Conquering Gaia: A Final Fantasy 7 Walkthrough


Final Fantasy 7, a timeless classic RPG, has captivated gamers for decades. Its epic story, memorable characters, and innovative material system continue to draw in newcomers and veterans alike. But with a vast world and intricate combat mechanics, even the most enthusiastic player might seek guidance. Fear not, aspiring warriors of Gaia! This comprehensive walkthrough will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the trials and triumphs that await in Final Fantasy

Getting Started: Midgar Mayhem

Your journey begins in the bustling metropolis of Midgar. As Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER operative turned mercenary, you’ll join AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group fighting against the Shinra Electric Company, which is draining the lifeblood of the planet. The early hours establish the core mechanics:

  • Movement and Exploration: Explore Midgar’s labyrinthine sectors on foot, interacting with NPCs, gathering information, and uncovering hidden items.
  • Combat: Engage in turn-based battles. Select actions for Cloud and his allies, utilizing physical attacks, magic spells cast through Materia, and special abilities.
  • Material: These orb-like objects grant unique abilities. Equip Materia to your characters to expand their capabilities. Experiment with different combinations to create powerful strategies.

Key Story Progression Tips:

  • Don’t Neglect Side Quests: While the main story is captivating, explore optional quests. These offer valuable rewards, character development, and a deeper understanding of the world.
  • Talk to Everyone: Conversations with NPCs often reveal hidden objectives, lore snippets, and hints for upcoming challenges.
  • Mind Your Materia: As you progress, you’ll acquire various Materia. Master their functions and experiment with combinations to maximize your party’s effectiveness. Here’s a breakdown of Material types:
    • Magic Material: Cast powerful spells like Fire, Cure, and Lightning.
    • Command Materia: Grant access to special actions like Steal, Revive, and Limit Breaks (powerful character-specific attacks).
    • Support Material: Enhance your party’s stats and abilities, like HP Up or Double Cut (enabling two attacks per turn).

YouTube Search Trends: Let’s Address Them!

Many players utilize YouTube alongside walkthroughs. Here are some common FF7-related YouTube searches we can address:

  • Final Fantasy 7 Best Materia Combinations: This depends on your playstyle. Generally, a good balance of offensive (Fire, Lightning), defensive (Healing, Barrier), and supportive Materia (HP Up, MP Up) is recommended. Consider your party composition and tailor your Materia setup accordingly.
  • Final Fantasy 7 How to Beat [Boss Name]: Bosses pose significant challenges. Research their attack patterns and weaknesses. Equip Materia that counters their strengths. Utilize restorative items strategically during battles. Here’s a basic approach for most boss fights:
    • Identify the Boss’s Weaknesses: Many bosses have elemental weaknesses. Exploit them with Materia-like Fire against an Ice-based enemy.
    • Utilize Defensive Materia: Don’t underestimate the importance of staying alive. Equip defensive Materia like Barrier or MBarrier to mitigate damage.
    • Healing and Revival: Keep your party healthy with Cure Materia and Phoenix Downs (revive items).
    • Limit Breaks: Unleash your characters’ ultimate attacks (Limit Breaks) at opportune moments to inflict massive damage.

Beyond Midgar: A World of Wonders

After escaping Midgar, your journey expands across Gaia. Explore diverse locations, from the snowy peaks of Nibelheim to the tropical paradise of Costa del Sol. Each area offers unique challenges, enemies, and opportunities to expand your Materia collection.

  • Gold Saucer: This amusement park is a welcome break from the main story. Here you can participate in mini-games, win prizes, and even acquire powerful Materia. Don’t miss out on the chance to fight in the Chocobo Races – mastering Chocobo breeding can grant you a powerful ally.
  • Unlocking Optional Limits: Limit Breaks are powerful attacks unique to each character. To unlock their full potential, you’ll need to complete specific requirements. Some involve finding hidden items, while others require mastering Materia.
  • Weapons and Armor: Keep your characters well-equipped. Throughout your travels, you’ll discover powerful weapons and armour that significantly enhance your party’s stats and abilities.

Mastering Materia and Combat:

FF7’s combat system offers depth for strategic players. Here are some advanced techniques to master:

  • Double-Cutting: Equip the Double Cut Materia to enable two attacks per turn. This is particularly effective with Cloud’s high attack power.
  • Enemy Skills: Defeating certain enemies grants you their unique Materia. These can be incredibly powerful, so keep an eye out for these opportunities.


Q. Is there a walkthrough for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Absolutely! IGN also provides a detailed walkthrough specifically for the remake, including boss guides, side quest locations, and missable items [IGN Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough].

Q. What are some things to keep in mind while following a walkthrough?

Walkthroughs are fantastic tools, but they can also spoil the surprise! If you’re a first-time player, consider using them for help with specific sections or boss fights, but venture out to explore and discover things on your own whenever possible.

Q. Are there any missable items or quests in Final Fantasy 7?

Yes, there are a few missable items and quests throughout the game. A good walkthrough will highlight these for you, ensuring you don’t miss out on important gear or story moments.

Q. How long is Final Fantasy 7?

The length of your playthrough can vary depending on how in-depth you go. The main story can take around 40-50 hours to complete, but if you factor in side quests and exploration, it can easily reach 80+ hours.

Q. I’m stuck on a boss fight! Any tips?

Most walkthroughs will have detailed strategies for each boss fight. Generally, understanding the boss’s attack patterns and weaknesses is key. Utilize the Materia system effectively, experiment with different equips, and don’t be afraid to heal and defend when necessary.

Q. Where can I find specific Materia or items?

Walkthroughs and FF7 wikis are your best resources for locating specific Materia, items, or weapons. IGN’s guide provides a comprehensive list throughout the walkthrough [IGN Final Fantasy 7 Walkthrough].

Q. Are there any secrets in Final Fantasy 7?

Absolutely! The world of Final Fantasy 7 is full of hidden locations, easter eggs, and powerful Materia. A good walkthrough will point you in the right direction to discover them all.

Q.I’m playing the remake, are there any differences in the walkthrough?

The core story beats remain similar, but the remake features expanded areas, new boss fights, and additional side quests. Be sure to use a walkthrough specifically designed for the remake version for the most accurate information.

Q. I just want to watch the story! Are there any cinematics compilations?

If you’d prefer to experience the story without the gameplay, compilations of the game’s cinematics are readily available online. However, keep in mind that this approach might spoil some surprises and remove the sense of player agency in the narrative.

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