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Hogwarts legacy well well, Calling all witches, wizards, and treasure seekers! In the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, hidden secrets and exciting adventures lurk around every corner. One such enticing pursuit is the “Well, Well, Well” side quest, a whimsical treasure hunt initiated by a talking well with a thirst for adventure (and perhaps a touch of loneliness). This guide delves into everything you need to know to embark on this quest, decipher cryptic clues, and unearth the hidden booty.

Hogwarts legacy well well

Finding the Wellspring of the Quest

The adventure begins not within the grand halls of Hogwarts, but in the scenic Feldcroft region. Southeast of the charming Aranshire Hamlet, a lone well sits perched atop a hill, yearning for a companion. Approach it, and you’ll be greeted by its surprisingly chatty demeanor. After a brief exchange (possibly involving a mild existential crisis on the well’s part), you’ll be bestowed with “The Well’s Treasure Map,” the key to unlocking your inner treasure hunter.

Important Note: While technically accessible from the get-go, this quest is best attempted after acquiring a broomstick. The treasure’s location necessitates some aerial exploration, making a trusty broomstick your most valuable companion.

Deciphering the Cryptic Map

The map obtained from the well is a charmingly hand-drawn parchment, but its cryptic symbols might leave you scratching your head. Don’t fret, for the clues are cleverly concealed within the illustration. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate:

The Ruins: A prominent feature on the map depicts a set of crumbling ruins. This marks the final destination where the treasure awaits.

The Feathered Friend: A small tree with a single feather adorns the bottom right corner of the map. This signifies the specific location within the ruins where you’ll find your prize.

The General Direction: While the map doesn’t explicitly point you in the right direction, its overall layout hints at a southwesterly course from the well’s location.

Pro Tip: Utilize the magic spell “Revelio” when nearing the designated area. This spell conveniently reveals hidden objects, including the specific tree you seek amidst the ruins.

Setting Off on Your Broomstick Adventure

Now that you’ve deciphered the map’s secrets, it’s time to take flight! Soar on your broomstick southwest from the well, following the Feldcroft region’s scenic landscapes.

Targeting Irondale: A good initial reference point is Irondale Hamlet. Keep a keen eye out for this small settlement on your map, marking a halfway point on your aerial journey.

Beyond the Waterfall: As you continue southwest from Irondale, a majestic waterfall and a flowing river will come into view. Follow the river’s path, and you’ll be on the right track.

Unearthing the Treasure

The map’s final clue points towards a set of ruins nestled just west of an Ancient Magic Hotspot. Upon arrival, cast “Revelio” to pinpoint the exact location of the seemingly ordinary tree with a single feather. Here comes the magical part:

Levioso to the Rescue! Equip the spell “Levioso” and cast it upon the feathered tree. With a gentle whoosh, the tree will be uprooted, revealing a hidden compartment beneath its roots.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the “Well, Well, Well” quest and unearthed the buried treasure. But what exactly awaits you within the chest?

The Treasure’s Reward: A Treasure Seeker’s Delight

The spoils of your treasure hunt might not be a mountain of galleons, but it’s a practical and rewarding prize nonetheless. Opening the chest grants you the “Treasure Seeker’s Hat,” a unique piece of headwear that enhances your ability to detect nearby treasure chests. This magical hat becomes a valuable asset, aiding you in uncovering hidden riches throughout your Hogwarts Legacy journey.

Beyond the Treasure: The Allure of the Quest

The “Well, Well, Well” quest offers more than just a tangible reward. It’s a delightful microcosm of the magic that permeates Hogwarts Legacy. From the talking well’s quirky personality to the thrill of the treasure hunt, it’s a reminder that adventure lurks in unexpected corners of the wizarding world.

This quest also serves as a stepping stone, introducing you to the thrill of exploration and the diverse mechanics of the game. You’ll utilize spells like “Revelio” and “Levioso,” hone your flying skills, and decipher cryptic clues – all valuable tools that will come in handy as you unravel the grander mysteries of Hogwarts.


How do I start the “Well, Well, Well” quest?

This quest is available relatively early in the game. Head southeast of Hogwarts to the town of Aranshire near the Black Lake and railway bridge. You’ll find a talking well – chat with it (and maybe fish out a stuck piece of parchment) to kick off the quest and receive the Well’s Treasure Map.

What’s on the Well’s Treasure Map?

The map isn’t super detailed, but it shows some key landmarks: a broken bridge, a river bend, and a lone tree. Don’t worry, deciphering it isn’t too tough!

Where do I find the treasure?

Follow the map’s clues south of Aranshire to the Feldcroft region. Look for the town of Irondale and keep an eye out for Merlin Trials (those floating blue puzzles) along the way. South of Irondale, you’ll find some ruins across a canyon.

How do I reach the ruins?

Use your trusty broom or a flying mount to soar across the canyon and reach the ruins.

How do I find the treasure chest in the ruins?

Look for the lone tree depicted on the map. Cast the “Levioso” spell to levitate the tree, revealing a treasure chest hidden beneath its roots.

What’s the reward for completing the quest?

Open the chest to claim your prize: the Treasure-Seeker’s Bicorne Hat, a cool cosmetic item for your character, and some extra Galleons (wizarding money) for your pockets.

Is this quest difficult?

No, the “Well, Well, Well” quest is a fairly straightforward treasure hunt. As long as you follow the map’s clues and explore the Feldcroft region south of Irondale, you’ll find the treasure in no time.

What level should I be for this quest?

The quest is recommended for players around level 4, so you can tackle it early on in your Hogwarts adventure.

Are there any guides or walkthroughs available online?

If you’d like some extra help visualizing the location, you can find video walkthroughs and image guides for the “Well, Well, Well” quest on YouTube and other gaming websites.

Can I complete this quest after finishing the main story?

Absolutely! Hogwarts Legacy’s open world allows you to complete side quests at your own pace, even after the main story is done. So grab your broom, follow the map, and go treasure hunting whenever you feel like it!

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