Dominating Close Quarters- The Best SMGs in Warzone 2


Warzone 2 throws you into a relentless fight for survival. When the action gets hot and heavy in tight spaces, a reliable SMG (Submachine Gun) becomes your best friend. These fast-firing, mobile weapons excel in close-quarter combat, shredding enemies at lightning speed. But with a vast arsenal at your disposal, choosing the “best” SMG can be tricky.

This guide dives deep into the current SMG meta in Warzone 2, exploring the top contenders, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to tailor them to your play style. We’ll also answer some of the burning questions players are asking on YouTube to help you dominate close-quarter encounters.

Top Contenders in the Warzone 2 SMG Meta

The current meta in Warzone 2 is constantly evolving, but some SMGs consistently rise to the top. Here are the current frontrunners:

HRM-9: A well-rounded powerhouse, the HRM-9 boasts a fantastic balance of fire rate, damage, and recoil control. This SMG melts enemies in close-to-mid range fights, making it a versatile choice for aggressive players.

Striker 45: If raw damage output is your priority, look no further than the Striker 45. This hard-hitting SMG boasts the fastest time-to-kill (TTK) in the SMG category, making it a monster in close-quarter duels. However, its recoil can be challenging to master.

RAM-9: New to the scene in Season 2, the RAM-9 quickly established itself as a top contender. With exceptional fire rate, good damage, and manageable recoil, the RAM-9 excels at shredding enemies at lightning speed.

WSP-9: A veteran of the SMG scene, the WSP-9 remains a solid option. It boasts decent damage, a controllable recoil pattern, and a large magazine capacity, making it forgiving for less skilled players.

Picking the Perfect SMG for Your Playstyle

The “best” SMG ultimately depends on your individual playstyle. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose:

Aggressive Players: If you love getting in the enemy’s face and spraying bullets, the Striker 45 or RAM-9 are ideal choices. Their high fire rate and damage output will give you the edge in close-quarter brawls.

Balanced Players: For a more well-rounded approach, the HRM-9 and WSP-9 are excellent options. They offer a good balance between damage, fire rate, and recoil control, making them versatile for various situations.

Accuracy-Focused Players: If you prefer a more controlled approach with good accuracy, consider the WSP-9. Its predictable recoil pattern allows for precise bursts at mid-range.

What attachments should I use on my SMG?

The best attachments depend on the specific SMG and your playstyle. Generally, for aggressive players, focus on attachments that improve fire rate, ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed, and hip-fire accuracy. For a more balanced approach, consider recoil control attachments along with moderate fire rate boosts.

What are some underrated SMGs?

While the mentioned SMGs dominate the meta, some underrated options exist. The FSS Hurricane packs a punch with a surprising range, while the FJX Horus offers a unique high-calibre round option for taking down armoured enemies. Experiment and see what works for you!

How can I improve my close-quarter combat skills?

Practice makes perfect! Utilize practice modes like Plunder or Boot Camp to hone your close-quarter skills. Focus on mastering your chosen SMG’s recoil pattern, strafing techniques, and movement mechanics.

Beyond the Meta: Factors to Consider

While the meta offers a good starting point, other factors influence your SMG choice:

Playstyle Synergy: Consider how your SMG complements your overall loadout. If you’re using a sniper rifle, a high-mobility SMG like the RAM-9 can help you close the gap on enemies.

Personal Preference: Don’t be afraid to experiment! Sometimes, a less popular SMG might just fit your aiming style or gameplay approach better.

Unlock Status: If you haven’t unlocked all the SMGs yet, focus on mastering the ones readily available to you.


Q: What’s the absolute best SMG in Warzone 2?

A: There’s no single “best” SMG. It depends on your preferences. Here are the current top contenders:

HRM-9: A well-rounded option with excellent fire rate, damage, and control. Great for aggressive players.

Striker 45: Packs a punch with high damage but has a slower fire rate. Ideal for precise players who prioritize taking down enemies quickly.

RAM-9: New to Season 2, this SMG boasts exceptional mobility and a fast TTK (Time to Kill). Perfect for run-and-gun tactics.

Q: I prioritize fast movement and quick ADS (Aim Down Sight) time.

A: Look no further than the RAM-9 or the MP5 (when available). These SMGs excel in close-quarter engagements where speed is key.

Q: I prefer high damage output for taking down enemies quickly.

A: The Striker 45 and the Fennec 45 (when available) are your best bets. They have the potential to down opponents in a few well-placed shots.

Q: What are some other strong SMGs to consider?

A: Several other SMGs are viable options, depending on your playstyle:

WSP-9: A balanced choice with good damage, fire rate, and recoil control.

BAS-P: Offers a high fire rate and decent damage but with more recoil. Great for aggressive players who can handle the kickback.

ISO variants (when available): Provide a good balance of fire rate, damage, and control, making them suitable for various playstyles.

Q: Where can I find the best loadouts for these SMGs?

A: Many resources online offer up-to-date load-outs for Warzone 2 SMGs. Here are a few suggestions:

Content Creator Videos: Search YouTube for channels like JGOD, FaZe Jev, or AceofSpades for in-depth loadout guides with gameplay footage.

Warzone 2 Stat Websites: Websites like WZ Stats: track weapon pick rates and performance. You can find popular load-outs for each SMG.


Warzone 2’s fast-paced action thrives on mastering close-quarter combat. Choosing the right SMG for your play. Don’t forget to consider your secondary weapon and perks when creating your SMG loadout.

A sniper or long-range AR can complement your close-quarters SMG nicely. The “best” SMG is subjective. Experiment with different options, find one that suits your strengths and customize it with attachments to maximize your performance.

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