Calling All Hunters: A Guide to Final Fantasy 16 Notorious Marks


The sprawling world of Final Fantasy 16 offers more than just a captivating narrative. Teeming with formidable foes, the game presents a thrilling hunt system that allows you to track down and vanquish legendary creatures known as Notorious Marks. These bounty targets, each with a designated rank reflecting their difficulty, provide a fantastic avenue for acquiring rare loot, bolstering your character’s strength, and testing your combat prowess.

This guide delves into the world of FFXVI’s Notorious Marks, equipping you with the knowledge to become a master hunter. We’ll explore how to unlock the Hunt Board, unveil the locations of these fearsome beasts, and provide valuable tips for conquering each rank.

Unleashing the Hunt: Unlocking the Hunt Board

Before you embark on your hunting expeditions, you’ll need to unlock the Hunt Board. This pivotal feature becomes accessible after completing the main story quest, “The Gathering Storm.” Upon returning to your hideout following this quest, the Hunt Board will be proudly displayed, beckoning you to take on the challenge.

The Hunt Board serves as a central hub for all your hunting endeavors. Here, you’ll find listed every Notorious Mark available, categorized by their difficulty rank (C-Rank to S-Rank). Each entry provides details like the monster’s name, recommended level, and a brief description. Additionally, the board displays the juicy rewards you’ll obtain upon vanquishing these legendary creatures.

The Thrill of the Hunt: Notorious Mark Locations

Now that you’ve unlocked the Hunt Board, the real adventure begins! Here’s a breakdown of where to find each Notorious Mark, categorized by their rank:

C-Rank Notorious Marks:

  • Ahriman: This one-eyed flying menace can be encountered during the aforementioned “The Gathering Storm” quest, southwest of Martha’s Rest on the Route to Riddock’s Jump (Rosaria).
  • Muddy Murder: Don’t be fooled by the unassuming name. This ferocious beast lurks in the southwest corner of The Broken Hilt, near Eastpool (Rosaria).
  • The Breaker of Worlds: Prepare for a colossal clash, for this towering monstrosity awaits in the northeastern corner of Velkroy Desert in Dhalmekia, beyond The Bandit’s Bed.

B-Rank Notorious Marks:

  • Sekhret: This imposing minotaur resides in the swamps surrounding Martha’s Rest, specifically in the northwest corner of Greensheaves, which lies north of Rhiannon’s Ride (Rosaria).
  • Soul Stingers: Venture into the treacherous sands of the Velkroy Desert once more. This swarm of deadly scorpions can be found in the northeast corner, beyond The Bandit’s Bed.
  • The Nine of Knives: Keep your eyes peeled in the sprawling Northreach in Cornelia. This elusive assassin is said to roam the west of Claireview Plains.

A-Rank Notorious Marks:

  • Grimalkin: Head northeast from The Broken Crown in Rosaria and navigate the treacherous Sorrowise path. This ferocious feline fiend awaits in the northernmost section.
  • The Pack: A test of your mettle against multiple opponents. This band of formidable foes prowls the northeastern corner of The Whispering Woods in Cornelia.
  • The Mageth Brothers: Prepare for a magical showdown! This pair of potent sorcerers can be found in the northeast corner of the Northreach in Cornelia, lurking west of Claireview Plains.

S-Rank Notorious Marks:

  • The Masterless Marauder: Only the most seasoned hunters dare face this legendary Behemoth King. This colossal beast can be found in the northern region of Vidargraes (Waloed), near the imposing obolisk.
  • The Wailing Banshee: This mournful creature’s cries echo through the night in the small Garnick village, nestled in the western reaches of Vidargraes (Waloed).
  • The Knight of the Splendent Heart: Legends whisper of a valiant knight corrupted by darkness. This formidable foe awaits in the southwestern corner of The Bloodsucking Marshlands in Dhalmekia.

Important Note: While the above locations provide a strong starting point, some Notorious Mark placements might be missable depending on your story progress. It’s recommended to consult online resources or in-game guides for the most up-to-date information.


What are Hunts in FF16?

Hunts are optional side quests in Final Fantasy 16 where you track down and defeat powerful enemies called Notorious Marks. These monsters offer valuable rewards like experience points, rare items, and increased Renown, which unlocks access to new areas.

How to Unlock the Hunt Board?

The Hunt Board becomes available after completing the “The Gathering Storm” quest. Once you return to your hideout, you’ll find the Hunt Board unlocked, allowing you to accept Hunt quests.

Where to Find Hunt Locations?

There are two main ways to find Hunt locations:

  1. Hunt Board: Each Hunt will have a detailed description and a designated region on the map, though the exact location won’t be marked.
  2. Online Resources: Websites and video guides like IGN Hunt Board Notorious Mark Locations provide specific hunt locations within each region.

What are the Different Hunt Ranks?

Hunts are ranked by difficulty, ranging from C-Rank (easiest) to S-Rank (hardest). It’s recommended to tackle Hunts at your current level or slightly higher for a balanced challenge.

What are some Popular Hunt Locations People Search For?

Here are some of the most searched-for Hunt locations in FF16:

  • Dozmare (Griffin): Southeast corner of Norvent Valley (Sanbreque), Level 28.
  • Sekhret: Northwest corner of Greensheaves (north of Martha’s Rest, Rosaria), Level 31.
  • The Masterless Marauder (Behemoth King): North Vidargraes, near the obelisk (Waloed), S-Rank.
  • The Wailing Banshee (Gizamaluk): Small Garnick village, western Vidargraes (Waloed), A-Rank.

Tips for Completing Hunts?

  • Preparation is Key: Ensure you’re properly leveled and equipped for the Hunt’s difficulty.
  • Read the Hunt Description: The description might reveal the enemy’s weaknesses or special attacks, allowing you to strategize accordingly.
  • Utilize Clive’s Skills: Mastering Clive’s Dominant and Eikon abilities will give you an edge in these challenging fights.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Come Back Later: If a Hunt feels too strong, focus on the main story and come back when you’ve levelled up and improved your gear.

These FAQs should address the most common questions regarding Final Fantasy 16 Hunt locations. Remember, online resources and guides can provide more detailed information on specific Hunts and their optimal strategies.

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