A Comprehensive Final Fantasy XVI Walkthrough


Final Fantasy XVI walkthrough, Embark on a whirlwind adventure through the war-torn realm of Valisthea with our comprehensive Final Fantasy XVI walkthrough! Whether you’re a seasoned Final Fantasy veteran or a curious newcomer, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to conquer every challenge and unravel the mysteries that plague the Dominant Nations.

Story, Glory, and Dominance: A Glimpse into the World of FFXVI

Final Fantasy XVI throws you into the heart of a conflict between the six Dominant Nations, each tethered to a devastating Eikon – a legendary being bestowed upon a chosen warrior. You take control of Clive Rosfield, a shieldbearer sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, who embodies the fiery Eikon of Phoenix. A tragic twist of fate sets Clive on a path of vengeance, his journey intertwining with political intrigue, epic battles, and the struggle to control the power of the Eikons.

Final Fantasy XVI

Choosing Your Path: Story Mode vs. Action Mode

FFXVI offers two distinct gameplay experiences: Story Mode and Action Mode.

Story Mode: Prioritizes narrative and exploration, offering simplified combat with auto-combos and the ability to pause the action during battles. This mode is perfect for players who want to savor the story and world-building.

Action Mode: Emphasizes fast-paced, technical combat with a focus on mastering combos and utilizing Eikon abilities effectively. This mode caters to players who enjoy a challenge and a deeper dive into the combat system.

Dominating the Battlefield: Mastering Combat in FFXVI

FFXVI’s combat revolves around a dynamic blend of weapon-based attacks and Eikon transformations. Here’s a breakdown of the key mechanics:

Weapon Skills: Clive possesses a diverse arsenal of weaponry, each with unique move sets and upgrade paths. Experiment and discover the combos that suit your playstyle.

Dominance Gauge: As you land blows on enemies, the Dominance Gauge fills. Upon activation, Clive enters a heightened state, unleashing powerful attacks and temporarily gaining access to Eikon abilities.

Eikon Transformations: When the Dominance Gauge reaches its peak, Clive transforms into his assigned Eikon, unleashing devastating attacks and special abilities unique to each Eikon.

Conquering the Main Story: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Early Game:

The Weight of Duty: The game opens with Clive escorting Joshua to his Dominance ceremony. A shocking turn of events sets you on a path of vengeance.

Flight and Fury: Master the basics of combat as you escape the burning citadel.

A Brother in Arms: Seek refuge in Rosaria and team up with Jill Warrick, a fugitive with her own secrets.

Mid Game:

Whispers of War: Navigate the political landscape as you uncover the truth behind the Dominance and the Blight plaguing the land.

Forging Alliances: Join forces with other nations to combat a growing threat. Prepare for epic boss battles against rival Dominant warriors.

Echoes of the Past: Explore hidden locations and delve into Clive’s past to understand the origins of the Eikons and the conflict.

Late Game:

Choices and Consequences: The story takes a dramatic turn as you face difficult decisions that will shape the fate of Valisthea.

Showdown of Dominants: Prepare for a series of challenging battles against powerful Eikon-wielders.

Unveiling the Truth: Unravel the conspiracy that has fueled the war and confront the ultimate enemy.

Beyond the Main Story: Exploring Valisthea

While the main story offers a captivating experience, FFXVI boasts a world brimming with optional content:

Side Quests: Embark on side quests to delve deeper into the lore, earn valuable rewards, and forge connections with interesting characters.

Hunts: Put your combat skills to the test by tracking down and defeating formidable foes.

Collectibles: Scour the world for hidden treasures, gather crafting materials, and complete collections for bonuses.

General Tips and Tricks for Success

Master the Dominance Gauge: Efficiently build your Dominance Gauge by chaining attacks and exploiting enemy weaknesses. Mastering this mechanic is crucial for dominating battles.

Experiment with Eikon Abilities: Each Eikon offers a unique set of abilities that can drastically alter your combat approach. Experiment and discover synergies between Eikon abilities and your weapon skills.

Explore Every Nook and Cranny: The world of Valisthea is filled with hidden secrets and valuable resources. Take your time to explore every corner and discover what lies off the beaten.


Is there a full walkthrough available?

While FF16 hasn’t released yet, resourceful fans have created comprehensive guides based on trailers and previews. These guides outline the main story quests, offering a roadmap for your playthrough. You can find them on sites like IGN [IGN FF16 Walkthrough] and GameFAQs [GameFAQs FF16 Walkthrough].

How long is the main story?

Early estimates suggest the main story will take around 35-40 hours to complete. This is a solid length for a single-player RPG, and there will likely be side content to extend your playtime.

Are there difficulty settings?

Yes! FF16 offers difficulty options to cater to different player preferences. You can choose a more relaxed story-focused experience or crank it up for a challenging action-oriented playthrough.

What are Eikons?

Eikons are powerful beings linked to warriors in FF16. These legendary summons can be dominant forces on the battlefield, but their immense power comes with a cost.

How does combat work?

FF16 emphasizes action-packed combat. You’ll control Clive Rosfield directly, unleashing combos and utilizing his Dominant Eikon abilities to overcome foes.

Are there side quests?

Yes! Beyond the main story, FF16 offers optional side quests that can provide additional rewards, lore, and character development.

Can I explore the world freely?

While the game follows a linear path for the main story, there will likely be opportunities to explore environments and uncover hidden secrets within the boundaries of each area.

What are Hunts?

Hunts are optional challenges where you take down powerful enemies. Completing Hunts grants valuable rewards and can test your combat prowess.

Are there any tips for beginners?

Familiarize yourself with the combat system early on. Experiment with different abilities and unlock those that suit your playstyle. Don’t neglect exploration, as hidden items and secrets can give you an edge.

Where can I find more FF16 info?

Stay tuned to official channels from Square Enix for the latest updates and trailers. Fan communities and forums are also great places to discuss the game and share strategies with fellow players.

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