What Did Corey Perry Do? Unveiling the Blackhawks Exit and Beyond


Corey Perry, a veteran NHL forward known for his grit and Stanley Cup pedigree, found himself embroiled in controversy in November 2023. The Chicago Blackhawks abruptly terminated his contract, citing a violation of team policies. This left fans and media outlets speculating about the specifics of the situation.

This article delves into the details surrounding Corey Perry’s exit from the Blackhawks, the rumors that have swirled online, and his subsequent career move.

Corey Perry

A Sudden Departure: Blackhawks Terminate Perry’s Contract

On November 22nd, 2023, news broke that the Chicago Blackhawks had terminated Corey Perry’s contract. The team released a brief statement acknowledging a “workplace misconduct” incident that occurred during an off-ice event on a road trip. General Manager Kyle Davidson emphasized that the issue was not criminal but a violation of team conduct.

The lack of specifics fueled speculation. Fans and journalists turned to social media and online forums, searching for answers. John Scott, a former NHL player turned broadcaster, offered his take on his podcast, “Dropping the Gloves.” Scott claimed Perry’s termination stemmed from inappropriate behavior towards an NBC staff member while intoxicated on the Columbus road trip.

However, this claim remains unsubstantiated. The Blackhawks never confirmed the details, and Perry himself initially stayed silent. This lack of clarity left a cloud hanging over the situation.

Behind the Scenes: The Investigation and Settlement

While the public grappled with rumors, things were unfolding behind the scenes. The Blackhawks conducted an internal investigation into Perry’s actions. Details remain scarce, but it’s likely the investigation confirmed the team’s initial claims of “workplace misconduct.”

The situation eventually led to a settlement. The exact terms haven’t been made public, but it likely involved a financial payout to Perry in exchange for his release from the contract. This settlement suggests both parties aimed to move forward without further public scrutiny.

Perry’s Statement and Seeking Help

In December 2023, Corey Perry finally broke his silence. He released a public statement acknowledging his “inappropriate and wrong” behavior. While not offering specifics about the incident, he expressed remorse and a commitment to personal growth.

Significantly, Perry revealed plans to undergo professional treatment for alcohol abuse and mental health challenges. This shed light on potential contributing factors to his actions and showcased a proactive approach to self-improvement.

The Aftermath: A New Chapter in Edmonton

Despite the controversy, Perry’s NHL career wasn’t over. In January 2024, the Edmonton Oilers signed him to a one-year deal. This move signaled a willingness within the league to offer Perry a second chance, especially considering his remorse and commitment to treatment.

While some fans questioned the decision, Perry quickly earned his place in Edmonton. His veteran leadership and on-ice contributions proved valuable for the Oilers’ playoff run.

Lessons Learned: Accountability and Second Chances

The Corey Perry situation offers several takeaways. First, it highlights the importance of accountability for professional athletes. Teams have a responsibility to uphold workplace standards and take action when those standards are violated.

Second, the story emphasizes the power of acknowledging mistakes and seeking help. Perry’s willingness to confront his issues and pursue treatment showcases a path to personal growth.

Finally, the situation raises the question of second chances. Should athletes be granted opportunities to redeem themselves after a misstep? Perry’s case suggests that remorse, taking responsibility, and seeking improvement can pave the way for a fresh start.

Whether Perry regains the full trust of fans remains to be seen. However, his actions since the Blackhawks incident offer a more complete picture than the initial headlines.

This story is a reminder that professional athletes are human. They make mistakes, but they also have the capacity for self-reflection and positive change.


What exactly happened with Corey Perry and the Blackhawks?

The official explanation remains unclear. The Blackhawks cited a violation of team policies categorized as “workplace misconduct” following an internal investigation. This incident occurred during an off-ice event on a road trip in Columbus shortly before Perry was scratched from a game.

Are there any specific details about the misconduct?

There’s no official confirmation, but former NHL player John Scott, now a broadcaster, offered his take on his podcast “Dropping the Gloves”. Scott alleges Perry engaged in inappropriate behavior while intoxicated, flirting with an NBC staff member.

It’s important to note that these are unconfirmed allegations, and Scott himself defended Perry’s character, suggesting the situation might be a result of heightened sensitivity.

How did Corey Perry respond to the situation?

Perry initially remained silent. However, upon signing with the Edmonton Oilers, he released a statement acknowledging “inappropriate and wrong” behavior. He also revealed plans to undergo professional treatment for alcohol abuse and mental health.

What was the outcome for Corey Perry?

Following the termination by the Blackhawks, Perry reached a settlement agreement with the team. The details remain confidential. However, he was able to secure a one-year contract with the Edmonton Oilers, demonstrating his continued value as a player.

Did the situation affect Corey Perry’s career?

Undoubtedly, the incident caused a setback. However, Perry’s talent and experience were still valued by other teams. He finished the 2023-24 season with the Oilers, contributing to their playoff run.

What are the lasting impacts of this situation?

The Corey Perry situation highlights the importance of professional conduct within sports teams. It also raises questions about player support for mental health and alcohol abuse issues.

Are there any lessons to be learned from this situation?

This situation emphasizes the need for clear communication and established protocols for handling player misconduct within sports organizations. Additionally, it underlines the importance of offering resources and support to athletes struggling with personal challenges.

Where can I find more information about Corey Perry?

Here are some resources for further information:

Corey Perry’s Wikipedia page.

News articles about the situation: Search the web using terms like “Corey Perry Blackhawks termination” or “Corey Perry Chicago Blackhawks misconduct”

While the full picture behind Corey Perry’s departure from the Blackhawks may never be completely clear, the situation serves as a reminder of the complexities athletes face on and off the ice.

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