Cursed Tomb Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy


The world of Hogwarts Legacy brims with hidden secrets and alluring treasures, beckoning curious witches and wizards to embark on thrilling adventures. Among these captivating side quests lies the “Cursed Tomb Treasure,” a captivating journey that combines cryptic map fragments, environmental puzzles, and the promise of a cursed reward. 

This article delves into the intricacies of this quest, exploring its location, challenges, and the intriguing history woven into its lore.

Unearthing the Quest:

The Cursed Tomb Treasure quest begins with the acquisition of a “Mysterious Map Fragment.” This fragment, often found within locked chests scattered across the Highlands, serves as the key that unlocks the path to the hidden treasure. However, obtaining the fragment is merely the first step. 

Deciphering its cryptic symbols and navigating the treacherous landscape that lies ahead are the true tests of a treasure hunter’s wit and skill.

The Tomb of Treachery:

The map fragment points towards the Tomb of Treachery, a location shrouded in mystery and rumored to be cursed. Situated on the northwest corner of the Poidsear Coast region, the tomb lies hidden behind a cascading waterfall, accessible only through a completed Merlin Trial.

As you approach the entrance, a sense of foreboding hangs heavy in the air, hinting at the challenges that lie within.

Navigating the Cursed Tomb:

Upon entering the tomb, you are greeted by a series of intricate puzzles that test your magical prowess and problem-solving abilities. The map fragment serves as your guide, depicting a series of stone blocks that must be manipulated using the Flipendo spell. 

By aligning the arrows on the blocks with the symbols on the map, you gradually unlock the path deeper into the tomb.

The Moth Puzzle:

One of the most intriguing challenges within the tomb involves guiding three glowing moths towards a locked door. These ethereal creatures act as keys, their presence activating the magical barrier. 

Using the Lumos spell, you must carefully guide the moths through intricate pathways, navigating spiderwebs and other obstacles. This puzzle requires patience and precision, as any misstep could lead the moths astray.

The Cursed Reward:

Finally, after overcoming the tomb’s trials, you reach the treasure chest. But beware, for the promise of riches often comes with a price. The chest, adorned with ominous symbols, holds the “Seeker’s Attire,” a powerful piece of gear rumored to be cursed. 

While its exact properties remain shrouded in mystery, rumors suggest it grants enhanced treasure-hunting abilities, but at the potential cost of attracting misfortune.

The Legacy of the Cursed Tomb:

The Cursed Tomb Treasure quest is more than just a simple treasure hunt; it is a glimpse into the hidden history of the wizarding world. The tomb itself is a testament to a bygone era, a forgotten chapter filled with magic, intrigue, and perhaps even a touch of malevolent intent. 

The “Seeker’s Attire” further adds to this mystique, leaving players to ponder the consequences of wielding such a potentially cursed artifact.

Beyond the Treasure:

The Cursed Tomb Treasure quest serves as a microcosm of the larger experience offered by Hogwarts Legacy. It encourages exploration, challenges your problem-solving skills, and rewards your perseverance with unique rewards steeped in lore and intrigue. 

Whether you choose to don the “Seeker’s Attire” and embrace its potential curse or simply admire it from afar, the quest leaves a lasting impression, reminding us that the true treasures in Hogwarts Legacy often lie beyond the tangible riches.


How do I start the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest?

You need to be at least level 24 and have completed the “Helm of Urtkot” main quest. This unlocks the quest marker in the Manor Cape region, southwest of the Bainburgh Floo Flame.

Where do I find the Mysterious Map Fragment?

It can be found in various locked chests scattered throughout the Highlands. However, the quest marker near the West Manor Cape Floo Flame often leads to one.

What happens at the abandoned manor?

You’ll encounter two powerful Inferi enemies: Ailsa Travers and the Lord of the Manor. Defeat them to access the manor’s basement and obtain the Mysterious Map Fragment.

Where is the Tomb of Treachery?

It’s situated on the northwest corner of the Poidsear Coast region, behind a waterfall accessible only through a completed Merlin Trial.

How do I solve the floor puzzle with the map fragment?

Use Flipendo to rotate three specific stone tiles on the floor to match the symbols on the map fragment, revealing a hidden chest.

How do I guide the moths to open the door?

Use Lumos to carefully guide three glowing moths towards the locked door, activating the magical barrier and granting access.

What is the reward for completing the quest?

You receive the “Seeker’s Attire” cosmetic item, rumored to enhance treasure-hunting abilities but potentially attracting misfortune.

Is the Seeker’s Attire cursed?

While the exact effects are unclear, the name and lore suggest a potential curse associated with increased treasure-finding capabilities.

What spells do I need for the quest?

Flipendo, Lumos, and potentially Wingardium Leviosa and Leviosa for a specific moth puzzle.

What level should I be for the quest?

While the minimum level is 24, it’s recommended to be around level 25-28 for easier combat encounters within the tomb.

In conclusion, the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest stands as a testament to the captivating allure of hidden secrets within Hogwarts Legacy. It goes beyond a simple treasure hunt, offering a glimpse into the forgotten corners of the magical world, brimming with cryptic puzzles, environmental challenges, and a touch of the unknown.

The journey to the Tomb of Treachery demands resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, and a dash of courage. The puzzles within test your magical abilities, while the potential curse associated with the “Seeker’s Attire” adds a layer of intrigue and risk-reward.

Ultimately, the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest serves as a microcosm of the larger Hogwarts Legacy experience. It encourages exploration, rewards perseverance, and leaves players with a sense of wonder at the mysteries that lie hidden within the magical world. Whether you choose to embrace the potential curse or simply admire the treasure from afar, the quest leaves a lasting impression, reminding us that the true treasures in Hogwarts Legacy often extend beyond the tangible riches.

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