The Hippogriff Marks the Spot: A Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Hunt


Hippogriff marks the spot, Calling all witches and wizards! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling treasure hunt within the magical grounds of Hogwarts? The “Hippogriff Marks the Spot” quest in Hogwarts Legacy offers a chance to test your puzzle-solving skills and unearth valuable rewards. This guide delves into everything you need to know about this exciting side quest, from initiating it to claiming your well-deserved loot.

Hippogriff marks

Unearthing the Quest: Where to Begin

The adventure starts not within the grand halls of Hogwarts itself, but in the scenic Poidsear Coast region. Head south of Hogwarts towards the imposing Poidsear Castle. As you explore the area outside the castle, keep an eye out for a cluster of tents. One of these tents holds the key to unlocking the “Hippogriff Marks the Spot” quest. Inside, amongst various odds and ends, you’ll find a curious scroll. Interact with it to officially begin your treasure hunt.

The scroll unveils a cryptic message left behind by Henrietta, an adventurous witch who seemingly stumbled upon a hidden treasure. However, before you can claim the prize for yourself, you’ll need to decipher the clues and navigate to Henrietta’s secret hideaway.

Following Henrietta’s Trail: Locating the Hidden Passage

The message on the scroll points you towards Henrietta’s Hideaway, but pinpointing the exact location requires a bit of exploration. Here’s where your Hogwarts flying lessons come in handy! Take to the skies and head south towards the Manor Cape region on your map. As you approach the southernmost tip of the cape, you’ll spot a ruined castle standing defiantly against the elements.

This ruined castle holds the key to Henrietta’s secret. Look for a small opening nestled within the mountainside, most likely near the base of the ruined structure. This inconspicuous crevice serves as the entrance to Henrietta’s Hideaway, and it’s here where the real treasure hunt begins.

Deciphering the Hippogriff’s Secrets: Solving the Puzzle

Once you enter Henrietta’s Hideaway, prepare to face a magical puzzle that stands between you and the coveted treasure. The central feature of the hideaway is a majestic statue of a hippogriff, a mythical creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a horse. But this isn’t just any ordinary statue – it holds the key to unlocking the hidden chamber containing Henrietta’s treasure.

Here’s where things get interesting. Look closely at the surroundings, and you’ll notice several braziers positioned around the hippogriff statue. These braziers are no mere decoration; they’re integral to solving the puzzle.

Consulting Henrietta’s map, which you should have acquired alongside the scroll, reveals a crucial clue. The map depicts the hippogriff statue with specific braziers marked. This is the key to activating the hidden chamber. Your task is to light the braziers indicated on the map and extinguish all others.

However, there’s a catch. While some YouTubers recommend brute-forcing the solution by lighting and extinguishing braziers repeatedly, there’s a more efficient approach. Luckily, the internet has yielded valuable insights from players who have cracked the code. According to various walkthroughs, the solution involves lighting the braziers positioned at specific cardinal directions based on Henrietta’s map.

Here’s the breakdown, based on common findings online:

Ignite the braziers positioned at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 9 o’clock on the map (facing the statue).

Ensure all other braziers are extinguished.

If you’ve solved the puzzle correctly, a hidden chamber should reveal itself behind the hippogriff statue. Congratulations, you’ve cracked Henrietta’s code!

Claiming Your Reward: The Treasure Awaits

Step into the newly revealed chamber and prepare to be rewarded for your efforts. Inside, you’ll find a gleaming Collection Chest containing the spoils of Henrietta’s adventure. The exact contents of the chest may vary depending on your playthrough, but you can expect to find valuable gear and resources that will aid you in your magical journey.

One commonly mentioned reward is the coveted Treasure-Seeker’s Gloves. These magical gloves enhance your ability to detect hidden objects within the game world, proving to be a valuable asset for any aspiring treasure hunter.

Beyond the Treasure: The Legacy of Exploration

The “Hippogriff Marks the Spot” quest serves as a microcosm of the vast and immersive world that Hogwarts Legacy offers. It encourages exploration, rewards puzzle-solving skills, and grants access to valuable resources. This side quest is just a taste of the many hidden secrets and challenges that await you within the magical grounds of Hogwarts and beyond.


What is “The Hippogriff Marks the Spot” quest?

This is a side quest in the popular open-world action RPG, Hogwarts Legacy. It takes you on a treasure hunt following a map left behind by a witch named Henrietta.

How do I start the quest?

Head to Poidsear Coast in the southern region of the map. Outside Poidsear Castle, you’ll find some tents. Look for a scroll lying around in one of them – that’s your quest starter!

Where do I go after finding the scroll?

The scroll mentions Henrietta’s Hideaway. Fly south to Manor Cape and locate the ruined castle at the southern tip. You’ll find a small hallway leading into the mountain – that’s your entrance!

What awaits me inside Henrietta’s Hideaway?

Get ready for some action! You’ll encounter dark wizards inside. Take them out before proceeding further.

How do I find the treasure?

After defeating the dark wizards, you’ll come across a puzzle – a statue of a Hippogriff (half-eagle, half-horse). To find the treasure, you need to solve this puzzle.

How do I solve the Hippogriff statue puzzle?

Look closely at Henrietta’s map. It depicts the braziers (fire pots) surrounding the statue. You need to light up specific braziers and extinguish others in the right order.

What’s the correct order for the braziers?

Standing directly in front of the Hippogriff statue, light the braziers at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions. Use spells like Confringo to light them up. Remember to extinguish any braziers already lit that aren’t part of the solution.

What happens after solving the puzzle?

Once you solve the puzzle, a hidden passage will be revealed behind the Hippogriff statue. This leads to a Collection Chest containing your reward – the Treasure-Seeker’s Gloves!

Are there any guides or walkthroughs available online?

If you get stuck, you’re not alone! Many gamers have created helpful guides and walkthroughs for “The Hippogriff Marks the Spot” quest. You can find them with a quick search online or on YouTube.

Is this quest worth completing?

Absolutely! Not only is it a fun treasure hunt adventure, but the Treasure-Seeker’s Gloves you earn provide a helpful boost to your treasure-finding abilities throughout the game.

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