Hateno Village: A Haven of Peace in Hyrule


Hateno village, Nestled in the eastern reaches of Necluda lies Hateno Village, a quaint settlement that has become a familiar landmark for adventurers in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom. Largely untouched by the devastation of the Great Calamity, Hateno Village offers a sense of tranquility and serves as a central hub for players to restock, upgrade, and embark on new quests.

This guide delves into everything you need to know about Hateno Village, from its idyllic location and storied past to the shops, services, and exciting quests it offers.

Hateno village

A Haven Untouched: Location and History

Hateno Village sits on the eastern edge of the Necluda region, far removed from the central Hyrule ravaged by Ganon’s malice. This strategic positioning, coupled with the valiant defense of Fort Hateno, has allowed the village to maintain a peaceful existence. Lush green fields surround the village, dotted with farms and windmills that paint a picture of rural prosperity.

The village itself boasts a rich history. Prior to the Calamity, Hateno was a flourishing agricultural center, and its legacy continues in Tears of the Kingdom. However, the arrival of a mysterious flying machine and its eccentric researcher, Purah, has sparked a “culture war” within the village, with residents divided between embracing technological advancements and preserving traditional ways.

Friendly Faces and Helpful Services

Hateno Village bustles with friendly Hylians eager to assist Link on his journey. Here’s a breakdown of the key shops and services you’ll find:

East Wind General Store: This one-stop shop offers various essentials for your adventure, including arrows, food items, cooking ingredients (like Hylian Rice, Carrots, and Tomatoes), and even fresh Milk. Stock up on supplies before venturing into the wilds.

Kochi Dye Shop: Want to personalize Link’s look? Kochi Dye Shop allows you to change the color of your paraglider, adding a touch of flair to your trusty gliding tool.

Bolson Construction: If you’re looking for a more permanent base, Bolson Construction can sell you a house in Hateno Village. Owning a house provides valuable storage space and a fast travel point.

The Stables: Rest your weary horse and purchase new steeds at the Stables. You can also register captured horses here to expand your equine collection.

Spring of Courage/Wisdom/Endurance: Replenish your lost hearts or boost your stamina and health gauges at the designated springs located around the village.

Hateno Lab: Perched atop the hill overlooking the village, the enigmatic Hateno Lab houses Purah, a brilliant but quirky researcher. While the Lab’s functions remain shrouded in mystery in Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom hints at its potential role in the ongoing technological advancements.

Unveiling the Secrets: Quests and Side Activities

Hateno Village isn’t just a rest stop; it’s also a hub for exciting quests and activities. Here are some highlights:

Main Quests:

“The Hero’s Path” (Breath of the Wild): This quest allows you to revisit key moments in your journey by retracing your steps through glowing blue phantoms that mark your past locations.

“The Hateno Village Main Questline” (Tears of the Kingdom): Embark on a quest that delves into the village’s cultural divide. Choose sides between Cece, who champions tradition, and Reede, who embraces technological innovation. Your choice will impact the village’s future.

Side Quests:

“Shrine Seeker” (Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom): Help local researcher Robbie by finding missing Sheikah Slate fragments scattered throughout Hyrule. Completing this quest unlocks additional Shrine locations, granting valuable rewards.

“From the Ground Up” (Breath of the Wild): Bolson Construction needs your help gathering materials to rebuild a ruined house. This quest not only rewards you with rupees but also contributes to the beautification of Hateno Village.

Mini-Games: Test your archery skills at the Test Your Might! challenge located near the Spring of Courage. Sharpshooters can win valuable arrows and bragging rights.

Beyond the Village Walls: Exploring the Surroundings

The serene beauty surrounding Hateno Village offers opportunities for exploration and discovery. Here are some interesting locations to check out:

Fort Hateno: The imposing wall guarding the eastern approach to the village stands as a testament to Hateno’s successful defense against Calamity Ganon’s forces.

Kakariko Village: Journey south from Hateno to reach Kakariko Village, another peaceful settlement known for its friendly Sheikah inhabitants.


Where in the world is Hateno Village?

Hateno Village resides in the eastern edge of Hyrule, within the Hateno Region. You can find it by heading east from Dueling Peaks or south from Kakariko Village, reaching the Blatchery Plain. Look out for Fort Hateno, a large wall marking the village entrance.

Sounds peaceful! Is it safe?

Compared to other areas ravaged by the Calamity, Hateno Village is a haven of tranquility. You won’t face constant monster threats here. However, you might encounter Bokoblins near the village entrance, so keep your guard up!

I need a room for the night. Any inns around?

Of course! The Great Pon Tu Inn welcomes weary travelers like yourself. For a mere 20 Rupees, you can rest and replenish your hearts. They even offer a unique option to gain a temporary heart for 40 Rupees.

My stomach’s rumbling! What can I find to eat?

Hateno Village is known for its fresh produce! You can purchase various groceries from the general store, including Hylian Rice, Swift Carrots, and delicious Hateno Cheese (available after a quest).

My gear needs some work. Are there any shops?

You’ll find a well-stocked armor shop in Hateno Village, perfect for upgrading your defenses. Additionally, the general store sells arrows to replenish your stock.

I’m itching for an adventure! Does Hateno Village offer any quests?

Hateno Village is a hub for quests! Talk to the friendly folks around town, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to help out, earn rewards, and progress in the game.

I spotted a fancy lab on a hill. What’s that about?

That’s the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, home to the brilliant researcher Purah. The Lab plays a significant role in the story, but we won’t spoil the surprise!

Heard whispers about Korok Seeds. Can I find any in Hateno?

While Hateno Village itself might not be teeming with Korok Seeds, the surrounding areas definitely hold some! Keep your eyes peeled for those tricky hiding spots.

Fashion is important, even in Hyrule! Can I spruce up my look in Hateno?

Unfortunately, Hateno Village doesn’t have a clothing shop as of now. But hey, maybe you’ll find some interesting armor pieces that suit your style during your quests!

Is Hateno Village worth visiting?

Absolutely! With its peaceful atmosphere, helpful shops, exciting quests, and proximity to other interesting locations, Hateno Village is a must-visit for any adventurer in Breath of the Wild. So gear up, explore, and enjoy the charm of Hateno Village!

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