Unearthing the Elusive Konni Battle Notes in Warzone 2 DMZ


Find konni battle notes, The world of Warzone 2 DMZ throws you into a thrilling high-stakes extraction zone. While battling enemy operators and AI combatants is exhilarating, completing missions adds another layer of challenge and reward. One such mission, “Battle Plans,” requires you to obtain two crucial pieces of intel: the Cargo Ship Instructions and the Konni Battle Notes. This article focuses on the latter, guiding you through the treacherous path to acquiring these elusive notes.

Find konni battle notes

What are Konni Battle Notes, and Why Do You Need Them?

The Konni Battle Notes are a vital intel item in the “Battle Plans” mission for Warzone 2 DMZ. They contain strategic information from the Konni faction, a prominent enemy group in the game. To complete the mission, you need to find both the Konni Battle Notes and the Cargo Ship Instructions and deposit them at a designated Dead Drop location.

The Hunt Begins: Where to Find Konni Soldiers

Konni Battle Notes are a rare drop from Konni soldiers. These soldiers are readily identifiable by their distinct black attire with red accents. They can be found on all three DMZ maps: Al Mazrah, Building 21 (B21), and Ashika Island.

Here’s a breakdown of Konni soldier presence on each map:

Al Mazrah: This sprawling desert map offers a good chance of encountering Konni soldiers. Hotspots include strongholds, particularly the heavily guarded ones in the Zarqa Hydroelectric Power Plant and the Sawah Hotel.

Building 21 (B21): This smaller, highly confined map features a dedicated “Black Mous” faction controlling most areas. However, Konni soldiers can occasionally spawn within the Biohazard containers scattered throughout the map.

Ashika Island: This lush island map has a decent presence of Konni soldiers, particularly in strongholds and Security Areas. The heavily fortified Rohan Oil Field and the central Tsuki Castle are prime locations to check.

Important Note: While strongholds are prime locations for Konni soldiers, keep in mind that other AI factions can also occupy them.

Tips for Maximizing Your Chances of Finding Konni Battle Notes

Prioritize Active Combat Zones: These designated areas on the map are characterized by intense AI activity with airstrikes and heavy fighting. While Konni soldiers might not be the sole combatants, the increased enemy density increases your chances of encountering them.

Focus on Heavily Armored Konni Units: Some players report a higher drop rate of Konni Battle Notes from heavily armored Konni soldiers. However, this information hasn’t been definitively confirmed.

Squad Up for Enhanced Efficiency: Teaming up with other players allows you to cover more ground and eliminate enemies faster, increasing your chances of encountering Konni soldiers.

Consider Alternative Strategies: While eliminating Konni soldiers is the primary way to obtain the notes, some players report finding them randomly in lootable containers within strongholds.

Beyond the Search: Extracting the Notes Successfully

Once you’ve acquired the Konni Battle Notes, your mission isn’t over. Here’s what you need to do to successfully extract the intel:

Locate a Dead Drop: Dead Drops are designated locations on the map marked with a briefcase icon. They act as secure containers where you can deposit the intel for mission completion.

Navigate to the Extraction Zone: Once you’ve deposited the Konni Battle Notes (and the Cargo Ship Instructions, if you haven’t found them already), head towards an active Extraction Zone on the map.

Prepare for a Final Stand: Extraction Zones are notoriously chaotic, with other operators vying for the same exfiltration opportunity. Be prepared for a final fight to secure your escape with the valuable intel.

Addressing Common Concerns from the Community

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Konni Battle Notes gleaned from online discussions:

Is there a guaranteed way to find the Konni Battle Notes? Unfortunately, no. The drop rate for the notes is relatively low, so persistence and a bit of luck are key.

Can I find the Konni Battle Notes on other AI enemies? No. Currently, only Konni soldiers have a chance of dropping the notes.

What happens if I die before depositing the Konni Battle Notes? The notes will be lost, and you’ll need to find them again to complete the mission.

By following these tips and understanding the mechanics behind finding the Konni Battle Notes, you’ll be well on your way to completing the “Battle Plans” mission and reaping the rewards it offers.


What are Konni Battle Notes?

The Konni Battle Notes are a key piece of intel required for the “Battle Plans” Tier 1 White Lotus mission in DMZ. Alongside the Cargo Ship Instructions, these notes unlock the next stage of the mission.

Where can I find Konni Battle Notes?

Konni Battle Notes are a rare drop from Konni soldiers, a specific enemy faction within DMZ. You can find Konni soldiers across all three maps in Warzone 2 DMZ: Al Mazrah, Building 21 (limited access), and Ashika Island.

Here’s how to optimize your Konni Battle Note hunt:

Target Active Combat Zones: These chaotic zones, marked by red smoke and airstrikes on your Tac Map, are a prime location for Konni soldiers. The soldiers here are focused on fighting each other, creating an opportunity for you to pick them off and potentially loot the notes.

Seek Out Konni Strongholds (Ashika Island Only): While not guaranteed, some players report a higher chance of finding Konni soldiers in strongholds on Ashika Island. These heavily guarded locations require a Stronghold Keycard for access, but the potential reward might be worth the risk.

Choose Your Map Wisely: While Konni soldiers can appear on all maps, some recommend Vondel Fortress (Al Mazrah) or any location with a high concentration of enemies for a potentially faster grind.

Tips for Extracting with the Konni Battle Notes:

Prioritize Stealth: Being sneaky is key, especially in Active Combat Zones. Eliminate Konni soldiers from afar to minimize the chance of getting swarmed.

Gear Up: Pack appropriate gear for the chosen map and your playstyle. Remember, you’ll likely face other Operators and AI threats along the way.

Secure the Loot: Once you eliminate a Konni soldier, prioritize looting their body for the Battle Notes. They have a low drop rate, so persistence is vital.

Deposit and Extract: Once you have the Konni Battle Notes, locate a Dead Drop and deposit them alongside the Cargo Ship Instructions (obtained separately) to complete the “Battle Plans” mission. Then, focus on extracting safely!

Additional FAQs:

Can I buy the Konni Battle Notes? Nope, these are purely lootable intel drops.

Is there a guaranteed spawn location for Konni soldiers? Unfortunately, no. Their placement is random, so a good dose of exploration and luck are required.

What happens if I die with the Konni Battle Notes? You’ll lose them, so plan your escape route carefully!

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