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Israel Adesanya, the reigning UFC Middleweight Champion, is known for his charisma and knockout power inside the octagon. However, in 2022, a resurfaced video sparked online controversy and cast a shadow over his reputation. This article delves into the details of the video, the accusations levied against Adesanya, and the fighter’s response.

Israel Adesanya

The Resurfaced Video and Online Accusations

In April 2022, a video featuring Adesanya cuddling with his dog, Millie, went viral. The disturbing part was Adesanya’s hand moving towards the dog’s private area. This action sparked outrage from fans and the MMA community, with accusations of animal abuse being thrown at the champion.

The video wasn’t new. It was reportedly eight years old and had resurfaced before, but gained significant traction in the lead-up to Adesanya’s fight with Sean Strickland, who used it as verbal ammunition during their pre-fight trash talk.

What Happened to Millie?

The situation took a tragic turn when, amidst the online firestorm, Adesanya revealed Millie’s passing by retweeting the controversial video itself. This act was met with further criticism, as some viewers felt it showed a lack of remorse or respect for his deceased pet.

The exact cause of Millie’s death was never publicly disclosed by Adesanya.

Adesanya’s Response: Denial and Ambiguity

Adesanya’s response to the controversy was limited and ambiguous. He never directly addressed the accusations of animal abuse. Instead, he took to social media with a series of cryptic posts that some interpreted as deflection or even mockery of the situation. This further fueled the online debate.

On Twitter, Adesanya used memes and movie quotes to deflect attention, leading to accusations of dismissive behavior.

Lack of Clarity and the Court of Public Opinion

The lack of a clear and direct response from Adesanya left many fans and critics unsatisfied. Without a full explanation, the court of public opinion was left to fill in the blanks, and the damage to Adesanya’s reputation was significant.

The ambiguity surrounding the video and Adesanya’s response left several questions unanswered:

Was the action in the video intentional or accidental?

Did Adesanya understand the severity of how the video would be perceived?

Was there any explanation for retweeting the video while mourning Millie’s death?

The lack of answers to these questions left a cloud hanging over Adesanya, with some fans questioning his character.

The UFC’s Silence: A Policy of Non-Intervention?

The UFC, the governing body of professional mixed martial arts, remained silent on the issue. The organization has a history of not taking a stance on the personal lives of its fighters, unless legal charges are involved. This policy of non-intervention was criticized by some who felt the UFC should have condemned Adesanya’s actions, if true, to uphold animal welfare standards.

Where Things Stand Today

As of today (June 1, 2024), the controversy surrounding the video remains unresolved. Adesanya has not addressed the situation in detail, and the UFC continues to maintain its silence. While Adesanya’s fighting career has not been directly impacted, the incident has undoubtedly tarnished his public image.

The Importance of Animal Welfare

The Adesanya situation reignited discussions about animal welfare and the responsibility of pet owners. The graphic nature of the video, even if unintentional, served as a stark reminder of the importance of treating animals with respect and care.

This incident also sparked conversations about the power of social media in holding public figures accountable. While online outrage can sometimes be misguided, this situation highlighted the potential for social media to bring attention to animal cruelty and demand better treatment for pets.

Conclusion: A Missed Opportunity for Transparency

The Israel Adesanya dog video controversy remains a complex issue with no easy answers. While the true intent behind Adesanya’s actions remains unknown, his lack of transparency ultimately damaged his reputation. This incident serves as a cautionary tale for public figures, highlighting the importance of addressing allegations head-on, especially when such sensitive issues like animal welfare are involved.


Did Israel Adesanya have a dog?

Yes, Adesanya did have a dog named Millionaire.

What breed was Adesanya’s dog?

There is no public information available about Millionaire’s breed.

What happened to Adesanya’s dog?

Unfortunately, Millionaire passed away. The exact date of passing hasn’t been revealed publicly.

Is there any controversy surrounding Adesanya and his dog?

In 2022, an old video resurfaced showing Adesanya interacting with Millionaire in a way many found inappropriate. This sparked criticism online.

How did Adesanya respond to the controversy?

Adesanya didn’t directly address the video. He initially remained silent, then later posted what some interpreted as a defensive response on social media.

Why did the video resurface?

The video gained renewed attention ahead of a UFC fight between Adesanya and another fighter who used it as trash talk.

Is the video available online?

It’s difficult to say for sure as some platforms might remove such content. However, discussions about the video can be found online.

How did Adesanya announce his dog’s passing?

Adesanya retweeted the old video (without comment) after Millionaire’s death, which some fans found insensitive.

Has Adesanya gotten another dog?

There’s no public information about Adesanya having another dog currently.

Where can I learn more about Adesanya?

You can follow his official social media channels or check out MMA news websites for updates on his fighting career.

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