Conquering the iun orok shrine: A Guide to The Right Roll


The sprawling world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is riddled with Shrines, each offering unique challenges and rewarding players with valuable treasures. Among these is the Iun-orok Shrine, nestled within the Tabantha Frontier region. This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to locate, enter, and conquer the Iun-rook Shrine, mastering “The Right Roll” in the process.

Locating the Iun-rook Shrine: A Hidden Gem

The Iun-orok Shrine lies concealed within the Tanagar Canyon West Cave, a seemingly unremarkable cave system in the Tabantha Frontier. You might even receive a notification hinting at a “nearby shrine below” near Piper Ridge and Nero Hill. Don’t be fooled! This shrine is cleverly tucked away, requiring a bit of exploration to unearth.

Here’s how to find the entrance:

  1. Head towards the Tabantha Great Bridge: This landmark serves as a good starting point.
  2. Paraglide down Tanagar Canyon: Look for the wooden wind turbine just east of the road connecting Nero Hill and Piper Ridge. Take a flying leap of faith and use your paraglider to descend into the depths of the canyon.
  3. Seek out the Tanagar Canyon West Cave: As you glide down, keep an eye out for a cave entrance on the western side of the canyon, near Piper Ridge. This is your gateway to the Iun-orok Shrine.

Entering the Shrine: Breaching the Rocky Depths

Once inside the Tanagar Canyon West Cave, you’ll encounter a series of interconnected chambers. Here’s where your adventuring spirit comes in handy:

  • Prepare for Demolition: You’ll need a way to break cracked rock walls. Bomb arrows, a Fused Hammer weapon, or even strategically placed bombs will do the trick.
  • Navigate the Chambers: You’ll have a choice – head left or right at the first junction. Both paths lead to the shrine, but the right path is generally considered slightly easier.
  • Beware of Electric Foes: Keep an eye out for Like Likes, electric blob-like enemies, that may hinder your progress. Use your weapons or well-timed dodges to neutralize them.
  • Demolish the Final Wall: The final hurdle before reaching the shrine is a thick wall of cracked rock. Carefully destroy it, avoiding the electric attacks from another Like Like on the opposite side.

With perseverance and a well-placed explosion (or two), you’ll be rewarded with the sight of the Iun-orok Shrine, ready to test your skills.

The Right Roll: Mastering the Iun-orok Shrine’s Puzzle

The Iun-orok Shrine’s challenge revolves around a central rotating platform and a goal positioned on a raised ledge. Your objective? Reach the goal using a well-timed “Right Roll.” Here’s how to solve this seemingly simple yet tricky puzzle:

  1. Observe the Platform: The platform is divided into moving and stationary sections. The moving sections have spikes that will send you flying if touched.
  2. Plan Your Roll: While the platform rotates, there’s a brief window where a safe path from the starting point to the goal emerges. Carefully analyze the platform’s movement and identify this safe window.
  3. Time it Right: When the safe path appears, initiate a perfect side roll (by pressing the dodge button and tilting the control stick in the direction of the roll) to propel yourself across the platform and reach the goal.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect: Don’t be discouraged if you fail on your first attempt. The timing can be tricky, so experiment and practice your rolls until you achieve that perfect maneuver.

Claiming Your Reward: The Spoils of Victory

Once you’ve successfully navigated the rotating platform, you’ll be granted access to the chest containing the shrine’s treasure. This chest typically holds valuable items that will aid you on your Hyrulean adventure.

Here are some additional tips to help you conquer the Iun-orok Shrine:

  • Utilize the Environment: The moving platform can be used to your advantage. If you get knocked off track by a spike, use it as a launching point to reach a higher platform, potentially creating a shortcut.
  • Don’t Rush: Patience and precision are key. Take your time to observe the platform’s movement and plan your role accordingly.
  • Search for Extras: There’s an optional path within the Tanagar Canyon West Cave that leads to additional resources like materials for crafting weapons and arrows.


Q. Where is the Iun-Orok Shrine located? 

The shrine is hidden within the Tanagar Canyon West Cave, which lies in the Tabantha Frontier region. Look for the cave entrance on the western side of the canyon near Piper Ridge, directly below Tabantha Great Bridge.

Q. How do I get to the Tanagar Canyon West Cave? 

The easiest way to reach the cave is by paragliding down from Tabantha Great Bridge. Alternatively, you can explore the canyon path on foot.

Q. I’m getting a “shrine below” notification near Piper Ridge, but I can’t find it! 

The shrine is underground! Look for the cave entrance on the western side of Tanagar Canyon.

Q. What do I need to enter the shrine?

 You’ll need some way to break cracked rocks. This could be bomb arrows, a fused hammer, or any other weapon effective against rocks.

Q. There are Like Likes blocking the way! How do I get past them? 

Be careful! These electric creatures will shock you. You can defeat them with your weapons or use well-timed bombs to clear a path.

Q. What’s the solution to the Iun-Orok Shrine puzzle?

 The key is using the rolling mechanic effectively. There are multiple paths through the cracked rock sections, but the shrine is located to the right after defeating the final Like Like. Focus on rolling to the right side after defeating this enemy.

Q. I keep getting zapped by the electric Like Like! Help!

 Try taking out the Like Like on the right side of the final chamber first. This will give you more space to manoeuvre and avoid the electric attacks.

Q. Are there any treasures in the Iun-Orok Shrine?

 Yes! There’s a hidden chest containing valuable loot. Look for it in the final chamber after defeating the Like Like.

Additional Tips

  • Consult online resources like [YouTube walkthroughs]([YouTube Zelda tears of the Kingdom Iun Orok Shrine]) for a visual guide to the shrine’s layout and puzzle solutions.
  • Make sure you have enough bomb arrows or weapons to break the cracked rocks.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with your rolling technique to navigate the final chamber.

By following these FAQs and using your skills, you’ll be conquering the Iun-Orok Shrine and claiming your prize in Tears of the Kingdom in no time!

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