Some introductory jewellery tips you need to know


When the topic of jewellery comes up, most people feel that the circle is fishy, which leads many people to shy away from getting too involved in the jewellery scene. Today, we will learn about some of the first into the jewellery circle need to know the little knowledge about it!


1. Gold inlaid gemstones are easy to fall off

The so-called gold refers to the gold content in more than 99% of the gold. Because of the gold is very soft, in the process of wearing very easy to deformation, so inlaid in the gold on the gemstone is also very easy because of the gold deformation and fall off. Here is another common sense,  the gold shop to sell most of the foot gold inlaid style. The gemstones embedded in the gold are actually not very high value, such as red agate, stained green chalcedony ,and Tianyu.

2.You need to pay attention to the  gold purity of ear pin and ear plugs when you purchasing gold earrings

In the production of pure gold earrings, in order to make the pure gold earrings to be worn for a long time as well as reduce the rate of after-sales, some merchants will add other metal to the ear acupuncture of  pure gold earrings to ensure that  the hardness of ear acupuncture. In fact, the gold content of the ear acupuncture is only up to 900/1000. Some merchants will provide detailed descriptions in product manuals,while other merchants will choose to be ambiguous. So,there are some consumers will be deceived. In addition ,the pure gold content of ear plugs on the market does not exceed 990/1000, but there are still some merchants sold them to consumers at the price of pure gold.

3. One price gold is not suitable for preservation of value

First of all, we need to know what is the one price gold, the sale standard of this gold is not the number of grams of gold, but a sales price that remains unchanged. Why the one price gold is generally not suitable for preservation of value? Although this kind of gold looks very delicate and beautiful. Actually,if calculated based on the price of pure gold , the processing fee per gram of gold is very expensive.There is a saying goes,you cannot have both fish and bear’s paws at the same time. If you want exquisite workmanship, the cheap price of gold is actually unlikely. So there is a contradiction between the purpose of gold investment and buying one price gold.


1.Avoiding grain carving

First of all, let’s talk about what is pattern-avoiding carving. The so-called pattern-avoiding carving is pattern-carving in order to remove the cracked part of the jade stone. The cleverly designed pattern-avoiding carving can not only remove the imperfections on the jade, but also greatly enhance the overall beauty of the jade, which can be said to be two birds with one stone. However, it has to be admitted that most of the carvings in the market are just for the purpose of removing imperfections and selling at a good price. Therefore they will carve some abrupt avoidance carvings on the jade stone.

2. Whether or not the inlay on the back of the jade is left covered is very important

Inlay is actually a common means for jewellers to give jade a “facelift”. After inlaying, the jade stone will become more lustrous under the background of the metal at the bottom, and the back of the jade stone can be sealed by the metal to cover the flaws on the back of the jade stone to a large extent. Therefore, a jade stone of good quality will usually leave a switch to open the back of the jade stone after inlaying, which is convenient for consumers to check the overall quality of the jade stone.

3. The little secret of beaded jade stone

 Beaded jade can be said to be a very popular type of jade jewellery nowadays. Generally speaking, the size of the jade beads used to make beads is not particularly large, and the colour of these beads itself is very light. Therefore, the colour of the string used to string these beads is usually chosen to be coloured with coloured stones to increase the colour of the jade beads, making them look more vibrant and sell better.

Coloured Stones

1. Difference between plain gemstones and faceted gemstones

What is the difference between a plain gemstone and a faceted gemstone? A faceted gemstone is a gemstone that has not undergone excessive manual carving and polishing. Faceted gemstones are used for those gemstones that have special optical effects, such as moonstone, cat’s eye and so on. On the other hand, faceted gemstones have a lot of geometric shapes on their surface, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality. Just like the eight hearts and eight arrows diamond that we mention most often, this is actually a type of faceted gemstone. On the other hand, the faceted gemstone takes more manpower and material resources, and requires jewellery artisans to carve the gemstones using high-precision jewelry engraving machine. While faceted gemstones are designed to show the most original and natural beauty of gemstones, faceted gemstones are in pursuit of elegance and luxury, and require a higher level of raw gemstones than faceted gemstones.

2. Watch out for stones with a small carat weight but a large table size.

We all know that a stone with a large table is more expensive, but have you ever wondered why some stones look so big when they are so light in carat weight? This is because for the same carat weight, merchants choose to make the gemstone’s girdle thin in order to ensure that it has a large enough table. Although this looks a lot better, the saturation and brightness of the gemstone will be significantly reduced, and it will not look as sparkling.

3. Importance of gemstone cut

Even for the same weight and type of gemstones, if they are cut differently, their prices may vary greatly. This is not only because complex cuts take more time and cost, but also because complex cuts are more likely to bring out the brilliance of a gemstone than a simple cut. It can even be argued that a poor cut can make an otherwise good quality stone look tarnished and lose some of its brilliance.

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