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God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus (NG+) mode! This free update, released in April 2023, lets you replay the enthralling Norse adventure with a whole new level of power and customization. But what exactly does NG+ offer, and how does it differ from your initial playthrough? This comprehensive guide delves into everything you need to know to conquer Ragnarok once more.

God of War Ragnarok's

Unleashing Your Inner God: Unlocking New Game Plus

Before wielding the Leviathan Axe anew, you’ll need to meet a crucial requirement: completing the main story of God of War Ragnarok. Once the credits roll and the fate of the Norse gods is settled (no spoilers here!), head back to the main menu. You’ll now see the glorious “New Game+” option waiting for you. Selecting it will allow you to choose a save file from your previous playthrough to carry over your progress.

Important Note: Be mindful that NG+ isn’t accessible from mid-game saves. Make sure you’ve finished the main story entirely.

Carrying the Weight of Asgard: What Transfers to NG+

New Game Plus in Ragnarok isn’t just about reliving the story. It’s about experiencing it with the full might of your battle-hardened Kratos. Here’s what carries over from your initial playthrough:

Kratos and Atreus’ Stats and Skills: All the experience you earned translates to a powerful Kratos right from the start. Your unlocked skills and abilities are also available, allowing you to unleash devastating combos and tactical maneuvers from the get-go.

Equipment and Resources: Remember that legendary Leviathan Axe and versatile Blades of Chaos? They’ll be waiting for you in NG+, along with all the armor sets, shields, weapon attachments, and talismans you collected. Resources like Hacksilver and crafting materials also carry over, giving you a head start on further upgrades.

Artifacts: Those intriguing artifacts you discovered throughout your journey come back as well. However, in NG+, selling them to the blacksmith yields precious Skoll Shells, a valuable new resource for powerful enchantments (more on that later).

What Doesn’t Transfer:

Story Progress: Naturally, the story resets, allowing you to experience the epic narrative once more. However, some key story-related items, like Sonic and Hex arrows, won’t be available until you reach the specific points in the game where you originally acquired them.

New Gear, New Challenges: Enhancements in NG+

NG+ isn’t just about replaying the story with your existing arsenal. It throws exciting new elements into the mix, keeping the combat fresh and challenging. Here’s what awaits you:

Increased Level Cap: Both Kratos and his enemies gain a higher level cap in NG+. This allows for further character progression and even more powerful gear.

Plus Versions of Equipment: Your existing level 9 armor, weapons, enchantments, and shields can be converted into powerful “Plus” versions. These offer additional upgrade slots, allowing you to push your gear to even greater heights.

New Enchantments: Skoll Shells, obtained from selling artifacts, unlock a new tier of enchantments for your armor and weapons. These powerful enhancements offer unique benefits, letting you further customize your playstyle.

Primal Flames and Celestial Fossils: Hidden throughout the Nine Realms are Primal Flames and Celestial Fossils. These new resources allow you to upgrade your weapon attachments and shields to their final tier, granting them unmatched power.

Don’t Forget the Grind: While NG+ provides a significant power boost, some of these new upgrades require exploration and resource gathering. Be prepared to delve back into the world and seek out these hidden treasures.

More Reasons to Rejoin the Father-Son Duo

Beyond the new gear and challenges, NG+ offers several quality-of-life improvements and reasons to revisit Ragnarok:

Shop Tweaks: The in-game shop now allows for buying and selling resources in smaller increments, making resource management more convenient.

Platinum Trials: Remember those optional challenges scattered across the realms? NG+ adds a new “Platinum” difficulty tier to these trials, offering a true test of your combat prowess and rewarding you with even better loot.

Cosmetic Changes: Love a specific armor set but dislike its appearance? NG+ introduces transmog functionality. You can now alter the appearance of your armor while retaining the stats of another set. This allows for ultimate customization of your Kratos’ visual style.


How do I access New Game Plus?

Beat the main story! After completing the “The Realms at War” quest and rolling the credits, you’ll see a “New Game+” option on the main menu.

What carries over to New Game Plus?

Kratos gets to keep his entire arsenal: weapons (including the Draupnir Spear!), armor, weapon attachments, skills, and resources (except for some story-specific items like Sonic and Hex arrows).

Is there anything new in New Game Plus?

Absolutely! NG+ brings a higher level cap for both Kratos and enemies, plus new “Plus” versions of your existing equipment offering further upgrades. New Enchantments for your gear and the ability to buy and sell resources in bulk add variety to your build.

Are there any difficulty tweaks in New Game Plus?

While the base difficulty remains the same, enemies are generally tougher due to the increased level cap. However, you’ll be a powerhouse from the get-go, making for a more balanced, strategic experience.

Is New Game Plus worth it?

If you loved the combat and want to unleash Kratos’ full potential with all your unlocked gear, NG+ is a fantastic way to replay the story with a fresh twist. It’s perfect for mastering combat and experimenting with different builds.

Can I use my old save file for New Game Plus?

Yes, but creating a separate save slot is recommended. New Game Plus creates a new save file based on your completed game.

Do trophies unlock again in New Game Plus?

No, trophies won’t unlock again for actions you’ve already completed. However, there might be new trophies specific to NG+ challenges.

How long is a New Game Plus playthrough?

It depends on your goals! You can breeze through the story or explore every corner for hidden content. Generally, expect a shorter playtime than your first run due to having powerful gear.

Are there any missables in New Game Plus?

Some collectibles might be locked behind story progression, so keep an eye out for areas you couldn’t access earlier.

Is New Game Plus free?

Yes! The New Game Plus mode arrived as a free update for God of War Ragnarok on April 5, 2023. So, fire up your blades and prepare to conquer Ragnarok anew!

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