From Wham! to Wealth: A Look at Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth


Andrew Ridgeley, the iconic name synonymous with the infectious pop anthems of Wham.  Beyond his time as one-half of this chart-topping duo alongside the late George Michael, Ridgeley’s career has spanned songwriting, producing, and even venturing into the world of Formula One racing. 

 But a question that often piques fans’ curiosity is: just how much is Andrew Ridgeley worth?

The Wham! Legacy: A Foundation of Success

The story of Andrew Ridgeley’s net worth is undeniably intertwined with the phenomenal success of Wham! Formed in 1981 with his childhood friend George Michael, the duo took the world by storm with their catchy tunes and energetic stage presence.  

Their albums, particularly “Fantastic” (1983) and “Make It Big” (1984), dominated charts worldwide, selling over 35 million copies combined.  Singles like “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” “Last Christmas,” and “Careless Whisper” (co-written by Ridgeley) became timeless classics, securing Wham!’s place in pop music history.

This phenomenal commercial success translated into significant financial gains for both Ridgeley and Michael.  While exact figures are difficult to pinpoint, estimates suggest that Ridgeley amassed over £10 million (approximately $12 million) from Wham!’s record sales and royalties alone.  

This includes not only his share of the duo’s earnings but also his co-writing credit on “Careless Whisper,” which continues to generate substantial royalties even today.

Beyond Wham!: Exploring Ridgeley’s Diverse Ventures

Following Wham!’s amicable disbandment in 1986, Ridgeley embarked on a variety of endeavours.  He briefly dabbled in solo music, releasing the single “Shake” in 1988. However, his musical pursuits took a backseat as he explored other interests.  

He co-founded a clothing line called Ridgeley & Grosvenor and even participated in professional Formula One racing for a short period.

In the years since, Ridgeley has maintained a relatively low profile, focusing on philanthropy and enjoying a life away from the spotlight. 

However, he has occasionally dipped his toes back into the music world.  In 2018, he reunited with his Wham! bandmates for a special performance at the BBC Music Awards, a heartwarming moment for fans.  He also co-produced the documentary “George Michael: Freedom” released in 2017, a tribute to his late friend and collaborator.

Estimating Andrew Ridgeley’s Net Worth in 2024

While there is no official confirmation of Andrew Ridgeley’s net worth, several sources estimate it to be in the range of $40 million to $45 million. 

This figure takes into account his earnings from Wham!, potential royalties from his solo work and co-writing credits, and any income from his other ventures.  It’s important to remember that these are estimates, and the true figure could be higher or lower.


Q. How much is Andrew Ridgeley worth?

Estimates suggest Andrew Ridgeley’s net worth sits around $40-45 million USD. This impressive figure stems from his successful music career, primarily with Wham!

    Q. How did Andrew Ridgeley make his money?

    Ridgeley’s wealth comes from several sources:

    • Wham! royalties: Wham! was a massive pop duo in the 80s, selling over 35 million records. Ridgeley earns royalties on these sales and continues to profit as their music is streamed and played.
    • Songwriting credits: While George Michael was the primary songwriter for Wham!, Ridgeley co-wrote some hits, including receiving credit on the iconic “Careless Whisper,” bringing him ongoing royalties.
    • Other ventures: Following Wham!, Ridgeley has dabbled in producing and writing, potentially adding to his net worth.

    Q. Is Andrew Ridgeley still making money?

    Yes, thanks to song royalties and the continued popularity of Wham!’s music, Andrew Ridgeley likely earns a significant amount each year.

      Q. What about Andrew Ridgeley’s business ventures?

      There’s no widely reported information on any major business ventures for Andrew Ridgeley.  His focus seems to be on enjoying his success and pursuing personal interests outside of the music industry.

        Q. What was Andrew Ridgeley’s role in Wham?

        Though not the lead singer, Ridgeley was a vital part of Wham!’s success.  He co-wrote songs, played guitar, and provided backing vocals, contributing to their signature sound and energetic stage presence.

          Q. Is Andrew Ridgeley still involved in music?

          There haven’t been any recent reports of Andrew Ridgeley actively participating in the music industry. However, he occasionally reunites with George Michael’s legacy for special events or celebrations.

            More Than Just Money: Andrew Ridgeley’s Legacy

            Andrew Ridgeley’s net worth is a testament to the enduring success of Wham! and the power of pop music.  However, his legacy extends far beyond mere financial figures.  

            He was an integral part of a musical duo that brought joy to millions worldwide, and his friendship with George Michael remains a cherished memory for fans.  While he may not actively pursue music anymore, his contributions to the industry are undeniable.

            Here are some additional questions that people often ask about Andrew Ridgeley’s net worth:

            • Has Andrew Ridgeley inherited any money? There is no public information available regarding any inheritances Andrew Ridgeley may have received.
            • Does Andrew Ridgeley still earn royalties from Wham!’s music? Yes, Ridgeley is likely to continue receiving royalties from Wham!’s record sales and streams, as well as his co-writing credit on “Careless Whisper.”
            • How does Andrew Ridgeley spend his money? As Ridgeley keeps a private life, details about his spending habits are unknown. However, his involvement in philanthropy suggests a commitment to giving back.

            Andrew Ridgeley’s story is one of musical success, personal exploration, and enduring friendship.  His net worth reflects the impact of Wham!, but his true legacy lies in the music he helped create and the memories he shared with millions.

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