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For Hogwarts students in Avalanche Software’s immersive RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, the halls of the castle hold countless secrets waiting to be unraveled. One such mystery unfolds in the main story quest, “The High Keep.” This guide delves into everything you need to know to conquer this exciting mission.

A Hippogriff in Need: The Quest Begins

Your Hogwarts adventure takes a turn when your classmate, Natty Onai, seeks your help. Her loyal Hippogriff companion, High Wing, has gone missing, and rumors point to its capture by poachers operating near the abandoned Dumbarton Castle, also known as “The High Keep.” Driven by a sense of justice and perhaps a fondness for magical creatures, you embark on a daring rescue mission with Natty by your side.

Scaling the Battlements: The First Challenge

Reaching High Wing requires navigating the perilous exterior of The High Keep. Your initial obstacle is the formidable battlements guarding the castle entrance. Here’s where your problem-solving skills come into play:

  • Wooden Barricade Blues: A sturdy wooden barricade blocks the main path. Luckily, you’ve been honing your spellcasting abilities. Cast Depulso on the barricade to shatter it and clear the way forward.
  • The Pushing Power of Depulso: Locate a large metal contraption nearby. Use Depulso on this device to push it forward, revealing a hidden passage beneath the broken battlements.

Breaching the Gatehouse: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The hidden passage leads you and Natty to the Gatehouse, another obstacle in your rescue mission. Here’s where cooperation is key:

  • Wingardium Leviosa to the Rescue: A large crate sits in the path, blocking the entrance. Cast Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the crate and create a pathway through the Gatehouse.
  • Strength in Numbers: With the crate levitating, carefully maneuver it to a specific position under a broken section of the battlements’ wall. This creates a makeshift bridge for you and Natty to climb over and continue your ascent.

Reaching the Rooftops: A Breath of Fresh Air (and Danger)

Having scaled the walls, you find yourselves atop the battlements. Here, you’ll need to be prepared for a fight, as poachers patrol these rooftops. Take down any hostiles you encounter to ensure a safe passage.

Box Puzzle Perplexity: A Test of Wit

As you navigate the rooftops, you’ll encounter a seemingly impassable gap. Fear not, for a clever puzzle awaits. Look around for a movable wooden box. Here’s how to solve this brain teaser:

  • Wingardium Leviosa Once More: Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the wooden box and position it on a pressure plate on the ground.
  • The Shifting Path: This activates a hidden mechanism, causing a section of the rooftop to shift and bridge the gap.
  • Moving Onward: With the path cleared, carefully move the box across the newly formed bridge to reach the other side.

A Race Against Time: Deeper into the High Keep

Having overcome these obstacles, you and Natty finally gain access to the interior of The High Keep. Time is of the essence, as the High Wing could be in danger. Prepare to face more poachers within the castle walls as you race towards your objective.

The Final Showdown: Saving High Wing

Following the sounds of distress, you and Natty locate High Wing trapped in a large cage. Here’s where your combat skills are put to the ultimate test:

  • Poacher Takedown: Defeat the poachers guarding the cage, ensuring Highwing’s safety.
  • Unlocking Freedom: Once the poachers are dealt with, locate the cage’s lock and pick it using your lockpicking skills learned throughout your Hogwarts education.

A Successful Rescue and the Rewards of Loyalty

With High Wing freed, you’ve successfully completed “The High Keep” quest. Reuniting Natty with her loyal companion is a heartwarming moment, showcasing the importance of friendship and the bond between humans and magical creatures.

Beyond the Rescue: Additional Rewards and Considerations

While saving High Wing is the primary objective, there’s more to discover within The High Keep:

  • Exploration and Loot: Take some time to explore the castle’s interior. You might find hidden chambers containing treasure chests filled with valuable rewards like gear, potions, and magical components.
  • Secrets and Lore: Keep an eye out for hidden notes, books, or objects that might reveal secrets about The High Keep’s history or the activities of the poachers.


Q: What is “The High Keep” and why am I going there?

A: “The High Keep” is a main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Your classmate, Natty Onai, tasks you with infiltrating the seemingly abandoned Dumbarton Castle. Your objective is to find a letter that could expose the villainous activities of Rookwood and Harlow.

Q: How do I get to Falbarton Castle?

A: The castle is located northeast of Hogsmeade.Travel there by broom or fast travel if you’ve unlocked the Floo Network.

Q: What awaits me inside Falbarton Castle?

A: Prepare for a series of challenges:

  • Climbing the Battlements: Destroyed sections require creative use of spells like “Wingardium Leviosa” to create pathways.
  • Combat Encounters: Poachers have taken refuge in the castle. Prepare to duel them using your combat spells and potions.
  • Puzzles: Solve environmental puzzles involving moving cubes and activating pressure plates with the appropriate spells (“Glacius” for ice, “Incendio” for fire).

Q: Where can I find specific things in the castle?

A: Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Main Gate Key: Look for a locked gatehouse after climbing the battlements. Destroy the wooden barricade with a basic attack and use “Depulso” to push a device revealing the key.
  • Hidden Passage: After opening the main gate, follow Natty and use “Revelio” to reveal a hidden passage behind a bookshelf.

Q: Name the ewards for completing “The High Keep”?

A: Absolutely! You’ll gain valuable experience points and progress the main story. There might also be hidden treasure chests containing helpful items throughout the castle.

Q: On YouTube, I saw people using different approaches. Is there a specific way to complete the quest?

A: The beauty of Hogwarts Legacy lies in its open-ended approach. While there’s a general path to follow, you can solve puzzles creatively and utilize different spells to overcome obstacles.

Q: Any tips for conquering Dumbarton Castle?

  • Stock up on healing potions: Being prepared for combat encounters is crucial.
  • Explore thoroughly: Look for hidden passages and treasure chests using “Revelio.”
  • Experiment with spells: Some puzzles might require combining different spells to solve them.
  • Don’t be afraid to consult a guide: If you get stuck, numerous online walkthroughs (including YouTube videos) offer detailed solutions.

Remember: With a dash of courage, a sprinkle of wit, and a flick of your wand, you’ll conquer Falbarton Castle and unveil the secrets it holds. Good luck on your Hogwarts adventure!

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