First Contact in Starfield: A Moral Maze Disguised as a Side Quest


First Contact Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated spacefaring RPG, offers a universe brimming with exploration, quirky characters, and challenging decisions. One such decision comes in the form of the “First Contact” side quest, a seemingly straightforward mission that quickly spirals into a moral quagmire. This article delves into the complexities of First Contact, exploring its key aspects, the different choices you face, and the consequences of your actions.

First Contact Starfield

The Premise: A Lost Ship and a Promised Land

As you navigate the vast expanse of the Settled Systems in Starfield, your journey takes you to the Porrima system. Here, you’ll encounter Chief Sugiyama of the Constellation Corporation, the governing body of the Paradiso colony on Porrima II. Sugiyama alerts you to a mysterious ship orbiting the planet. This vessel, the ECS Constant, holds a group of colonists who embarked on a generations-long voyage centuries ago, fleeing a war-torn Earth. Unaware of humanity’s expansion into the stars, they now seek a new home on Paradiso, a picturesque vacation world.

The Crossroads: Helping Hands or Corporate Greed?

The crux of First Contact lies in the conflict between the ECS Constant’s desperate plight and the economic interests of the Constellation Corporation. Here’s a breakdown of the key players and their motivations:

The ECS Constant Crew: Led by Captain Diana Andrews, these colonists are desperate for a new beginning. Their ship lacks a functional gravity drive, a crucial technology for interstellar travel. Stranded and running low on resources, they pin their hopes on Paradiso.

Chief Sugiyama: Representing the Constellation Corporation, Sugiyama prioritizes profit. Paradiso is a lucrative tourist destination, and the corporation has invested heavily in its development. He fears the influx of colonists will disrupt their business model.

Oliver Campbell: The greedy CEO of the Constellation Corporation, Campbell is more concerned with short-term gains than the well-being of others. He sees the colonists as a burden and wants them removed.

The Choices and Their Consequences: A Balancing Act

The decisions you make in First Contact will significantly impact the fate of the ECS Constant crew. Here’s a breakdown of the major choices and their outcomes:

Siding with the Constellation Corporation:

Option A: Persuading the Colonists: You can attempt to convince Captain Andrews and her crew to abandon their claim on Paradiso. This could involve offering them resources or suggesting an alternative planet within the Constellation’s holdings. Success here rewards you handsomely with credits and potentially unique items from Earth’s past. However, it comes at the cost of leaving the colonists displaced and uncertain of their future.

Option B: Forceful Eviction: This ruthless option involves informing Campbell of the situation. He authorizes the use of force, tasking you with disabling the ECS Constant or even destroying it altogether. This earns you a significant financial reward, but it also tarnishes your reputation and carries the weight of potentially causing mass casualties.

Championing the Colonists:

Option A: Finding a Compromise: You can act as a mediator, negotiating with Sugiyama and Campbell for a mutually beneficial solution. This might involve convincing them to set aside a less-developed area of Paradiso for the colonists, allowing them to build a new life without disrupting tourism. This path requires high speech skills and can be challenging to achieve, but it offers the moral satisfaction of securing a home for the desperate colonists.

Option B: Defying the Corporation: The most rebellious choice involves assisting the colonists in repairing their gravity drive. This allows them to leave Paradiso and seek a new home elsewhere, independent of the Constellation Corporation’s control. This earns you minimal financial gain but grants you the respect of Captain Andrews and potentially future favors from the colonists.

Beyond the Choices: Exploring the Depths of First Contact

First Contact’s brilliance lies not just in the immediate choices but also in the way it reflects the complexities of space exploration and colonization. Here are some additional aspects to consider:

The Ethics of First Contact: The quest raises questions about humanity’s responsibility towards those venturing into the unknown. Should established civilizations welcome newcomers with open arms, or prioritize their own interests?

The Price of Progress: Paradiso’s transformation into a tourist destination highlights the potential conflicts between economic development and the preservation of untamed frontiers. The story prompts reflection on the balance between progress and respecting the past.

The Value of Choice: First Contact empowers the player to shape the narrative. Whether you prioritize profit or compassion, your decisions have lasting consequences within the game world and contribute to the overall moral tapestry of your Starfield experience.


What is First Contact?

In Starfield, First Contact is a pivotal side quest you’ll encounter while exploring the Porrima star system. It throws you headfirst into a delicate situation involving a mysterious alien vessel and the luxurious Paradiso resort on Porrima II.

How do I start First Contact?

As you enter the Porrima system, Chief Sugiyama of Paradiso Security will contact you. He’ll alert you to a large, unresponsive ship orbiting the planet. Your mission: investigate and find a peaceful resolution.

Where do I go from here?

There are two main paths:

Talking it Out: Land on Paradiso II and speak with Chief Sugiyama at the Security Office. He’ll direct you to Paradiso CEO, Oliver Campbell. Oliver reveals the ship is filled with colonists, not aliens, and presents you with three options:

Indentured Servants: Convince the colonists to work off their stay at Paradiso.

New Grav Drive: Help them acquire a new Grav Drive for their ship so they can find a new home.

Hostile Takeover: This violent option involves destroying the colonists’ ship.

Ignoring Orders (Optional): You can bypass Paradiso and attempt to hail the alien vessel directly. However, their communication systems are garbled, forcing you to dock and speak with them face-to-face.

What are the consequences of my choices?

Each option in First Contact has a unique outcome:

Indentured Servants: The colonists become cheap labor for Paradiso, raising some ethical concerns.

New Grav Drive: This peaceful solution requires acquiring resources to repair their drive, potentially impacting your own supplies.

Hostile Takeover: This brutal option eliminates the colonists entirely, but offers access to any valuables on their ship.

What should I consider when making my choice?

The decision in First Contact hinges on your playstyle and moral compass. Here’s a breakdown:

For the Diplomat: Choose the Indentured Servants or New Grav Drive option for a peaceful resolution.

For the Resourceful: The New Grav Drive path might be ideal if you need specific resources the colonists possess.

For the Ruthless: The Hostile Takeover offers quick rewards but comes at a high moral cost.

Are there any rewards for completing First Contact?

The rewards depend on your chosen path:

Indentured Servants & New Grav Drive: Gain reputation with Paradiso and potentially receive unique items from the colonists.

Hostile Takeover: Acquire loot from the destroyed ship.

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