Unveiling the Secrets: A Guide to Demiguise Statue Locations in Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Locations, In the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, Demiguise Statues hold the key to unlocking the secrets hidden behind ever-increasingly complex locks. These mischievous moonlit collectibles, guarded by a creature known as the Demiguise, are scattered throughout the grand castle and its surrounding regions. By collecting them, you’ll gain the favor of Mr. Moon, the Hogwarts caretaker, who will reward you with upgraded Alohomora spells, allowing you to access previously restricted areas brimming with treasures and secrets.

This guide delves into the whereabouts of all 30 Demiguise Statues, empowering you to become a master explorer and unlock the full potential of Hogwarts Legacy.

Demiguise Statue Collection Essentials

Before we embark on our treasure hunt, it’s crucial to understand some key points:

Time of Day: Demiguise Statues only reveal themselves at night. You can either wait for the in-game night cycle to progress naturally, or use the handy “wait” function at the Floo Flame travel network checkpoints to advance time.

Shimmering Effect: Look for the statues to shimmer with a faint blue glow when nighttime falls. This indicates their presence and makes them easier to spot amidst the grand Hogwarts scenery.

Alohomora Levels: Upgrading your Alohomora spell with Mr. Moon is essential. Level 1 Alohomora allows you to access Demiguise Statues guarded by basic locks, while level 2 and 3 are required for progressively more complex ones.

Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise

Demiguise Statues Within Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts itself is a treasure trove of Demiguise Statues, waiting to be discovered. Here’s a breakdown of their locations within the castle walls:

Clock Tower Courtyard: This statue is readily accessible once you gain access to the South Wing Floo Flame. Take the nearby door leading to the Haunted Toilets and unlock it with Alohomora I. Enter the middle stall to discover a secret room containing your first Demiguise Statue.

Great Hall: As the heart of Hogwarts, the Great Hall also harbors a Demiguise Statue. As you explore the hall at night, keep an eye out for the statue’s shimmering form.

Professor Fig’s Classroom (Astronomy Wing): This statue resides prominently within Professor Fig’s office, accessible via the Professor Fig’s Floo Flame. Visit his office at night and locate the statue on his desk at the back of the room.

Divination Classroom: Venture into the Divination Classroom at night and seek the Demiguise Statue amidst the mystical surroundings.

Library: The vast Hogwarts Library also houses a Demiguise Statue. Let your curiosity guide you as you explore the shelves at night.

Hogwarts North Exit: As you head towards the North Exit of Hogwarts, keep an eye out for the statue’s glow amidst the moonlight filtering through the grand doors.

Bell Tower Courtyard (Counts as Astronomy Wing): Don’t be misled by the location description. This Demiguise Statue is actually found within the Astronomy Wing, near the Bell Tower Courtyard.

Faculty Tower: As you explore the Faculty Tower, keep an eye out for the statue’s subtle shimmer at night.

Potions Classroom: Unleash your inner potioneer while searching for the Demiguise Statue hidden within the Potions Classroom at night.

Beasts Classroom: Care for fantastic beasts and unearth the Demiguise Statue concealed within the Beasts Classroom after dark.

Transfiguration Courtyard: Transform your perspective and seek the Demiguise Statue nestled within the Transfiguration Courtyard at night.

Demiguise Statues Beyond Hogwarts Walls

The magical world extends far beyond Hogwarts. Let’s explore the Demiguise Statues waiting to be discovered in the surrounding regions:

Upper Hogsfield: Take a trip to Hogsmeade and head towards Upper Hogsfield. You’ll find the Demiguise Statue waiting to be collected in this quaint area.

Lower Hogsfield: Descend to Lower Hogsfield and keep your eyes peeled for the statue’s glow at night.

Keenbridge: Venture out to Keenbridge and seek the Demiguise Statue hidden within this charming village.

Aranshire: Travel to the hamlet of Aranshire located east of Hogwarts across the lake. Remember, you’ll need Alohomora I to unlock the house where the statue is hidden.

Brocburrow: The Weasley family home, Brocburrow, also harbors a Demiguise Statue waiting to be found.

Feldcroft: Explore the Feldcroft region and unearth the hidden Demiguise Statue.


What are Demiguise Statues?

Demiguise Statues are small, collectible statues depicting a magical creature holding a glowing moon. Finding them at night unlocks upgrades for your Alohomora spell, allowing you to pick even tougher locks.

How many Demiguise Statues are there?

There are a total of 30 Demiguise Statues scattered across Hogwarts Castle and the surrounding open-world regions.

Where can I find Demiguise Statues?

Demiguise Statues can be found in various locations, including:

Inside Hogwarts Castle: Keep an eye out in classrooms, hallways, and secret rooms.

Hogsmeade Village: Explore shops and houses to uncover hidden statues.

The Open World: Search hamlets, abandoned buildings, and other points of interest.

How do I know when I’m near a Demiguise Statue?

Demiguise Statues only reveal themselves at night. When you’re close to one at night, it’ll shimmer with a faint glow, making it easier to spot.

Do I need any Spells to collect Demiguise Statues?

Not for the statues themselves, but you’ll need Alohomora to access some locations where they’re hidden. Upgrading Alohomora with Demiguise Statues allows you to open even more locked doors and chests.

Is there a faster way to find Demiguise Statues?

There isn’t a built-in map that shows them all, but you can find online guides and walkthroughs with detailed locations for each statue. These guides often include screenshots or videos to help you pinpoint them.

What happens when I collect a Demiguise Statue?

Once you collect a statue, it disappears, and a message will appear confirming you’ve found it. You’ll need to return to Mr. Moon, the caretaker at Hogwarts, to upgrade Alohomora using the collected statues.

Are there any rewards for collecting all Demiguise Statues?

Besides unlocking the highest level of Alohomora, there’s no specific in-game reward for collecting all 30 statues. However, you’ll gain access to plenty of hidden loot and areas throughout the game by upgrading your lockpicking skills.

Can I miss any Demiguise Statues?

No worries! You can explore all areas freely at any point in the game, so you can always come back later to find any statues you missed.

I found a Demiguise Statue but can’t pick a lock to get to it. What do I need?

This means you need to upgrade Alohomora further. Keep collecting Demiguise Statues and return to Mr. Moon to unlock the next level of Alohomora, allowing you to access previously locked areas with statues.

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