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Charlie Creed-Miles, the captivating English actor, writer, and director, has carved a diverse path in the entertainment industry for over three decades. From gritty historical dramas to sci-fi epics, Creed-Miles consistently delivers compelling performances that resonate with audiences. This article delves into his journey, exploring his filmography, creative endeavors beyond acting, and the enduring legacy he continues to build.

Early Days and Theatrical Roots (1970s-1990s)

Born in Nottingham, England in 1972, Charlie Creed-Miles’ passion for acting emerged at a young age. Details about his earliest steps into the performing arts are scarce, but his talent was undeniable. He honed his craft at the prestigious Anna Scher Theatre School in Islington, London, laying the foundation for a successful career.

Creed-Miles’ professional journey began in the late 1980s with appearances in television shows like “The Bill” (1984-2010) and “Casualty” (1986-present). His big-screen debut came in 1991 with the historical drama “Let Him Have It,” a powerful portrayal of young Derek Bentley, a teenager wrongly executed alongside a friend. This early role showcased Creed-Miles’ ability to handle complex characters and historical settings, a theme that would recur throughout his career.

YouTube Focus: Early Works Analysis

 While information on his very first projects might be limited, YouTube channels delve into some of Creed-Miles’ lesser-known films. Search results might include analyses of his performance in “Let Him Have It” or discussions about his portrayal of British youth in films like “London Kills Me” (1991).

A Leap into Genre Films and Critical Acclaim (1990s-2000s)

The 1990s saw Creed-Miles venture into diverse genres. He appeared in the cult classic black comedy “Loved Up” (1995) and lent his talents to the sci-fi epic “The Fifth Element” (1997), directed by Luc Besson. This period also included a memorable performance in another historical drama, “Nil By Mouth” (1997), directed by Gary Oldman. Creed-Miles’ portrayal of a troubled young man struggling with addiction garnered critical acclaim, solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented actor.

YouTube Focus: Action Scenes and Fight Choreography 

Creed-Miles isn’t afraid of physical roles. YouTube compilations might showcase his fight scenes from films like “Essex Boys” (2000), a gritty gangster flick, or behind-the-scenes featurettes exploring the fight choreography involved in some of his action sequences.

The early 2000s saw Creed-Miles continue to explore diverse roles. He took on the part of Sir Kay in the historical action film “King Arthur” (2004), further solidifying his ability to navigate period pieces. He also delivered a powerful performance in the brutal revenge thriller “Harry Brown” (2009) alongside Michael Caine.

Expanding Horizons: Directing, Writing, and Beyond (2000s-Present)

While acting remains a cornerstone of his career, Creed-Miles has also ventured into other creative endeavors. He co-wrote and directed the 2013 short film “Hush,” showcasing his talent behind the camera. This foray into directing suggests a potential future where Creed-Miles not only embodies characters but also shapes their narratives.

YouTube Focus: Short Film “Hush”

Finding Creed-Miles’ short film “Hush” on YouTube might require some detective work, but for dedicated fans, the effort is likely worth it. Discussions analyzing the film’s themes, cinematography, or Creed-Miles’ directorial choices could be available.

Creed-Miles’ personal life remains relatively private, though he has a daughter, Esmé Creed-Miles, who has also embarked on an acting career. Seeing the artistic talent flow through generations is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling within the Creed-Miles family.

A Legacy of Captivating Performances (and What Lies Ahead)

Charlie Creed-Miles’ career is a testament to his dedication to his craft. He seamlessly navigates genres, embodying historical figures, action heroes, and deeply flawed individuals with equal conviction. His filmography offers a diverse range of characters and stories, ensuring there’s something for everyone to discover.

As of October 2024, details regarding Creed-Miles’ upcoming projects are limited. However, considering his consistent work ethic and diverse skillset, it’s safe to say he’ll continue to grace screens and captivate audiences in the years to come.


Q: When did Charlie Creed-Miles start acting?

A: Specific details about his very first acting roles are elusive. However, his professional journey began in the late 1980s with appearances in British television shows.

Q: What was Charlie Creed-Miles’ film debut?

A: His big-screen debut came in 1991 with the historical drama “Let Him Have It.”

Q: Did Charlie Creed-Miles go to drama school?

A: Yes! He honed his craft at the prestigious Anna Scher Theatre School in London.

Q: Can I find clips of Charlie Creed-Miles’ lesser-known films on YouTube?

A: YouTube might offer hidden gems! Search for analyses of his performance in “Let Him Have It” or discussions about his roles in films like “London Kills Me” (1991).

Q: Is Charlie Creed-Miles known for a specific genre?

A: No! His versatility is a hallmark of his career. He’s adept at historical dramas, sci-fi epics, action films, and character-driven pieces.

Q: What are some of Charlie Creed-Miles’ most popular films?

A: Some of his notable films include:

“The Fifth Element” (1997)

“Nil By Mouth” (1997)

“King Arthur” (2004)

“Harry Brown” (2009)

Q: Does Charlie Creed-Miles do his own stunts?

A: While details are not always available, Creed-Miles isn’t afraid of physical roles. YouTube compilations might showcase fight scenes from his action films.

Q: Are there videos analyzing fight scenes Charlie Creed-Miles has been in?

A: Action fans rejoice! Search YouTube for fight choreography breakdowns from films like “Essex Boys” (2000), featuring Creed-Miles’ action sequences.

Q: Does Charlie Creed-Miles direct or write?

A: Yes! He co-wrote and directed the short film “Hush” (2013), showcasing his creative talents behind the camera.

Q: Can I watch Charlie Creed-Miles’ short film “Hush” on YouTube?

A: Finding “Hush” might require some searching, but dedicated fans can likely unearth it on YouTube. Look for discussions analyzing the film’s themes or Creed-Miles’ directorial choices.

Q: Is Charlie Creed-Miles married?

A: Details about his personal life are relatively private.

Q: Does Charlie Creed-Miles have any children?

A: Yes! He has a daughter, Esmé Creed-Miles, who is also an actress.

Q: What’s Charlie Creed-Miles working on next?

A: As of October 2024, information on his upcoming projects is limited. However, considering his work ethic, he’ll likely continue to grace our screens.

This FAQ provides a springboard for further exploration. By combining Google searches and YouTube content, you can delve deeper into Creed-Miles’ filmography, find interviews, and discover behind-the-scenes featurettes. So, keep exploring and appreciating the multifaceted talent that is Charlie Creed-Miles!

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