A Guide to the “Solved by the Bell” Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts Legacy is brimming with secrets and hidden treasures waiting to be unearthed. Among its many intriguing side quests is “Solved by the Bell,” a whimsical adventure that rewards your puzzle-solving skills with a touch of nostalgia for Harry Potter fans. This guide delves into everything you need to know about tackling this quest, from acquiring the mysterious musical map to unlocking the final reward.

Hogwarts Legacy

Unearthing the Musical Map: The Starting Point

The “Solved by the Bell” quest kicks off with finding a hidden map. This map, aptly named the Musical Map, is tucked away within Henrietta’s Hideaway, a secret location nestled in the Manor Cape region on the world map. You might encounter Henrietta’s Hideaway while completing the “Rescuing Rococo” side quest, making it a convenient pit stop for double the reward.

Reaching Henrietta’s Hideaway involves navigating through a series of puzzles and defeating pockets of enemies. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny, for the Musical Map itself is cleverly concealed. Once you find it, the real challenge begins – deciphering its cryptic message.

The Map’s Melody: Unveiling the Secret

The Musical Map depicts a chamber adorned with bells and a sequence of musical notes. This seemingly nonsensical combination holds the key to unlocking the hidden treasure. Here’s how to interpret the map:

The Location: The map showcases a specific chamber within the game world. This chamber can be found by following visual clues like the layout and prominent features depicted on the map.

The Bells: The map portrays several bells, each potentially representing a real bell within the hidden chamber. The number of bells on the map should correspond to the number of actual bells you’ll find.

The Musical Notes: This is the crux of the puzzle. The sequence of notes displayed on the map translates to the order in which you need to ring the bells in the hidden chamber.

Important Tip: While the map itself doesn’t explicitly state it, the bells are usually numbered subtly on the wall or somewhere near them. Take note of these numbers during your exploration, as they’ll come in handy when deciphering the musical notes.

Putting the Pieces Together: Reaching the Hidden Chamber

Now that you’ve grasped the map’s message, it’s time to locate the hidden chamber. This chamber is situated within the Forbidden Forest. The exact location might differ slightly depending on your playthrough, but keep an eye out for a chamber resembling the one depicted on the map.

Once you reach the chamber, you’ll find the corresponding number of bells hanging on the wall. Here’s where the musical notes on the map come into play. Use the numbered bells and the sequence of notes on the map to determine the order in which you need to ring them.

For instance, if the map shows a sequence of notes Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So, and the bells in the chamber are numbered 1 through 5, you would first ring bell number 1 (Do), then bell number 2 (Re), and so on, following the musical sequence on the map.

Hark! The Reward Awaits

After successfully ringing the bells in the correct order, a magical effect will activate, revealing a hidden chest within the chamber. This chest holds your well-deserved reward for completing the “Solved by the Bell” quest.

The Treasure: But what exactly is the reward? Here’s where the “Solved by the Bell” quest throws in a delightful surprise for Harry Potter fans. The chest contains the Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat, a cosmetic item that bears an uncanny resemblance to Harry’s iconic Quidditch robes!

This playful homage to the Harry Potter series adds a layer of charm to the quest, making the problem-solving aspect even more rewarding.


What is “Solved by the Bell” in Hogwarts Legacy?

“Solved by the Bell” is a fun side quest in Hogwarts Legacy where you decipher clues and solve puzzles to unearth hidden treasure. It’s a completely optional quest, but completing it rewards you with a cool cosmetic item.

How do I start the “Solved by the Bell” quest?

You won’t find this quest advertised on a bulletin board. Instead, you’ll need to explore a hidden location called Henrietta’s Hideaway in the Manor Cape region. While completing the “Rescuing Rococo” side quest, you’ll naturally stumble upon this secret spot. Inside Henrietta’s Hideaway, keep your eyes peeled for a hidden chamber. There, you’ll find the key to this entire quest – a Musical Map.

What do I do with the Musical Map?

The Musical Map is no ordinary treasure map. It depicts a mysterious chamber adorned with bells and musical notes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a music prodigy to solve this. The notes on the map represent the order in which you need to ring the bells.

Where do I find the bells?

Once you have the Musical Map, head towards the Bell Tower located in the South Hogwarts region. As you enter, you’ll see several bells hanging ominously.

How do I ring the bells in the right order?

Here’s the exciting part! The musical notes on the map actually correspond to the opening notes of the iconic Harry Potter theme song! So, simply ring the bells in the same order as the theme song starts.

What happens after ringing the bells?

If you played the right tune, a hidden chest will appear on your left, containing a treasure – the Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat, a stylish cosmetic item for your character.

Are there any tricks to know while solving the puzzle?

There’s no timer, so take your time and ring the bells clearly. If you mess up, don’t worry, you can always start over.

Is there a video walkthrough available for “Solved by the Bell”?

If you prefer a visual guide, there are several helpful video walkthroughs available online [YouTube(search solved by the bell hogwarts legacy)]. These videos will show you exactly where to find Henrietta’s Hideaway, the Musical Map, and how to solve the bell puzzle.

Is “Solved by the Bell” worth doing?

Absolutely! It’s a short, easy-to-complete quest that rewards you with a unique cosmetic item and a fun little Harry Potter easter egg.

Can I complete “Solved by the Bell” at any point in the game?

Yes! As long as you can access Henrietta’s Hideaway and the Bell Tower, you can tackle this quest whenever you like during your Hogwarts Legacy adventure.

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