Demiguise Statues: Unveiling the Secrets in the Walls of Hogwarts


Hogwarts Legacy offers a vast and immersive experience, allowing players to explore the iconic castle and its surrounding grounds. Among the many secrets hidden within its walls are the Demiguise Statues. These unassuming collectibles play a crucial role in upgrading a vital spell – Alohomora – granting access to previously locked doors and hidden treasures. This guide delves into everything you need to know about Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy, addressing common questions players ask based on Youtube searches.

Hogwarts Legacy

What are Demiguise Statues?

Demiguise Statues depict a curious creature resembling a sloth, holding a crescent moon trinket. These seemingly innocuous statues are scattered throughout Hogwarts and the open world, waiting to be discovered. But their true purpose lies beyond mere decoration. Each statue holds a Demiguise Moon, a magical item essential for enhancing the Alohomora spell.

Why are Demiguise Statues Important?

The Alohomora spell is a cornerstone for any aspiring witch or wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. It allows you to unlock various doors, granting access to new areas, hidden chambers, and valuable loot. However, the base level of Alohomora restricts you to simple locks. To tackle more complex magical wards, you’ll need to upgrade the spell. Here’s where Demiguise Moons come in.

By collecting a specific number of Demiguise Moons and returning them to Gladwin Moon, the caretaker, you can unlock higher tiers of Alohomora:

Alohomora I (Base Level): Unlocked automatically as part of the main story.

Alohomora II: Requires collecting 9 Demiguise Moons.

Alohomora III: Requires collecting 13 Demiguise Moons.

Each upgrade unlocks new types of locks, allowing you to delve deeper into the secrets Hogwarts holds.

Where to Find Demiguise Statues

Unlike some collectibles found freely around the castle, Demiguise Statues are more cleverly hidden. Here’s a breakdown of where to find them:

Exploration: Many statues are scattered throughout Hogwarts and the open world, waiting to be discovered. Keep an eye out for them in nooks, crannies, secret passages, and behind locked doors (which becomes less of an issue as you upgrade Alohomora!).

Gladwin Moon’s Shop: The caretaker himself sells a single Demiguise Moon for 1,500 gold. However, this is a one-time purchase, so exploration remains the primary way to collect them.

Important Note: Demiguise Statues can only be collected at night. While exploring during the day is essential, make sure to revisit areas once nighttime falls to snag these hidden treasures.

Tips for Finding Demiguise Statues

Finding all the Demiguise Statues can be a challenging but rewarding task. Here are some tips to help you on your hunt:

Use Revelio: This helpful spell highlights nearby interactable objects, including Demiguise Statues. At night, statues emit a faint blue glow, making them easier to spot with Revelio active.

Follow the Night: Since you can only collect statues at night, utilize the in-game map to fast forward time until nightfall. This allows you to efficiently scour areas for hidden statues.

Explore Thoroughly: Don’t just stick to the main paths! Look for hidden passages, climb ledges, and venture into seemingly unimportant corners. Demiguise Statues often reside in these out-of-the-way locations.

Check Online Resources: If you’re truly stuck, consult online guides and walkthroughs that detail the exact locations of all Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy. However, be mindful of spoilers, as these guides might reveal other secrets of the game.

About Demiguise Statues

Based on popular Youtube searches, here are some commonly asked questions regarding Demiguise Statues:

Can I miss Demiguise Statues? No, you can’t permanently miss any statues. You can revisit areas throughout the game, so even if you miss one during your initial exploration, you can always come back later, especially at night, to collect it.

Is there a specific order to collect Demiguise Statues? No, there’s no specific order. You can collect them in any order you find them. However, to upgrade Alohomora, you’ll need to collect a specific number, regardless of the order.

What happens if I sell a Demiguise Moon? Demiguise Moons cannot be sold once you acquire them. They are solely used to upgrade Alohomora.


What are Demiguise Statues?

These are small, golden statues depicting a sloth-like creature holding a moon trinket. Scattered throughout Hogwarts and the surrounding open world, collecting them is crucial for upgrading your Alohomora spell, the charm that unlocks doors.

Why are they Important?

Demiguise statues are essential for unlocking higher-level doors in Hogwarts. These doors often lead to hidden areas, treasure chests, and even continue questlines. Upgrading Alohomora with Demiguise moons allows you to access these restricted locations.

How Many Demiguise Statues are there?

There are a total of 33 Demiguise statues to be found in Hogwarts Legacy. Ten of them are cleverly hidden within the castle itself, while the rest are scattered across the open world.

How do I Find Demiguise Statues?

These sneaky statues like to play hide-and-seek! They can only be collected at night. Thankfully, you can use the Revelio spell to highlight nearby statues with a blue glow, making them easier to spot in the darkness.

Is there a Specific Order to Collect Them?

No, there’s no specific order to collect the Demiguise statues. You can explore freely and grab them as you encounter them at night.

Where can I Find Statues in Hogwarts?

Some early statues are hidden behind locked doors that become accessible after completing the “Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” quest. Look for them in the Great Hall’s dining room and Bell Tower ramparts.

How do I Upgrade Alohomora?

Return the collected Demiguise moons (the trinkets they hold) to Gladwin Moon, the caretaker you meet during the aforementioned quest. Nine moons unlock Alohomora level II, and thirteen unlock level III.

Are there any Rewards for Collecting All Statues?

While there’s no specific in-game reward for collecting all statues, upgrading Alohomora to level III grants access to previously locked areas, potentially revealing hidden secrets and loot.

Can I Miss any Demiguise Statues?

Don’t worry! You can revisit areas throughout the game, so there’s no chance of permanently missing a statue. Just remember to explore at night to make them visible.

Are there any Guides to Help me Find All Statues?

Several online resources can help you locate all Demiguise statues. Websites and video guides (not linked here as per your request) often provide detailed walkthroughs and maps marking statue locations.

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