Unveiling the Hall of Herodiana: A Hogwarts Legacy Side


Hall of herodiana, Calling all witches and wizards with a penchant for puzzles! The halls of Hogwarts hold many secrets, and the Hall of Herodiana is no exception. This intriguing side quest in the open-world adventure game Hogwarts Legacy presents a series of challenges that will test your magical abilities and wit. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking a refresher or a newcomer eager to learn more, this guide delves into everything you need to know about the Hall of Herodiana.

Hall of herodiana

Unlocking the Secret: How to Find the Hall

The Hall of Herodiana becomes accessible after completing the main story quest, “The Helm of Urtkot.” Once you’ve tackled that adventure, head over to the Charms Class Floo Flame in the Astronomy Wing. There, you’ll encounter Sophronia Franklin, a Ravenclaw student with a thirst for historical mysteries.

She’ll introduce you to Herodiana Byren, a talented witch renowned for her mastery of the Depulso spell. Intrigued by a hidden chamber dedicated to Herodiana, Sophronia seeks your help in unlocking its secrets. Here’s where the real magic begins!

Embarking on the Challenge: The Puzzles of Herodiana

Accepting Sophronia’s request initiates the “Hall of Herodiana” side quest. To uncover the secrets within, you’ll need to navigate three separate chambers, each featuring a unique puzzle that demands a strategic use of your spells.

Here’s a breakdown of each puzzle and how to solve them:

Chamber 1: A Trial of Moving Blocks

The Challenge: This room presents you with a series of stone blocks that can be manipulated using the spells Accio (to pull) and Depulso (to push). Your objective is to use these spells strategically to create a path that allows you to reach a chest containing loot and progress to the next chamber.

The Solution: Start by casting Accio on the first block to pull it towards you. Then, use Depulso to push it forward, creating a small platform. Climb onto the platform and cast Accio again on the remaining blocks to bring them closer. Finally, use Accio one last time to climb onto the combined blocks and reach the exit. Remember, a glowing orb in the room acts as a reset switch if you make a mistake and want to reposition the blocks.

Chamber 2: A Test of Timing and Precision

The Challenge: This chamber features moving platforms that activate and deactivate in a specific sequence. Your goal is to utilize these platforms to navigate the room and reach the exit while avoiding gaps that appear when the platforms are inactive.

The Solution: Observe the movement pattern of the platforms. Carefully time your jumps and utilize the stationary platforms to reach the moving ones when they activate. Remember, patience is key! Take your time, observe the pattern, and you’ll find the rhythm to conquer this challenge.

Chamber 3: A Masterclass in Depulso

The Challenge: This final chamber puts your Depulso mastery to the ultimate test. You’ll encounter a large, movable platform that needs to be strategically positioned to form bridges and allow you to reach a higher level.

The Solution: First, cast Depulso on the platform to push it towards the right wall. Then, use Accio to pull it slightly forward, creating a bridge to a nearby platform. Once on the platform, use Depulso again to push the large platform back to the center of the room. Finally, cast Accio twice on the platform to bring it closer and allow you to climb to the final chest containing the best loot of the quest.

Bonus Tip: Throughout these challenges, keep an eye out for additional chests containing valuable gear and resources.

Claiming Your Reward: The Spoils of Herodiana’s Hall

Successfully navigating all three chambers unlocks a hidden passage leading to a grand reward – pieces of the unique “Herodiana’s Garb” outfit. This stylish ensemble, featuring a Ravenclaw-inspired navy blue and ivory color scheme, is a worthy prize for your puzzle-solving prowess.

Additional Notes:

Players have reported encountering a slight glitch where the platforms in Chamber 2 might not activate correctly. If this occurs, simply reload the area, and the platforms should function as intended.

While not mandatory to complete the game, tackling the Hall of Herodiana side quest offers a rewarding experience for players who enjoy a good puzzle challenge. It also allows you to hone your spellcasting skills and acquire valuable equipment for your character.


What is the Hall of Herodiana?

The Hall of Herodiana is a secret chamber located in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s a side quest that tasks you with solving a series of puzzles to uncover the secrets left behind by a talented witch named Herodiana Byren.

How do I access the Hall of Herodiana?

You can only embark on this quest after completing the main story mission, “The Helm of Urtkot.” Once that’s done, head to the Charms Class Floo Flame in the Astronomy Wing. There, you’ll find a Ravenclaw student named Sophronia Franklin who will initiate the quest, “The Hall of Herodiana.”

What are the puzzles like?

The puzzles in the Hall of Herodiana all revolve around manipulating magical platforms using the Depulso and Accio spells. You’ll need to strategically use these spells to move platforms, creating pathways and reaching higher areas. Each room presents a unique puzzle that requires logical thinking and a good understanding of spell mechanics.

Are there any guides available to help me solve the puzzles?

Absolutely! If you get stuck or want a visual reference, there are numerous resources available online. You can find many walkthroughs and video guides (search for “Hall of Herodiana Walkthrough” or “Hall of Herodiana Puzzles Solution”) that offer step-by-step instructions and demonstrations for each puzzle.

What rewards do I get for completing the Hall of Herodiana?

For each puzzle you solve, you’ll be rewarded with a piece of gear. By completing all three puzzles, you’ll acquire the entire “Herodiana’s Signature Outfit,” a stylish ensemble perfect for any aspiring witch or wizard.

Is there anything else to know about the Hall of Herodiana?

Keep an eye out for reset switches in each chamber. These magical disco balls (yes, really!) will reset the platforms to their starting positions in case you make a mistake. Additionally, the challenges in the Hall of Herodiana are a great way to practice your spellcasting and problem-solving skills, which will come in handy throughout your Hogwarts Legacy adventures.

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