Diving Deep: A Guide to the Water Temple in Tears of the Kingdom


The Water Temple has always been a fan-favorite (or frustration-inducer) dungeon in The Legend of Zelda series. Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) brings this aquatic challenge back, and with it, a wave of questions from players eager to conquer its watery depths.

This guide will equip you with everything you need to know to navigate the Water Temple, activate the faucets, and emerge victorious against the lurking boss.

Reaching the Water Temple

The Water Temple is nestled amongst the ethereal Wellspring Islands in the sky.  Unlike previous Zelda titles where dungeons appeared in a linear order, TotK allows you to tackle them in any order you choose. However, some sources recommend attempting the Water Temple as the third dungeon due to its difficulty level [IGN].

Gearing Up for the Plunge

Before venturing in, make sure you’re well-equipped. Here are some essential items to have in your inventory:

  • Arrows: These will come in handy for solving puzzles and activating switches hidden underwater.
  • Splash Fruit or Chuchu Jelly: These items will create a protective bubble around Link, allowing him to breathe underwater and navigate submerged areas.

A Tour of the Water Temple

The Water Temple is shrouded in sludge upon your arrival, obscuring its former grandeur.  As you delve deeper, you’ll encounter various challenges that require manipulating the water level to progress. Here’s a breakdown of the key areas and what to expect:

1. Entrance and Central Hub

  • Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice the sludge blocking much of the temple’s beauty.
  • Activate the central portal to create a fast travel point for easier backtracking.
  • Sidon, the Zora champion, will accompany you and offer helpful advice throughout the dungeon.

2. Faucet Rooms

The core objective of the Water Temple is to activate four faucets located around the central chamber. Each faucet room presents unique puzzles that require manipulating the water level and utilizing your Sheikah Slate abilities. Here’s a glimpse into what you might encounter:

  • Hovering Stones: These levitating stones can be used as platforms or to hold objects in place.
  • Gravity Reversal Zones: Certain areas flip gravity upside down, requiring clever use of your paraglider.
  • Sluice Gates: These gates control the water flow. Use the Hovering Stones or your arrows to keep them propped open.
  • Water Wheels: Once the water level rises in specific sections, activate these wheels using Sidon’s champion ability to unlock new areas.

Tips for Conquering the Faucet Rooms

  • Explore every nook and cranny. There are hidden switches and secrets submerged underwater.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with the Hovering Stones. They can be used for creative solutions to puzzles.
  • Utilize bullet time with your Sheikah Slate to slow down time and make precise manoeuvres underwater.
  • The enemies within the temple are primarily aquatic variants of familiar foes. Use appropriate combat strategies and remember, Sidon can be a powerful ally.

3. Boss Battle: Muktura, the Muck Rock

After activating all four faucets, the source of the sludge will be revealed: Muktura, the Muck Rock. This boss is a grotesque creature that spews sludge and transforms into a giant sludge shark.

  • Muktura’s Attacks:
    • Melee attacks: It will attempt to ram and thrash you with its sludge-covered body.
    • Sludge Beam: It fires a concentrated beam of sludge that can inflict damage and slow you down.
    • Sludge Shark Transformation: Muktura transforms into a monstrous sludge shark that swims around the arena.
  • Defeating Muktura:
    • Use Sidon’s champion ability or water-based attacks to stun Muktura, creating openings for critical hits.
    • Dodge the sludge beam and take advantage of the brief window after it attacks to unleash your attacks.
    • When Muktura transforms into the sludge shark, focus on dodging its attacks and use ranged weapons or arrows to deal damage.


Q: Is there a Water Temple in TotK?

A: Yes! The Water Temple appears to be a major dungeon in TotK. It’s part of the “Regional Phenomena” main quests, alongside other dungeons.

Q: How do I access the Water Temple?

A: You’ll reach it via the Wellspring Islands in the Sky. There seems to be a waterfall leading up to the temple entrance.

Q: What’s the recommended order for tackling the Water Temple?

A: While dungeons can be completed in any order, some sources suggest attempting the Water Temple third for optimal challenge progression.

Q: What can I expect inside the Water Temple?

A: The temple seems to be in a rough state, filled with sludge and grime. Puzzles will likely involve manipulating water levels and flow. Enemies like Chu Chus and Zonai Constructs have been spotted.

Q: What items will be helpful in the Water Temple?

A:  Stock up on arrows for hitting switches and clearing obstacles. Splash Fruits (or Chuchu Jelly) will be essential for removing sludge-blocking mechanisms.

Q:  Who is Sidon and how does he help in the Water Temple?

A: Sidon, the Zora prince from Breath of the Wild, returns in TotK. His ability creates a protective bubble, allowing Link to navigate underwater sections or fiery areas within the temple.

Q:  How do I beat the Water Temple boss?

A: Details are scarce, but the boss is called “Muckrak” – a monstrous sludge creature that transforms into a “Muktara” shark. Fire arrows and Sidon’s ability seem to be effective against it.

Q: Where can I find a walkthrough for the Water Temple?

A: Several resources are available online. You can find video walkthroughs on YouTube ([YouTube water temple totk walkthrough]) and written guides with screenshots 

Q:  When will Tears of the Kingdom be released?

A: There’s no official confirmation yet, but rumours suggest a release date sometime in 2023. Stay tuned for official announcements from Nintendo!

Claiming Your Reward

Once you vanquish Muktura, the Water Temple will be cleansed of the sludge, revealing its former majesty. You’ll also be rewarded with a valuable treasure chest containing a powerful item or weapon to aid you on your journey.

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