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It takes two walkthrough. This whimsical and heartwarming title throws Cody and May, a divorcing couple magically transformed into dolls, on a fantastical journey through a world built on their crumbling relationship. But fear not, fellow co-pilots! This walkthrough will guide you and your partner through the game’s many inventive chapters, puzzles, and boss battles, ensuring a smoother flight towards reconciliation (or hilarious disaster).

Important Note: “It Takes Two” requires two players, online or local co-op. Communication and teamwork are paramount, so grab your favorite partner-in-crime and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

It takes two walkthrough

Chapter Breakdown: A Roadmap for Teamwork

We’ll be dissecting the walkthrough in chapter-by-chapter format to avoid spoilers for the narrative. Each section will provide an overview of the chapter’s objectives, key mechanics introduced, and solutions to some of the trickier puzzles.

Chapter 1: The Shed

Objectives: Escape the shed, reunite Cody and May, and work together to overcome the first obstacle course.

Mechanics Introduction: This chapter eases you into the co-op mechanics. Cody wields a hammer that can pound nails to create platforms, while May can swing on ropes.

Puzzle Highlights: You’ll encounter your first taste of teamwork puzzles here. One notable example involves Cody hammering platforms for May to swing on, granting her access to areas he can’t reach. Communication is key!

Chapter 2: The Tree

Objectives: Navigate the expansive treehouse, solve puzzles utilizing magnets and sap, and face your first boss encounter.

Mechanics Introduction: Cody gains a magnetism ability that allows him to attract or repel objects, while May can control the flow of sap to create platforms and activate mechanisms.

Puzzle Highlights: The magnetism mechanic opens doors for creative puzzle-solving. One example involves Cody attracting a metal platform coated in sap, allowing May to manipulate it and reach new areas. The boss battle against a giant wasp requires good coordination – May can stun the wasp with sap blasts while Cody smashes weak points.

Chapter 3: Rose’s Room

Objectives: Traverse Rose’s imaginative room filled with oversized toys and navigate her emotional landscape.

Mechanics Introduction: Cody gains access to a shrink ray, allowing him to become tiny and enter miniature passages. May receives a growth tonic, enabling her to transform into a giant and interact with the environment accordingly.

Puzzle Highlights: This chapter thrives on size manipulation. An interesting puzzle involves Cody shrinking to access a control panel that activates platforms for the giant May to traverse. Communication is crucial to ensure both players are on the same page.

Chapter 4: The Cuckoo Clock

Objectives: Navigate the intricate workings of a giant cuckoo clock, solve time-based puzzles, and overcome a time-manipulating villain.

Mechanics Introduction: Cody receives a rewind ability that allows him to reverse time on specific objects. May acquires a time-forward ability that speeds up time mechanisms.

Puzzle Highlights: The time mechanics add a new layer of complexity. A creative puzzle involves Cody rewinding a collapsing bridge while May speeds up gears to keep it stable, allowing them to cross. The boss fight requires manipulating time to exploit the villain’s vulnerabilities.

Chapter 5: The Snow Globe

Objectives: Explore a winter wonderland trapped within a snow globe, utilize ice and water mechanics, and face a formidable snow monster.

Mechanics Introduction: Cody gains the ability to freeze water into solid platforms, while May can melt ice with her gloves.

Puzzle Highlights: The water mechanics introduce a fresh challenge. One puzzle involves Cody freezing water to create platforms for May to traverse, while she melts pathways for him to reach higher areas. The snow monster boss fight necessitates strategic use of freezing and melting to expose weak points and create opportunities for attack.

Chapter 6: The Garden

Objectives: Navigate a vibrant garden filled with overgrown plants and hazardous chemicals, utilize plant and insect manipulation mechanics, and overcome a mutated plant boss.

Mechanics Introduction: Cody gains access to a growth serum that allows him to control the growth of plants. May receives a shrink ray similar to Cody’s from Chapter 3, but this time it shrinks enemies.

Puzzle Highlights: The plant manipulation adds a strategic twist. A fun puzzle involves Cody growing vines for May to swing on, while she shrinks enemies that block their path.


What is It Takes Two?

It Takes Two is a critically-acclaimed co-op adventure game from Hazelight Studios, the creators of A Way Out. It’s designed for two players, with each controlling one of the two main characters, Cody and May, a divorcing couple magically shrunk into dolls. Communication and cooperation are key as you navigate fantastical environments, solve puzzles, and overcome challenges to mend their broken relationship.

Do I need two copies of the game to play?

No! It Takes Two features a unique “Friend’s Pass” system. The purchaser only needs one copy, and can invite a friend to play the entire game for free (as long as the friend downloads the Friend’s Pass). This makes it a perfect choice for co-op fun with a friend or family member.

Is It Takes Two difficult?

The puzzles and challenges in It Takes Two can range from easy to mind-bending, but the core gameplay is designed to be accessible. The game offers helpful hints and difficulty adjustments if you get stuck. The true challenge lies in working together with your partner and mastering the unique abilities each character gains throughout the adventure.

What kind of co-op mechanics does It Takes Two have?

It Takes Two constantly throws new mechanics at you, forcing players to work together in creative ways. One character might have a hammer to smash obstacles, while the other has nails to build platforms. You’ll need to use your unique abilities and communicate effectively to progress.

Can I play the game solo?

Unfortunately, It Takes Two is not playable solo. The entire experience is designed for co-op gameplay, and the puzzles and challenges require two players working in tandem.

Is there combat in It Takes Two?

Yes, there are occasional combat sections where you’ll face off against enemies. These battles often tie into the co-op mechanics, requiring players to work together to defeat foes.

What’s the story about?

The story follows Cody and May, a couple on the verge of divorce, who get magically transformed into dolls. To return to normal, they must overcome challenges and mend their relationship with the help of a sassy talking book named Dr. Hakim.

Is the story good?

It Takes Two is praised for its heartwarming and emotional story. While lighthearted at times, it explores themes of communication, forgiveness, and the importance of teamwork, making it a surprisingly touching experience.

Is the game appropriate for kids?

It Takes Two is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. While the core story focuses on relationship issues, there might be some mild language or situations that are not suitable for younger audiences. It’s always best to check with a parent or guardian before playing.

Communication is key! Talk to your co-op partner, strategize your approach to puzzles, and be patient with each other.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. The game rewards creativity and trying out different solutions.

Enjoy the ride! It Takes Two is a beautiful and imaginative adventure, so relax, have fun, and appreciate the heartwarming story.

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