Embark on the Desolation: A Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough


Prepare to descend into a world consumed by darkness, for Dark Souls 3 awaits. This unforgiving action RPG throws you into the role of the Ashen One, tasked with linking the First Flame and staving off an age of unending night.

With cryptic NPC quests, hidden secrets, and brutally challenging combat, conquering Dark Souls 3 requires resilience and cunning. This walkthrough will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the twisted landscapes, conquer fearsome bosses, and emerge victorious.

Getting Your Feet Under You: The Cemetery of Ash

The journey begins in the desolate Cemetery of Ash. After a brief character creation, you’ll awaken in a decaying tomb. Heed the ghostly messages scrawled on the ground, for they offered invaluable combat tips. Dispatch the shambling hollows you encounter, then explore the area to collect essential items like the Estus Flask (your healing source) and your first weapon.

Your first major hurdle is Iudex Gundyr, a monstrous knight wielding a menacing halberd. This boss fight serves as a baptism by fire, teaching you the fundamentals of dodging, parrying, and attacking with measured strikes. Learn his attack patterns, exploit openings, and secure your first hard-earned victory. Defeating Gundyr unlocks Firelink Shrine, a central haven that offers respite and serves as your base for the rest of your adventure.

Firelink Shrine: A Sanctuary of Sorts

Firelink Shrine acts as a central hub where you can level up, kindle bonfires to strengthen your Estus Flask and interact with various NPCs. Key NPCs include:

  • The Handmaid: Level up by spending Souls (currency acquired from fallen enemies) on your chosen attributes.
  • The High Priestess Emma: Kindles bonfires, strengthening your Estus Flask charges.
  • The Undead Merchant: Sells various weapons, armor, and consumables.

Speaking of bonfires, these crucial points of rest serve as checkpoints, reviving you upon death (a frequent occurrence in Dark Souls 3) and allowing you to replenish Estus charges.

Exploring the World: Where to Go From Here?

From Firelink Shrine, several paths diverge, each leading to a labyrinthine world teeming with perils and rewards. Here’s a breakdown of the initial areas you’ll encounter:

  • High Wall of Lothric: Your first substantial zone, filled with formidable knights and twisted creatures. Master dodging and blocking here, as enemies hit hard and relentlessly.
  • Undead Settlement: A sprawling, vertical area brimming with shortcuts, secrets, and hidden treasures. This is where you’ll encounter Siegward of Catarina, a jolly warrior who becomes a valuable summonable companion for specific boss fights.
  • Road of Sacrifices: A treacherous path leading to a desolate swamp. Beware of hulking enemies immune to traditional tactics and a particularly nightmarish boss encounter.

Remember, exploration is highly encouraged. Investigate every nook and cranny, for hidden items, secret passages, and optional bosses await the curious adventurer. Don’t be afraid to backtrack or consult online resources if you find yourself lost.

Essential Tips for Beginners:

  • Patience is Key: This is not a game of button-mashing. Observe enemy attack patterns, dodge strategically, and strike when openings appear.
  • Don’t Be Greedy: A single mistake against powerful foes can be fatal. Land one or two hits, then back off to recover stamina.
  • Utilize Items: Throwing knives, bombs, and firebombs can be incredibly effective against enemies and bosses.
  • Parrying: Mastering parrying allows you to deflect enemy attacks, leaving them vulnerable for a critical riposte.
  • Summon Help: Don’t be afraid to summon other players (online) or NPC phantoms for particularly challenging encounters.

Delving Deeper: NPC Quests and Hidden Content

Dark Souls 3 is renowned for its cryptic and interwoven NPC questlines. Following these often convoluted paths can grant you unique weapons, armour sets, and more insights. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

  • Siegward of Catarina: This jolly warrior’s questline intertwines with several areas throughout the game. Helping him along the way unlocks his summon sign for specific boss fights.
  • Sirris of the Sunless Realms: This seemingly antagonistic NPC becomes an ally upon completing specific actions. Her questline unlocks unique rewards, including a powerful covenant.
  • Yuria of the Dark Mound: This enigmatic character offers a path aligned with the game’s darker forces. Following her quest drastically alters the game’s ending.

Unearthing the secrets of Dark Souls 3 goes far beyond NPC quests. Every corner holds the potential for hidden loot, secret passages, and even entirely optional


Q: What’s the best starting class?

There’s no single “best” class, but some are more beginner-friendly. Knight offers a good balance of offence and defense, while the Warrior deals high physical damage. Consider your playstyle: magic-focused builds might choose the Sorcerer or Cleric.

Q: How do I level up?

You gain Souls from defeating enemies. Spend them at Firelink Shrine’s bonfire with the Soul of the Lord. Levelling up increases your stats like health and stamina.

Q: What are Embers?

Embers bring you back to life upon death (like Humanity in previous games). They also activate online features and increase the maximum HP. You can find them throughout the world or recover them from defeating bosses.

Q: How do I use Estus Flasks?

Estus Flasks are your primary healing items. Refilling them is done at bonfires. As you progress, you’ll find Estus Shards to increase the number of sips you get per flask.

Q: What’s the difference between blocking and parrying?

Blocking with a shield reduces damage, but parrying deflects enemy attacks, leaving them open for a critical hit. Mastering parrying is crucial for advanced combat.

Q: How do I dodge effectively?

Dodging is key to avoiding enemy attacks. Time your dodges with enemy swings for invincibility frames. You can dodge in four directions, allowing for strategic manoeuvring.

Q: Should I explore every area?

Exploration is highly rewarding! Hidden items, NPCs, and even optional bosses can be found off the beaten path. Don’t be afraid to backtrack and investigate suspicious areas.

Q: How do bonfires work?

Bonfires serve as checkpoints, resting areas to replenish Estus Flasks and level up. They also reset the world (enemies respawn, items disappear). Be wary, some powerful enemies might guard bonfires.

Q: What are those cryptic messages on the ground?

These are player messages! They can offer hints, warnings, or even just silly ramblings. Use them at your discretion, but some messages might be misleading.

Q: I’m stuck on a boss! Any tips?

Most bosses have specific attack patterns. Learn their tells and dodge accordingly. Patience and observation are key. Consider summoning help from other players online (if you have Embers) or using NPC summons found in the world.

Q: Are there any secrets I should know about?

Yes! Dark Souls 3 is full of secrets. Invisible walls, hidden passages, and illusionary items can be found by careful exploration. Don’t hesitate to look up online guides if you’re truly stuck.

Q: Is there a way to make the game easier?

There are ways to make things slightly less punishing. Look for items that increase your character’s defence or health regeneration. Also, consider using a weapon with a strong moveset that suits your playstyle.

This FAQ provides a basic foundation for your Dark Souls 3 journey. Remember, the beauty of the game lies in its challenge and sense of discovery. Don’t be afraid to die, learn from your mistakes, and explore every corner of the world. Good luck, Ashen One!

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