E-Cigs: Vaping Tips for Beginners


E-Cigs – The electronic cigarette world is exciting thanks to constantly evolving vaping technologies. For many beginners, the first vaping experience often determines their overall feelings about e-cigs. Public Health England suggests that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. E-cigs allow users to inhale nicotine in vapour produced from heating e-liquids, which contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine, and flavourings.

A broad variety of vaping products exists in the market today, which can make it challenging to find the right device. New vapers will find this ultimate guide on e-cigarettes for beginners helpful.

4 E Cigs Vaping Tips Beginners Should Know

Knowing these essential vaping tips can help beginners safely transition to electronic cigarettes and enjoy satisfactory vaping experiences.

  1. Pick the Right E Cigs Vaping Devices for Beginners

A lot goes into picking the right vaping device. It would be best if you take your time to familiarise yourself with the e cig beginners guide on various vapes so that you can choose the right fit. Your choice of vape may depend on your routines, preferences, vaping style, and available device types. For instance, a vape pen may work fine for those who desire small and portable electronic cigarettes. Likewise, bigger and more potent box mods may be good for people who cherish a lot of power, thick clouds, and taste.

  1. Choose the Best E-Juice

Investing in premium e-juices or e-liquids is worth it. Low-grade e-juices may contain contaminants and additives that are unhealthy for human consumption. You can get the best e cigs vaping for beginners from trusted vape sellers such as ePuffer. Pure, food-grade, and medical-grade nicotine are features of high-quality electronic cigarettes. It helps to understand the outcome you desire when selecting e-liquids.

Although e-juices with greater PG ratios provide superior throat hits, those with higher VG ratios also deliver thicker vapour and smoother throat hits. If you have allergies, try to opt for juices with greater VG ratios.

  1. Clean Your Device

Effective device maintenance can enhance your e-cig vaping experience. Residue in the tank can reduce the quality and flavour of e-liquids. Ideally, you should clean the tank whenever you change the e-liquid. Emptying and cleaning the device tank once a month is recommended. You can improve hygiene by soaking in warm water and properly cleaning the tank.

Also, try to thoroughly shake the e-juice bottle before each use. Doing this will allow for even distribution of the PV/VG nicotine, resulting in improved throat hit. Storing vaping devices in cool and dry places like cabinets is a smart decision.

  1. Switch Flavours Once in a While

“Vaper’s tongue” is one phenomenon that beginner e-cigarette users often experience. This condition can occur when you lose the ability to taste e-liquids. When this situation happens, it means that your smell glands and taste buds need a change. So, try switching e-juices once in a while. Vaper’s tongue is a temporary effect, and it only affects your taste of e-juices, but not foods.

Trying new flavours regularly is a good way to combat a vaper’s tongue and have fun with e-cigarettes for beginners.

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