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GTA Week Update, Buckle up, gearheads and hustlers! Buckle up! A fresh week in Los Santos brings a brand new set of opportunities to rake in serious cash and flaunt your skills behind the wheel. Let’s dive headfirst into the latest GTA Online weekly update and explore everything Rockstar Games has lined up for players this time around.

Hit the Gas and Rev Up Your Earnings: Open Wheel Races Take Center Stage

This week, the adrenaline-pumping world of Open Wheel racing takes the spotlight. Gear up and prepare to test your mettle on the high-octane tracks scattered across Southern San Andreas. Throughout the week, all Open Wheel Races are dishing out a whopping 3X GTA$ and RP. This is your golden chance to not only hone your racing prowess but also amass a significant fortune while doing so.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Open Wheel circuit or a newcomer looking to taste the thrill of high-speed competition, this is the perfect time to jump in. Take advantage of these boosted rewards and climb the ranks, leaving your rivals in the dust.


Nightclubs Booming: Double Your Nightlife Empire’s Income

For the business moguls of Los Santos, this week brings a delightful treat. All enterprising nightclub owners can rejoice as Nightclub income is doubled for the entire week. Your tireless efforts in building your nightlife empire are about to be richly rewarded. Daily income for Nightclubs is seeing a 2X GTA$ boost, ensuring a significant cash injection into your virtual bank accounts.

So, if you haven’t already invested in a Nightclub, this might be the perfect time to consider it. With boosted income and the ever-present passive income stream, Nightclubs remain a lucrative business venture in GTA Online.

Free Bleuter’d Tee: A Token of Appreciation

Rockstar Games is showing its appreciation to all GTA Online players this week. Simply logging in during the active update period will grant you the exclusive Bleuter’d Tee, a stylish addition to any wardrobe. Don’t miss out on this freebie; it’s a great way to add a touch of flair to your online persona.

Double the Trouble, Double the Rewards: Simeon Contact Missions

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to making money, this week has you covered. All Simeon Contact Missions, including the ever-popular Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions, are offering double the rewards – 2X GTA$ and 4X RP.

Simeon’s shady dealings present a perfect opportunity to test your skills in vehicle repossession, all while lining your pockets with some serious cash. Whether you’re a lone wolf or prefer to team up with friends, these missions provide a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Taxis: The Unlikely Path to Riches

This week, even the most mundane tasks can bring hefty rewards. Buckle up and prepare to become the ultimate taxi driver because Taxi Work is offering a staggering 4X GTA$. Cruise around Los Santos, pick up fares, and deliver them to their destinations safely in exchange for a significant financial boost.

This might be an unconventional way to make money in GTA Online, but with the current bonuses, it’s certainly worth considering. Put your driving skills to the test and explore the vibrant world of Los Santos while earning a hefty sum simultaneously.

Beyond the Highlights: Additional Bonuses and Content

The latest GTA Online update brings more than just the aforementioned highlights. Here’s a quick rundown of some additional bonuses and content you can explore this week:

Rockstar Racing Suit: As you participate in Open Wheel Races this week, keep an eye out for the exclusive Rockstar Racing Suit. This stylish garment is a perfect way to show off your dedication to the high-octane world of racing.

Discounted Open Wheel Vehicles and Liveries: Feeling the need for speed? Take advantage of discounts on various Open Wheel vehicles and liveries to truly personalize your racing experience.

Double RP on Special Cargo Deliveries: For the import/export tycoons, Special Cargo deliveries are offering double RP throughout the week. This is a great way to climb the ranks while simultaneously boosting your profits.

Community Queries Addressed: A Look at YouTube Trends

Based on recent trends on YouTube, here’s a closer look at some questions players might have regarding the latest update:

Are there any vehicle discounts besides Open Wheel vehicles? While there’s no official confirmation yet, keep an eye out for potential leaks or Rockstar Newswire announcements regarding additional vehicle discounts during the week.

How long will these bonuses last? The current update and its associated bonuses are typically active for a week. You can expect them to last until the next GTA Online update arrives.


What are the current bonuses in GTA Online?

This week, racers can zoom their way to riches with 3X GTA$ and RP on all Open Wheel Races. Nightclub owners can also celebrate a 2X boost on their Daily Income.

Is there a free item this week?

Yup! Just log in anytime this week and you’ll automatically receive the Bleuter’d Tee, a cool new addition to your wardrobe.

Are there any special activities for money grinding?

Absolutely! Simeon Contact Missions and Premium Deluxe Repo Work are offering 2X GTA$ and 4X RP all week long.

Are there any expiring bonuses?

If you’re looking to move some product, you only have until May 7th to earn 2X GTA$ and RP on Export Mixed Goods Missions.

What are the Prize Ride and Lucky Wheel rewards?

There’s no official information yet on the Prize Ride or Lucky Wheel rewards for this week. Keep an eye on social media for announcements from Rockstar Games.

Are there any discounts available?

Rockstar hasn’t revealed any specific discounts for this week. However, you can always check the in-game stores for deals on vehicles, weapons, and other goodies.

Is there a new Community Series this week?

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any announcements regarding a new Community Series this week.

What are some additional ways to make money this week?

Taxi Work is paying out a whopping 4X GTA$ all week. So, dust off your taxi skills and ferry passengers around Los Santos for some quick cash.

Are there any special events happening this week?

Keep an eye on the in-game calendar for any surprise events or activities that Rockstar might throw your way.

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