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Unveiling the Casting Magic of Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek, the quirky and heartwarming sitcom that took the world by storm, wouldn’t have been the same without its phenomenal cast. The Roses – a hilariously out-of-touch family forced to rebuild their lives in a tiny, unfamiliar town – captivated audiences with their journey of self-discovery and acceptance. But how did these iconic characters come to life? This article delves into the casting process behind Schitt’s Creek, exploring the choices that shaped the show’s success.

The Rosebud Family Blooms

Perfecting the Dysfunctional Dynamic

Johnny Rose: A Legacy of Comedy

Eugene Levy, co-creator of Schitt’s Creek, wasn’t just the mastermind behind the show; he also embodied the role of Johnny Rose, the endearingly clueless patriarch. Levy’s extensive experience in comedic acting, honed through shows like “Second City Television” and films like “American Pie,” made him a natural fit. His comedic timing and ability to deliver Johnny’s exasperated pronouncements with a touch of vulnerability resonated deeply with viewers.

YouTube Focus: From Second City to Schitt’s Creek

A YouTube search for “Eugene Levy improv” might unearth clips showcasing his comedic prowess in earlier work. These can offer valuable insights into how his experience shaped his portrayal of Johnny Rose. Additionally, interviews with Levy or featurettes about the show’s creation might reveal interesting tidbits about his casting and his approach to the character.

Moira Rose: A Dramatic Deadpan

Catherine O’Hara’s portrayal of Moira Rose is a masterclass in comedic delivery. Her flamboyant wardrobe, eccentric pronouncements delivered with a signature deadpan expression, and her journey from out-of-touch socialite to budding actress are some of the show’s highlights. Thankfully, O’Hara was the first choice for the role. Her comedic brilliance and ability to play over-the-top characters with a hint of sincerity were essential in bringing Moira to life.

YouTube Focus Exploring Moira’s Evolution

Search for compilations featuring Moira’s funniest moments or her journey throughout the series on YouTube. These videos can showcase O’Hara’s comedic genius and the evolution of Moira’s character as she adapts to Schitt’s Creek. Additionally, fan edits focusing on her iconic fashion choices or her relationship with Alexis (which we’ll explore next) can offer a deeper appreciation for O’Hara’s performance.

Alexis Rose From Almost to Iconic

While Annie Murphy’s portrayal of the eccentric and fashion-forward Alexis Rose is now synonymous with the character, other actresses were considered. Dan Levy (co-creator and David Rose) hinted in interviews that actresses like Ellen Wong and Hilary Duff were in the running. Ultimately, Murphy’s comedic timing, vulnerability, and ability to portray Alexis’ journey from spoiled socialite to self-made businesswoman made her the perfect choice.

YouTube Focus: Alexis Rose’s Growth

Compilations focusing on Alexis’ journey or her funniest moments are abundant on YouTube. These videos can showcase Murphy’s comedic talent and the character’s growth as she embraces a new life in Schitt’s Creek. Additionally, searches for videos featuring her interactions with David or her work at the Blouse Barn can provide insights into the comedic chemistry between Murphy and her fellow cast members.

David Rose: A Sardonic Pansexual Icon

Dan Levy envisioned himself playing the sardonic and pansexual David Rose from the show’s conception. His portrayal, complete with his signature knitwear and witty one-liners, is a fan favorite. Levy’s ability to blend humor with genuine vulnerability resonated with audiences, making David a relatable and endearing character.

YouTube Focus: Celebrating David Rose

Search for compilations featuring David’s funniest moments or his relationship with Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid) on YouTube. These videos can showcase Levy’s comedic timing and the heartwarming love story between David and Patrick. Additionally, fan edits celebrating David’s journey of self-acceptance or his iconic fashion sense can offer a deeper appreciation for Levy’s performance.

Beyond the Roses: Filling Out the Schitt’s Creek World

The Roses are undeniably central to Schitt’s Creek, but the quirky townspeople they encounter play a vital role in the show’s success. The casting directors deserve credit for finding hidden gems like Chris Elliott (Roland Schitt), Jennifer Robertson (Jocelyn Schitt), and Emily Hampshire (Stevie Budd). Many of these actors were already established comedic talents in Canada, bringing their unique energy and comedic timing to the show.

A YouTube search for “best Schitt’s Creek characters” might reveal compilations featuring these hilarious townspeople. These videos can showcase the show’s incredible ensemble cast and the dynamics.


Q: How was Eugene Levy cast as Johnny Rose?

A: Series co-creator Eugene Levy wasn’t just the mastermind behind Schitt’s Creek, he also played the endearingly clueless patriarch, Johnny Rose. Levy’s comedic timing and experience in sitcoms like “Second City Television” likely made him a natural fit for the role.

Q: Who almost played Alexis Rose?

A: While Annie Murphy’s portrayal of the eccentric and fashion-forward Alexis Rose is iconic, other actresses were considered. Dan Levy (co-creator and David Rose) hinted in interviews that actresses like Ellen Wong and Hilary Duff were in the running.

Q: Was Catherine O’Hara the first choice for Moira Rose?

A: Thankfully, yes! Catherine O’Hara’s comedic brilliance and ability to deliver Moira’s dramatic pronouncements with a deadpan expression made her the perfect fit.

Q: Did Dan Levy know he’d play David Rose while creating the show?

A: Yes. Dan Levy envisioned himself playing the sardonic and pansexual David Rose from the show’s conception. His portrayal is a highlight for many fans.

Search for interviews with the cast or featurettes about the show’s creation on YouTube. These might reveal interesting tidbits about the casting process, the actors’ chemistry reads, or how certain actors were approached for the roles.

Q: How did they find actors for the quirky townspeople of Schitt’s Creek?

A: The casting directors for Schitt’s Creek have a knack for finding hidden gems. Many of the actors who portray the quirky townspeople, like Chris Elliott (Roland Schitt) and Jennifer Robertson (Jocelyn Schitt), were already established comedic actors in Canada.

Q: Was there a lot of improvisation on Schitt’s Creek?

A: The core script was crucial, but the cast did have room for improvisation. YouTube compilations might feature hilarious outtakes or improvised moments that didn’t make the final cut.

Search for compilations focusing on specific characters like Alexis’ interactions with Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire) or David’s relationship with Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid). These compilations can showcase the actors’ comedic chemistry and the dynamics between the townspeople.

Q: What else has the Schitt’s Creek cast been in?

A: The success of Schitt’s Creek has opened doors for the cast. Explore their filmographies on platforms like IMDb to see their other projects. YouTube might also have interviews where they discuss their post-Schitt’s Creek careers.

This FAQ provides a springboard for further exploration of the Schitt’s Creek casting process and the talented actors who brought the show to life. The show’s enduring legacy lies not just in its witty writing but also in the pitch-perfect casting that breathed life into the beloved characters.

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