inspiring landscape before proceeding.
  • The Elusive Droplet: Explore the floating rocks surrounding the Sky Fish. Look for a shimmering droplet suspended in mid-air. This is the target mentioned by King Dorephan.

The Mark of the King Takes Flight: Completing the Quest

  • Equipping the Mark: Equip your bow and arrow. Select the Mark of the King from your inventory.
  • A Shot Through the Droplet: Aim your arrow imbued with the Mark of the King at the suspended droplet. Fire the arrow!
  • A Bridge Revealed: As the arrow pierces the droplet, a shimmering pathway of water materializes, connecting the Sky Fish platform to another floating island in the distance. This bridge is believed to be the “watery bridge” mentioned by the children in the throne room, potentially hinting at a connection between the Zora and the sky people.

Congratulations! You’ve completed “Clues to the Sky.” This quest unlocks a crucial passage between the sky and Zora’s Domain, hinting at a deeper mystery to be unveiled later in the game.


What is “Clues to the Sky”

“Clues to the Sky” is a main story quest in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s part of a series of quests connected to Sidon, a Zora character, in Zora’s Domain.

How to Start “Clues to the Sky”

  1. Head to Zora’s Domain.
  2. Ascend the stairs to the second floor, then climb again in the center to reach the throne room.
  3. You’ll encounter three children playing and pretending to be King Dorephan. They’ll shoo you away if you approach directly.

How to Get Past the Children

Since a direct approach doesn’t work, you’ll need to be stealthy:

  1. Exit the throne room and go around the back of the building.
  2. Climb up and enter the throne situated behind the children.
  3. Approach them and press the designated button (usually “A” or “X”) to listen to their conversation. This will trigger the “Clues to the Sky” quest.

What are the Steps to Complete “Clues to the Sky”?

Here’s a breakdown of the quest steps (avoiding spoilers for specific solutions):

  1. Listen to the children’s conversation in the throne room to understand the clues.
  2. Locate King Dorephan based on the gathered hints.
  3. Follow the king’s instructions, which will involve finding specific locations and objects.
  4. Complete a puzzle involving a droplet and an arrow.

Where to Find a Walkthrough for “Clues to the Sky”?

Several resources offer detailed walkthroughs for “Clues to the Sky.” You can find guides with text instructions and screenshots on websites like IGN [ign Zelda tears of the kingdom clues to the sky] or Zelda Wiki pages. Additionally, video walkthroughs are available on YouTube ([YouTube clues to the sky totk]).

Is There Anything Else to Know About “Clues to the Sky”?

While completing the quest itself is straightforward, some things to remember include:

  • This quest is part of a larger chain connected to Sidon in Zora’s Domain.
  • Completing “Clues to the Sky” may unlock other quests or areas within the game.

For the latest updates and discoveries related to “Clues to the Sky” or The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, keep an eye on Zelda fan communities and gaming news websites.

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