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Calling all Hogwarts Legacy players! Are you ready to upgrade your invisibility capabilities? The Demiguise Moons are scattered throughout the magical world, waiting to be collected and enhance your Disillusionment Charm. But where exactly are these celestial collectables hidden? Fear not, for this guide will illuminate the path to every Demiguise Moon location, turning you into a master of stealth.

Here’s everything you need to know about Demiguise Moons and their whereabouts:

What are Demiguise Moons?

Demiguise Moons are intricate moon-shaped statues scattered across the Hogwarts grounds and surrounding areas in Hogwarts Legacy. They emanate a faint glow and pulsate with an otherworldly hum. Collecting these moons permanently upgrades the power of your Disillusionment Charm, allowing you to remain invisible for a longer duration.

With each collected Demiguise Moon, your invisibility time increases, making you a phantom for a greater period. This enhanced stealth proves invaluable during tricky situations, allowing you to sneak past watchful foes or navigate restricted areas undetected.

Unlocking the Demiguise Moon Collection

Before you embark on your celestial quest, there’s a crucial prerequisite. You need to complete the main story mission titled “Secrets of the Mooncalf Den.” This mission introduces you to the caretaker, Mr. Moon, who tasks you with retrieving captured Demiguise creatures.

As a reward for successfully rescuing the Demiguises, Mr. Moon bestows upon you the Alohomora spell, the magical means to unlock doors. This becomes instrumental in accessing several Demiguise Moons hidden behind locked doors.

A Celestial Compendium: Demiguise Moon Locations

The Demiguise Moons are cleverly concealed throughout Hogwarts Castle, the surrounding region, and even some hamlets beyond the school grounds. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of their locations, categorized for your ease:

Hogwarts Castle:

  • Faculty Tower: Head to the Faculty Tower Floo Flame and descend the stairs. Look for a locked bathroom with an “Out of Order” sign. Alohomora your way in, and the Demiguise Moon awaits you inside the middle stall.
  • Professor Fig’s Classroom: Ascend the back staircase in Professor Fig’s classroom and reach the second room’s rear end. You’ll find the Demiguise Moon resting to the left of the fireplace.
  • Great Hall: Fast travel to the Great Hall Floo Flame and head towards the back right corner. Unlock the level-one-locked door and enter to find the moon on a coffee table.
  • Library Annex: Teleport to the Library Annex Floo Flame and make your way to the Divination classroom. There, you’ll find the Demiguise Moon on a set of stairs near the blue flame.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower: Reach the top floor of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. The Demiguise Moon sits on a shelf near a telescope pointed towards the sky.
  • Astronomy Tower: Ascend the Astronomy Tower, and you’ll find the Demiguise Moon perched on a ledge overlooking the breathtaking Hogwarts grounds.

Hogwarts Grounds:

  • South Clocktower Courtyard: Teleport to the South Clocktower Courtyard Floo Flame. As you exit, look right and locate a small courtyard with a fountain. The Demiguise Moon rests on a pedestal within this courtyard.
  • Greenhouse Floo Flame: From the Greenhouse Floo Flame, head towards the Herbology class greenhouses. As you approach the greenhouses, turn left and locate a small building with a potting shed. Use Alohomora to unlock the shed’s door, and you’ll find the Demiguise Moon inside.

Hamlets Beyond Hogwarts:

  • Keenbridge: Travel to Keenbridge Floo Flame and head west through the hamlet square. Look for a tall house with a pumpkin patch and a prominent clothesline. Use Alohomora to unlock the front door, and the Demiguise Moon will be right in front of you on a table near the staircase.
  • Aranshire: This Demiguise Moon requires Alohomora to access. Locate the small village of Aranshire across the giant lake from Hogwarts. Enter the house farthest north, climb to the second floor, and you’ll find the Demiguise Moon tucked away.

Additional Tips for the Discerning Demiguise Moon Seeker:

  • Keep an eye out for the celestial glow: Demiguise Moons emit a faint, otherworldly glow that intensifies as you get closer. Use this visual cue to pinpoint their location, especially in dimly lit areas.
  • Listen for the pulsating hum: As you approach a Demiguise Moon, a low, rhythmic hum becomes audible. This auditory clue helps you identify their presence, particularly when obscured from view.


Q. How many Demiguise Moons are there?

There are a total of 160 Demiguise Moons to find in “Hogwarts Legacy.”

Q. Where can I find Demiguise Moon locations?

There are two main locations for Demiguise Moons:

  • Hogwarts Castle: These moons are hidden throughout the various wings and secret passages of the castle. You’ll need to explore every nook and cranny to find them all.
  • Open World: Moons can also be found in various settlements, hamlets, and points of interest outside Hogwarts. Some moons may require you to unlock doors with the Alohomora spell.

Q. Is there a guide to finding all the Demiguise Moons?

Yes! Several resources can help you find all the Demiguise Moons. Here are a couple of popular options:

  • Websites: IGN has a comprehensive guide with screenshots and descriptions for each moon’s location. .
  • YouTube Videos: Many content creators offer video walkthroughs showcasing each moon’s location. You can search for “Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Moon Locations” to find these videos [YouTube].

Q. Are there any Demiguise Moons I can’t get to early in the game?

Yes, some moons are located in areas that only unlock as you progress through the story and acquire new abilities like flight. Don’t worry about missing any moons, as you can always backtrack and collect them later.

Q. Do I need any special items or spells to collect Demiguise Moons?

For some moons, you’ll need to learn the Alohomora spell to unlock doors that block your path. Additionally, some moons may be hidden behind destructible objects that require spells like Bombarda to break.

Q. What happens when I collect a Demiguise Moon?

When you collect a Demiguise Moon, it will activate and disappear. You’ll see a message indicating you’ve earned an additional upgrade slot.

Q. Is there a reward for collecting all the Demiguise Moons?

While there isn’t a specific trophy or achievement for collecting all the moons, having all the upgrade slots unlocked gives you significant flexibility in customizing your character’s spells.

Happy hunting! With these tips and resources, you’ll be well on your way to finding all the Demiguise Moons in Hogwarts Legacy.

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