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Welcome, adventurer, to the world of Diablo Immortal! As you step into the war-torn realm of Sanctuary, a crucial decision awaits: choosing your class. Each of the six available classes offers a unique playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses. 

This guide delves deep into the world of Diablo Immortal classes, helping you find the perfect fit for your preferred combat style and goals.

Understanding Your Playstyle:

Before diving into specifics, consider your gaming preferences:

Do you prefer up-close and personal combat or ranged attacks?

Do you want to be a damage dealer, a tank soaking up damage, or a support character buffing allies?

Are you a solo player or do you crave the thrill of group play?

The Glorious Six: A Breakdown of Diablo Immortal Classes

Barbarian: The Frenzied Warrior

Playstyle: The Barbarian is a classic Diablo archetype – a relentless melee fighter who thrives on wading into the heart of battle. They excel at dealing massive physical damage through weapon skills and brutal attacks.

Strengths: High damage output, excellent survivability due to strong defensive skills, great for solo play.

Weaknesses: Lacks ranged attacks, relies heavily on positioning to maximize damage, requires active management of skills.

Crusader: The Holy Bulwark

Playstyle: Combining offensive power with defensive capabilities, the Crusader is a versatile tank. They can lead the charge, absorbing enemy attacks while dishing out significant damage.

Strengths: Excellent survivability, provides crowd control through area-of-effect skills, valuable for group play due to defensive buffs for allies.

Weaknesses: Lower damage output compared to pure DPS classes, requires good positioning to optimize both offense and defense.

Demon Hunter: The Shadowy Slayer

Playstyle: A master of ranged combat, the Demon Hunter utilizes a variety of bows, crossbows, and traps to eliminate foes from afar. They excel at high single-target and burst damage.

Strengths: High damage output, excellent mobility with evasion skills, allows for strategic positioning.

Weaknesses: Lower survivability compared to melee classes, relies heavily on gear and skill optimization.

Monk: The Agile Striker

Playstyle: The Monk is a nimble martial artist who utilizes a mix of melee attacks and energy blasts. They are adept at dodging attacks and striking with lightning speed.

Strengths: High attack speed and mobility, good at dodging enemy attacks, possesses some self-healing abilities.

Weaknesses: Damage output can be lower compared to other DPS classes, requires precise timing and positioning to maximize effectiveness.

Necromancer: The Master of the Dead

Playstyle: The Necromancer commands an army of undead minions to overwhelm their enemies. They utilize curses and dark magic to inflict damage and control the battlefield.

Strengths: Strong area-of-effect damage through minions, unique playstyle with minion management, offers some self-healing.

Weaknesses: Reliant on minions for damage, vulnerable if minions are defeated, managing a large number of skills.

Wizard: The Arcane Powerhouse

Playstyle: The Wizard unleashes devastating spells and elemental magic to dominate the battlefield. They offer a vast array of spells for various situations.

Strengths: High burst damage potential, versatile skillset allows for different playstyles, good area-of-effect control.

Weaknesses: Lower survivability compared to other classes, requires careful management of mana resources, some spells have long cooldowns.

Choosing Your Class: A Tailored Recommendation

For Solo Players:

Barbarian: Their high damage and survivability make them ideal for tackling solo challenges.

Demon Hunter: Their ranged attacks and mobility allow for strategic solo play.

Necromancer: Their minion army can handle some of the heavy lifting while you focus on control and damage.

For Group Players:

Crusader: Their tanking abilities and defensive buffs are invaluable for group survival.

Monk: Their support skills and mobility can enhance the capabilities of the entire party.

Wizard: Their high damage output can significantly contribute to group success.


How do I identify my playstyle?

Consider these questions:

Do you crave the thrill of charging into battle and soaking up damage? (Crusader/Barbarian)

Do you prefer strategically eliminating enemies from afar? (Demon Hunter/Wizard)

Are you drawn to commanding minions or wielding powerful magic? (Necromancer/Wizard)

Do you enjoy a mix of offense and support, aiding your allies? (Monk/Crusader)

Which class is best for solo play?

Barbarian: High damage and survivability make them self-sufficient.

Demon Hunter: Ranged attacks and mobility offer tactical solo play.

Necromancer: Minions handle the frontline while you control the battlefield.

What excels in group settings?

Crusader: Their tanking and defensive buffs bolster group survivability.

Monk: Support skills and mobility enhance the party’s overall performance.

Wizard: High area-of-effect damage significantly contributes to group success.

How do I pick a class for endgame activities?

Consider these factors:

Challenge Rifts: Some classes (Crusader) might be better suited for specific boss mechanics.

PvP Battlegrounds: Demon Hunter’s range and mobility could be advantageous.

Playstyle Variety: Like switching things up? Diablo Immortal allows class switching at level 60.

Is there a class for beginners?

All classes are beginner-friendly! Each has a distinct starter experience, and the game’s tutorial guides you through the basics.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each class?

Barbarian: Strong, durable, high damage, but lacks ranged options and requires good positioning.

Crusader: Excellent tank, provides crowd control, valuable for groups, but has lower damage output.

Demon Hunter: High single-target and burst damage, mobile, but less survivable and relies on gear optimization.

Monk: Agile, high attack speed, good at dodging, but damage output can be lower and requires precise timing.

Necromancer: Powerful minions, unique playstyle, some self-healing, but reliant on minions and managing many skills.

Wizard: High burst damage potential, versatile spells, area control, but lower survivability and requires mana management.

Choosing the best class in Diablo Immortal is a thrilling decision that shapes your entire experience. By understanding your playstyle, whether you crave solo dominance, group synergy, or the flexibility of switching roles, you can narrow down your options. 

Each class offers a distinct approach to combat, from the relentless fury of the Barbarian to the arcane mastery of the Wizard.  Don’t hesitate to delve into resources like the official website, community forums, or even watching skilled players to gain valuable insights.

Ultimately, the perfect class is the one that ignites your passion for battling the demonic hordes of Sanctuary. So, experiment, have fun, and unleash your inner hero! Remember, the path to becoming a legend starts with the perfect class by your side.

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