Jacqueline Gold : The Retail Rebel Who Sparked a Lingerie Revolution

Jacqueline Gold

Jacqueline Gold wasn’t your average businesswoman. She wasn’t afraid to shake things up, and in doing so, she transformed the lingerie industry. Her journey, from navigating a challenging family business to becoming a self-made multi-millionaire, is a testament to her vision, innovation, and unwavering spirit. This article delves into Gold’s remarkable career, her lasting impact on retail, and the estimated fortune she built.

From Uncomfortable Beginnings to Inspiring Soirees

Born in 1960, Jacqueline wasn’t handed a silver spoon. Her father co-owned Ann Summers, a lingerie chain with a less-than-stellar reputation. Working there initially wasn’t ideal – a male-dominated environment that felt unwelcoming. Yet, this experience planted a seed. It exposed her to the industry, but more importantly, it revealed a gap in the market.

Inspiration struck when Jacqueline attended a Tupperware party, a social gathering where women connected over household products. She envisioned a similar approach for lingerie – a relaxed, female-centric space where women could comfortably discuss intimate wear.

From Intern to CEO: Building an Empire

Born in 1960, Gold wasn’t handed a silver spoon. Her business acumen blossomed early, starting with an internship at Ann Summers, a company then owned by her father.  The experience, however, wasn’t what she envisioned. The atmosphere, according to Gold, felt impersonal and catered primarily to a male clientele. This sparked a fire in her, a desire to revolutionize the lingerie industry.

Inspiration struck at a seemingly unlikely place – a Tupperware party.  Gold saw the potential for a more social, female-centric approach to selling lingerie.  She envisioned a space where women could feel comfortable discussing intimate needs and exploring products in a fun, informative setting.  Thus, the iconic Ann Summers Party concept was born.

Gold’s vision didn’t stop there.  She rose through the ranks at Ann Summers, becoming CEO in 1987.  Under her leadership, the company underwent a massive transformation. Gone were the dingy shops; instead, welcoming, brightly lit stores with knowledgeable staff greeted customers.  The infamous Ann Summers parties thrived, becoming a platform for women to connect and embrace their sexuality.

The Rise of the Ann Summers Party

In 1987, Jacqueline took the reins at Ann Summers. She pivoted the brand away from a male gaze and introduced the now-iconic Ann Summers Party Plan. These parties, hosted by trained representatives in a comfortable home setting, offered women a safe space to explore lingerie, have fun with friends, and embrace their bodies. The concept was a smash hit.

Gone were the days of awkward, dimly lit shops. The Ann Summers Party Plan offered a fun, informative experience that resonated with women everywhere. Sales skyrocketed, and Ann Summers became a household name in Britain.

Building a Lingerie Empire Jacqueline Gold

Jacqueline’s ambition didn’t wane. She expanded Ann Summers’ reach by opening retail stores, establishing a strong online presence, and introducing popular product lines like the “Luxury Letters” collection. She also acquired Knickerbox, further solidifying her position in the lingerie market.

Under Jacqueline’s leadership, Ann Summers became more than just a lingerie company. It evolved into a brand synonymous with female empowerment and body positivity. Jacqueline herself became a role model for aspiring businesswomen, shattering stereotypes and proving that success wasn’t a man’s game.

Accolades and Recognition

Jacqueline’s achievements garnered widespread recognition. She was awarded the prestigious Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for her contributions to entrepreneurship, women in business, and social enterprise. She was also named one of Britain’s most influential women and the second Most Powerful Woman in Retail.

A Legacy That Endures

Jacqueline Gold sadly passed away in 2023. However, her legacy continues to inspire. Ann Summers flourishes under the leadership of her sister, Vanessa Gold. The company remains a leader in the lingerie industry, employing thousands of women and empowering customers worldwide.

Jacqueline Gold’s Net Worth

While Jacqueline never publicly disclosed her exact net worth, estimates placed her among the wealthiest women in Britain. The Sunday Times Rich List 2019 listed her wealth at an estimated £470 million (approximately $580 million). This figure likely reflects her stake in Ann Summers and other ventures.


Jacqueline Gold’s story is an inspiration to anyone with a dream. She dared to challenge the status quo, redefined an industry, and built a multi-million dollar empire. But her legacy extends far beyond financial success. Jacqueline Gold empowered women, championed female entrepreneurs, and left an indelible mark on the retail landscape.


How much was Jacqueline Gold worth?

Estimates put Jacqueline Gold’s net worth at approximately £470 million (roughly $630 million) in 2019, as reported by The Sunday Times Rich List. This positioned her among the most affluent women in Great Britain during that period.

How did Jacqueline Gold build her fortune?

Jacqueline Gold’s wealth was largely derived from her stewardship of Ann Summers, a chain specializing in lingerie and adult novelties. Under her guidance, the company expanded significantly from its modest beginnings to become a multimillion-pound enterprise. Key to her success was the introduction of the highly popular Ann Summers Party concept, offering women a relaxed and social environment to explore the brand’s products.

Is Jacqueline Gold still alive?

Regrettably, Jacqueline Gold passed away in March 2023. Nevertheless, her legacy as a business luminary who championed women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship endures, continuing to serve as a source of inspiration.

Who runs Ann Summers now?

Following Jacqueline Gold’s demise, her sister, Vanessa Gold, assumed the role of Managing Director at both Ann Summers and Knickerbox, carrying forward the family’s legacy in the business.

Jacqueline Gold’s journey and achievements serve as a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurial vision and determination, leaving an indelible mark on both the business world and the advancement of women in leadership roles.

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