Master the Force: A Comprehensive Fallen Order Walkthrough


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order throws you into the shoes of Cal Kestis, a young Jedi Padawan forced into hiding after Order 66. As the Empire hunts down the last remnants of the Jedi Order, Cal must hone his lightsaber skills, embrace the Force, and uncover a lost Jedi vault.

This walkthrough will guide you through your Fallen Order journey, offering tips, strategies, and secrets to help you conquer every challenge.

Getting Started: Bracca and Bogano

The game opens on the scrapper planet Bracca. Here, you’ll get a taste of Cal’s life on the run and learn some basic controls. After a narrow escape, you crash-land on Bogano, a swampy world teeming with alien creatures and the remnants of a forgotten Jedi civilization.

  • Bracca: Follow BD-1, your droid companion, and learn the ropes of platforming, combat, and interacting with the environment. Be cautious โ€“ the Scrapper droids here can overpower you at this early stage.
  • Bogano: Your main objective is to reach the mysterious Jedi vault hidden within the planet. Explore the Fractured Plain, encountering creatures like Bog Rats and Stun Droids. Look for meditation points to save your progress and unlock new abilities.


  • Don’t neglect exploration: Bogano is filled with secrets. Scan various plants and creatures with BD-1 to unlock new stims (healing items) and abilities. Look out for hidden pathways and chests containing lightsaber parts for customization.
  • Combat Basics: Master the art of parrying and dodging enemy attacks. Learn to utilize different lightsaber stances for optimal defence and offence. Remember, a well-timed parry can completely deflect an enemy’s attack, leaving them vulnerable for a counter.

Mastering the Force: Unlocking New Abilities

As you explore Bogano, you’ll encounter echoes of the past, revealing memories of fallen Jedi Masters. These echoes grant you powerful Force abilities that will be crucial in your journey.

  • Force Slow: This ability slows down time for a short duration, allowing you to deflect faster attacks and navigate through timed obstacles. Use it strategically during combat to gain the upper hand.
  • Force Pull: Pull objects towards you, activating switches, solving environmental puzzles, and even disarming some enemies.
  • Force Push: Push objects away, opening new pathways and knocking enemies off balance.


  • New Force abilities open up new areas within Bogano. Use Force Slow to navigate crumbling platforms and Force Push to activate pressure plates.
  • Defeating powerful enemies like the Oggdo Bogdo, a giant mud monster, grants you essential lightsaber upgrades.

Seeker Droid and the Tomb of Miktrull:

  • You’ll encounter a persistent enemy called the Seeker Droid. This droid tracks you relentlessly and calls for reinforcements. Destroy it quickly or lure it away from enemy patrols.
  • The Tomb of Miktrull holds a key component needed to access the Jedi vault. Solve environmental puzzles using your newfound Force abilities to progress through the tomb.

Zeffo: Unveiling the Jedi Past

Your journey takes you to Zeffo, a once-thriving world steeped in Jedi history. Unravel the mysteries of a lost civilization while battling new and more challenging enemies.

  • The Crash Site and Landing Bay: Explore the crash site and surrounding area to gather resources and upgrade your gear. In the Landing Bay, you’ll encounter the Nightbrothers, formidable warriors wielding double-bladed lightsabers.


  • Nightbrother combat: These enemies are aggressive and relentless. Parrying and dodging are crucial to avoid their attacks. Focus on deflecting their blows and counter-attacking when they leave an opening.
  • Exploring Zeffo: Zeffo boasts diverse environments, from lush overgrown areas to arid wastelands. Keep an eye out for hidden collectables like lightsaber parts, ponchos (cosmetic customizations), and stims.

Venator Wreckage and the Tomb of Eilum:

  • The Venator Wreckage is a massive crashed Star Destroyer. Navigate the treacherous interior, using your Force abilities to overcome obstacles.
  • The Tomb of Eilum holds another key component for the Jedi vault. This tomb is filled with challenging puzzles and powerful enemies like the Purge Troopers, and elite Imperial soldiers.


  • Purge Trooper Combat: These troopers are heavily armoured and wield powerful blasters. Utilize Force Slow to give yourself an advantage and target their weak points.


Q: How long is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

  • A: A playthrough of the main story takes roughly 15-20 hours. Completionists aiming for 100% exploration and collectables can expect to spend 12-15 hours more.

Q: What difficulty should I choose?

  • A: The difficulty doesn’t affect trophies/achievements. Choose the difficulty that best suits your desired challenge level. The story can be enjoyed on Easy, while Jedi Master provides a significant combat challenge.

Q: Are there missable collectibles?

  • A: No, the game allows free exploration after the story, so you can clean up any missed items.

Exploration and Collectibles

Q: How do I get 100% exploration on planets?

  • A: Utilize BD-1’s holo map to track exploration percentages. The holo map also shows specific area percentages for detailed tracking.

Q: What are the different types of collectables?

  • A: You’ll find various collectables like:
    • Stim canisters (health)
    • Stimpacks (heals completely)
    • Echoes (lore entries)
    • Poncho customization parts
    • Lightsaber parts
    • BD-1 skins

Q: Are there any missable crew droids (Boglings)?

  • A: There’s one missable Bogling on Bogano. You’ll need to use Force Push on a specific door to unlock it after acquiring the Force Push ability.

Combat and Abilities

Q: What are the different combat styles?

  • A: You can switch between single-bladed and double-bladed lightsaber combat for different attack speeds and strengths.

Q: How do I parry and deflect blaster bolts?

  • A: Parrying with your lightsaber at the right moment deflects blaster bolts. Perfect timing allows you to throw them back at enemies.

Q: What are the different types of Stim canisters?

  • A: There are two types: green canisters heal a portion of health, and blue canisters fully restore your health.

Q: How do I unlock new Force abilities?

  • A: Progress through the story and explore tombs to find Force echoes that grant you new abilities.

Q: How do I get past the initial Purge Troopers on Bracca?

  • A: Focus on dodging and scrambling to avoid blaster fire. You can’t engage in combat yet.

Q: Where do I find the first lightsaber crystal on Bogano?

  • A: It’s located in the tomb near the giant Albino Wyyyshk creature. You’ll need to use Force Slow to navigate a collapsing walkway.

Q: How do I defeat the Ninth Sister boss on Zeffo?

  • A: Exploit her parry windows and dodge her unblockable attacks. Use Force Slow to counter her unblockable lunges.

Q: How do I get the double-bladed lightsaber on Kashyyyk?

  • A: Progress through the story to the Origin Tree. You’ll receive the double-bladed lightsaber after defeating a specific enemy.

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