Unveiling the Secrets: A Guide to Hogwarts Revelio Pages


For aspiring witches and wizards venturing into the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, uncovering the hidden lore and secrets becomes an essential part of the experience. Enter the Revelio Pages, a collection of collectable Field Guide entries scattered throughout Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the surrounding Highlands. These unassuming pages, revealed only by casting the Revelio spell, hold a wealth of information about the game’s rich tapestry, including fascinating details about characters, locations, and historical events.

This guide delves into everything you need to know about Hogwarts Revelio Pages, from their significance to their locations and everything in between. So, grab your wand and prepare to embark on a thrilling treasure hunt through the Wizarding World!

What are Revelio Pages and Why are They Important?

Revelio Pages act as hidden lore entries within the Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide. These invisible pages require you to cast the Revelio spell (mapped to the left D-pad button on consoles) to disclose their presence. Once revealed, interacting with them adds the page to your collection, providing you with a snippet of intriguing information.

These snippets can range from historical accounts of past events at Hogwarts to fascinating details about iconic locations and the intriguing characters you encounter. Collecting Revelio Pages isn’t just about enriching your knowledge; it also contributes to completing the “Collector’s Edition” trophy or achievement, rewarding your dedication to exploring the game’s lore.

Revelio Pages: Locations and Strategies

There are a total of 150 Revelio Pages to discover across the sprawling landscapes of Hogwarts Legacy. These pages are cleverly hidden throughout the following locations:

  • Hogwarts Castle: With its numerous classrooms, secret passageways, and hidden chambers, Hogwarts offers the most extensive collection of Revelio Pages (90 in total). Keep your eyes peeled in every nook and cranny, from the bustling Great Hall to the dusty corridors of the Restricted Section.
  • Hogsmeade Village: Explore the charming streets of Hogsmeade to uncover 30 Revelio Pages. Look for them near shops, hidden alleys, and even perched atop buildings!
  • The Highlands: This vast region encompassing various settlements and landmarks holds the remaining 30 Revelio Pages. Explore these diverse environments thoroughly to unveil the hidden secrets they hold.

While there’s no specific order to collect these pages, here are some helpful strategies to maximize your Revelio page-hunting efficiency:

  • Utilize Revelio Frequently: Make casting Revelio a habit as you navigate through Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Highlands. You might be surprised by the hidden pages lurking in plain sight!
  • Explore Every Corner: Don’t just stick to the main pathways. Hidden passages, secret rooms, and rooftops can often harbour elusive Revelio Pages.
  • Follow the Map Hints: As you progress through the game, certain Revelio Pages might be marked with a small magnifying glass icon on your regional map. These hints provide valuable starting points for your search.
  • Utilize Online Resources: If you’re stuck finding a specific page, don’t hesitate to consult online guides and walkthroughs that provide detailed locations for all 150 Revelio Pages.

Beyond the Pages: Unveiling the Magic

Collecting Revelio Pages is more than just ticking items off a list. It’s a captivating journey that allows you to delve deeper into the heart and soul of Hogwarts Legacy. Each page unveils a piece of the intricate tapestry woven into the game’s narrative, enriching your experience and fostering a deeper connection with the magical world.

So, the next time you explore the majestic halls of Hogwarts or the quaint streets of Hogsmeade, remember to cast Revelio. You might just stumble upon a hidden page waiting to unlock a fascinating secret, adding another layer of magic to your Hogwarts Legacy adventure.


Q. Can I miss any Revelio Pages? 

Thankfully, no Revelio Pages are missable. You can revisit any location at any point in the game to collect any pages you might have missed earlier.

Q. Do Revelio Pages respawn?

 Once you collect a Revelio Page, it disappears from the physical world. However, you can always access the information it contains by visiting the “Collections” section within the main menu and browsing through the “Revelio Pages” category.

Q. Are there any rewards for collecting all Revelio Pages? 

Besides the satisfaction of completing your collection and unlocking the “Collector’s Edition” trophy/achievement, there are currently no in-game rewards specifically tied to collecting all Revelio Pages. However, the knowledge you gain from these pages can undoubtedly enhance your understanding of the game’s lore and world-building.

Q. Why should I collect them?

There are two main reasons to seek out Revelio Pages:

  • Lore and world-building: Each page provides a fascinating tidbit about the game’s rich history, characters, or locations. They deepen your understanding of the wizarding world and enhance the overall experience.
  • Completionist rewards: Finding all 150 Revelio Pages contributes to 100% game completion and unlocks the “Collector’s Edition” trophy or achievement.

Q. How many Revelio Pages are there?

There are a total of 150 Revelio Pages to discover across the game:

  • 90 within Hogwarts Castle
  • 30 in Hogsmeade village
  • 30 scattered throughout the Hogwarts Highlands

Q. Where can I find Revelio Pages?

These pages are cleverly hidden in various locations. They can be found:

  • In classrooms, hallways, and secret rooms within Hogwarts.
  • Scattered around Hogsmeade shops and alleys.
  • Dotted throughout the open world of the Highlands, including settlements, ruins, and natural landmarks.

Q. Are there any missable Revelio Pages?

No, none of the Revelio Pages are missable! You can explore every area freely after completing the story to collect any you might have missed.

Q. Do I need any special abilities to find them?

While not strictly necessary, some pages are hidden behind locked doors requiring Alohomora Level 3. Upgrading this spell through the Demiguise Statue quests allows access to these restricted areas.

Q. How can I keep track of my progress?

Head to the Collections menu within the game. There, you’ll find a dedicated section for Revelio Pages, categorized by location (Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Highlands). This menu displays how many pages you’ve found in each area and allows you to check which ones you’re still missing.

Q. Are there any online resources to help me find all the Revelio Pages?

Several online resources can be immensely helpful in your quest to collect all Revelio Pages. These include:

  • Interactive Maps: Fan-made websites and apps often feature interactive maps pinpointing the exact locations of Revelio Pages.
  • Text Guides: Websites and forums offer comprehensive written guides listing all Revelio Pages with detailed descriptions of where to find them.
  • Video Guides: Walkthrough videos on YouTube visually showcase Revelio Page locations, often demonstrating the path to reach them.

With a bit of exploration, the helpful Revelio spell, and some online guidance, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the complete collection of Revelio Pages and enriching your Hogwarts Legacy experience!

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