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IRVINE WELSH’S CRIME isn’t your typical detective drama. Adapted from the acclaimed Scottish author’s novel of the same name, the series dives headfirst into the gritty underbelly of Edinburgh, weaving a complex narrative of crime, addiction, and redemption. Fueling this dark tale is a talented cast who bring Welsh’s unforgettable characters to life.

Leading the Charge: Dougray Scott as DI Ray Lennox

At the heart of “Crime” lies Detective Inspector Ray Lennox, a man burdened by a troubled past and the weight of the city’s criminal underworld. Played with stoic intensity by Dougray Scott, Lennox is a flawed protagonist. He grapples with personal demons while leading the investigation into the harrowing abduction of a young schoolgirl.

Scott, a seasoned Scottish actor known for his roles in “Mission: Impossible 2” and “Hitman,” delivers a nuanced performance. He captures Lennox’s weariness, his flashes of determination, and the internal struggle that threatens to consume him.

A Team Divided: Unpacking the Supporting Cast

Lennox doesn’t operate alone. He’s surrounded by a team of detectives, each with their own motivations and agendas.

Joanna Vanderham as DS Amanda Drummond:

 A sharp and ambitious detective sergeant, Drummond serves as Lennox’s right hand. Vanderham, known for her work in “The Witcher” and “Dracula,” portrays a character determined to prove herself in a male-dominated field.

Jamie Sives as DI Dougie Gillman:

 Lennox’s polar opposite, Gillman is a brash and impulsive detective with a questionable moral compass. Sives, recognized for his roles in “Game of Thrones” and “Frontier,” injects a dose of dark humor and unpredictability into the dynamic.

Michael Abubakar as DC Stuart McCorkel: 

A talented but inexperienced young detective, McCorkel provides a fresh perspective on the investigation. Newcomer Abubakar brings a youthful energy to the cast, showcasing the challenges of navigating a complex system.

These are just a few of the key players within the police department. “Crime” also features a compelling ensemble cast portraying the diverse denizens of Edinburgh.

Gordon Kennedy as DI Eddie Rogers:

 A seasoned detective nearing retirement, Rogers serves as a mentor figure to Lennox. Kennedy, a veteran Scottish actor, brings gravitas and experience to the role.

Angela Griffin as Trudi Love:

 A savvy and ruthless businesswoman with connections to the criminal underworld, Love is played with a captivating blend of charm and menace by Angela Griffin.

Ken Stott as Chief Superintendent Bob Toal:

 The head of the police force, Toal represents the bureaucratic and political pressures faced by the detectives. Stott, a legendary Scottish actor with credits in “The Hobbit” trilogy and “The Crown,” lends a sense of authority and complexity to the role.

Beyond the Badge: Exploring the City’s Underworld

The world of “Crime” extends far beyond the police station. Several characters from Edinburgh’s underbelly play crucial roles in the narrative.

Derek Riddell as Richie Gulliver:

 A notorious gangster with a ruthless streak, Gulliver is a constant thorn in Lennox’s side. Riddell, known for his comedic work in “Doctor Who” and “Stardust,” brings a chilling intensity to this villainous character.

Jonathan Kerrigan as Mark McKendrick: 

A troubled addict entangled in the abduction case, McKendrick is a complex and unpredictable figure. Kerrigan, known for his roles in “War Horse” and “Black Mirror,” delivers a raw and emotional performance.

These are just a taste of the characters that populate the world of “Crime.” Each individual adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the story, showcasing the interconnectedness of the city and the far-reaching consequences of crime.

A Collaborative Effort: Bringing Welsh’s Vision to Life

The success of “Crime” lies not just in the individual performances but in the collective effort of the entire cast and crew. Directorial duties are shared by a team, including David Blair, James Strong, Trygve Allister Diesen, and Anthony Neilson, ensuring a cohesive vision throughout the series.

Furthermore, the series benefits from the creative input of Irvine Welsh himself, who serves as an executive producer. His involvement ensures that the essence of his novel is faithfully translated to the screen, preserving the raw energy and dark humor that define his work.



“Crime” is more than just a detective show. It’s a captivating exploration of human nature, addiction, and the struggle for redemption. 

IRVINE WELSH’S CRIME(TV Series): Unveiling the Detective Squad

IRVINE WELSH’S CRIME boasts a stellar cast that brings the gritty world of Edinburgh to life. Here’s an FAQ to quench your curiosity about the show’s leading players:

Who’s the Lead Detective?

Dougray Scott as DI Ray Lennox: A complex and troubled detective inspector, Ray Lennox takes center stage. He grapples with a missing schoolgirl case while confronting his own dark past.

Who’s Lennox’s Partner?

Joanna Vanderham as DS Amanda Drummond: DI Lennox’s partner, DS Amanda Drummond, is a sharp and ambitious detective sergeant. She provides a strong counterpoint to Lennox’s emotional baggage.

Who are the Other Key Detectives?

Jamie Sives as DI Dougie Gillman: This enigmatic detective inspector walks a fine line between justice and corruption.

Michael Abubakar as DC Stuart McCorkel: A dedicated and level-headed detective constable, DC Stuart McCorkel offers valuable support to the team.

Familiar Faces in the Police Department?

Gordon Kennedy as DI Eddie Rogers: A seasoned detective inspector, DI Eddie Rogers serves as a mentor figure within the department.

Angela Griffin as Trudi Love: Trudi Love is a shrewd and resourceful police informant who navigates the city’s underbelly.

Who’s the Top Cop?

Ken Stott as Chief Superintendent Bob Toal: The no-nonsense Chief Superintendent Bob Toal leads the police force with a firm hand.

The Criminal Underworld?

The series features a cast of characters portraying criminals and underworld figures, but their identities are often revealed as the plot unfolds to avoid spoilers.

Is Irvine Welsh Himself in the Show?

Yes! Irvine Welsh makes a cameo appearance in the series, though his role is a minor one.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

This FAQ provides a glimpse into the key players of IRVINE WELSH’S CRIME. To delve further, you can explore online resources like character profiles on fan websites or cast interviews on YouTube channels.

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