Hakari Kinji-The Uncrowned King of Jujutsu Kaisen?


Kinji Hakari, the charismatic gambler from Kyoto Jujutsu High, has quickly become a fan favourite in Jujutsu Kaisen. His flamboyant personality, unpredictable fighting style, and immense power have sparked debate among fans: Does Hakari deserve the coveted Special Grade sorcerer designation?

This article dives deep into the mystery surrounding Hakari’s official ranking, exploring his abilities, the requirements for Special Grade status, and the potential reasons why he hasn’t been classified as such.

The Allure of the Special Grade: Power Beyond Measure

Special Grade sorcerers represent the pinnacle of Jujutsu society. These elite individuals possess the raw power and skill to single-handedly sway the course of battles and exorcise cataclysmic threats. The official criteria for achieving Special Grade status are never explicitly stated in the series, but based on the established characters who hold this rank, some key factors seem to come into play:

Overwhelming Cursed Energy: Special Grades boast immense reserves of cursed energy, dwarfing those of lower grades. This translates to devastating offensive and defensive capabilities.

Mastery of Jujutsu Techniques: These sorcerers possess a deep understanding and masterful control of their cursed techniques. They can utilize them with unmatched efficiency and devastating effect.

Domain Expansion: A hallmark of Special Grade sorcerers, a Domain Expansion creates a personal reality imbued with cursed energy. This grants the caster immense control over the environment and significantly boosts their power within the domain.

Hakari’s Arsenal: A Case for Special Grade Potential

Hakari showcases a unique blend of abilities that solidify his place as one of Jujutsu Kaisen’s most formidable sorcerers. Let’s break down his skillset:

Immense Cursed Energy: While the exact level remains unconfirmed, Hakari has displayed a staggering amount of cursed energy. He can fight continuously for extended periods without running out of steam, a feat that rivals established Special Grades.

Innate Domain: Hakari possesses a complete Domain Expansion, a rare accomplishment even among top-tier sorcerers. While the details of his domain remain shrouded in mystery, its very existence positions him alongside other Special Grade threats.

Pinnacle Physical Prowess: Hakari’s physical strength, speed, and reflexes are exceptional. He can effortlessly overpower opponents and deliver devastating blows.

Heavenly Restriction: Hakari’s signature technique embodies his gambler nature. By activating it, he wagers all his cursed energy on a coin toss. If he lands heads, his physical and cursed energy output are significantly amplified. This technique grants him bursts of power that rival, if not surpass, even Special Grade sorcerers. However, landing tails nullify his cursed energy entirely, leaving him vulnerable.

The Unquantifiable Factor: Unorthodox Strategies and Reckless Abandon

Despite his undeniable power, Hakari’s unorthodox approach to combat raises questions about his suitability for the Special Grade classification. Here’s why some believe he might not fit the mold:

Unpredictable Fighting Style: Hakari relies heavily on his Heavenly Restriction, essentially gambling with his own power. This unpredictable strategy, while potent, can be seen as reckless and unreliable by the Jujutsu establishment.

Lack of Strategic Thinking: Hakari prioritizes thrill and enjoyment over meticulous planning. While his instincts are often on point, his impulsiveness might not inspire confidence in those responsible for ranking.

Institutional Politics: Jujutsu society is steeped in tradition and hierarchy. Hakari’s rebellious attitude and disregard for authority might put him at odds with those who decide on Special Grade placements.

The Verdict: A Special Case or Simply Underrated?

So, does Hakari deserve the Special Grade title? The answer, as with many things in Jujutsu Kaisen, is complex.

On one hand, Hakari possesses raw power, complete Domain Expansion, and immense physical capabilities, all hallmarks of Special Grade sorcerers. Even Yuta Okkotsu, a confirmed Special Grade, acknowledges that Hakari on a roll is likely more powerful than him.

However, Hakari’s reliance on luck and his volatile personality might work against him in the eyes of the Jujutsu elite. They might favour a more controlled and strategic approach to wielding such immense power.

Ultimately, Hakari remains an anomaly โ€“ an uncrowned king whose true potential is yet to be fully unleashed. Whether he achieves official Special Grade status or carves his own path of dominance remains to be seen.

This ongoing debate reflects the beauty of Jujutsu Kaisen’s power system. It’s not just about raw strength; strategic thinking, adaptability, and even personality can influence a sorcerer’s effectiveness. 


Q: Is Hakari a Special Grade sorcerer?

A: As of the latest manga chapters, Hakari is not officially classified as a Special Grade.

Q: But wait, isn’t he super strong?

A: Absolutely! Hakari possesses immense cursed energy reserves, a unique technique, and a complete Domain Expansion. These are all hallmarks of a Special Grade sorcerer. Even Yuta Okkotsu acknowledges Hakari’s potential to surpass him, a current Special Grade.

Q: Then why isn’t he classified as Special Grade?

There are a few theories:

Power Level: While powerful, some argue Hakari might not be on par with established Special Grades like Yuki Tsukumo or Suguru Geto.

Unorthodox Techniques: Hakari’s technique relies on luck and gambling, which might not be considered “reliable” enough for the Jujutsu Higher-Ups.

Personality: Hakari’s reckless and carefree personality could clash with the seriousness expected of a Special Grade.

Q: So, what grade is Hakari?

There’s no official confirmation, but his abilities suggest he’s at least Grade 1, possibly unofficially exceeding that level.

Q: Will Hakari ever become a Special Grade?

It’s a strong possibility! With his immense potential and the ongoing threats in the Jujutsu world, the higher-ups might be forced to acknowledge his strength.

Q. What are some popular fan theories?

Some fans believe Hakari’s classification is a deliberate plot point, potentially leading to him defying the Jujutsu system. Others theorize his power might further evolve, solidifying his Special Grade status.

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